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WORKSHOP, Dialogue on values; Educational regimes in contemporary India; ; Rajasthan, India. in Dialogue on values; Educational regimes in. As one of those prizes for the quiz, incidentally! Actually, I came up with a couple of songs that have those “Go if you have to” lyrics, .. 2)Shagird:Lata: Laxmikantpyarelal:”udke pawan ke sang (Ustad Amanat Ali Khan & Farida Khanum – Milan rutt aai: ustad-shagird (master-apprentice) tradition of vocational training in the informal sector and its . shagird' relationship, but also the wider fraternity within the trade . . prentices in rudimentary tests, such as to find the centre of a.

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Bulo C Rani; Lyrics: Geeta Dutt Nobody can sing mat jaa more poignantly than Geeta Dutt. There is this longing mixed with sadness and huge portion of desperation. Burning with desire as Meera puts it she waits for salvation in the arms of her beloved. Sardar Jafri, Prem Dhawan; Singer: Lata Mangeshkar Quite different from the above song is this one. Here also she beseeches him not to go, but in a more coquette way.

  • The people of India have nurtured me: Ustad Amjad Ali Khan

A burning desire is present here as well, but not the desperation, because maybe she is well aware of the easiness of the task ahead. Rafi, Asha Bhosle The inspiration song for this post, and my most favourite.

Jaidev has woven magic in the tunes of this composition. The song begins with his asking her not to go and reasoning, that after all she has just arrived.

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The mood is bit dark, grey if not black, the half-darkness of the evening, which he says has not ended as yet. And then she sings sitaren jhil mila uthe! Asha sings it in a way which you feel as if the clouds have really parted and have given us a view of the shining stars on a clear sky. Asha Bhosle This song not only asks not to go but also gives clear instructions, where not to go. Instructions which though, are not followed. It is in fact a sad tale of her requests being ignored and the boundaries pushed to the extreme, till the point that she even agrees to accept his mistress.

Rafi This song is rather a warning as not to go alonefor she might be teased by Krishna. Not a feministic thought!

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Several heads will nod with disapproval at seeing this song in the list rather than many others. November 22, Each said wonderful things about the maestro, filled with anecdotes and reminisces from the younger days of his musical career, but instead of basking in the glory of words, he playfully asked them to cut the talk short. All he wanted was to play the sarod. In the decades gone by, that Khan has toured the world with his music, the one thing that has remained constant or which makes him one of the most loved musicians of his times, is perhaps the fact that he loves his audience as much as he loves his sarod.

It is these qualities that have won Ustad Amjad Ali Khan numerous accolades. The prestigious Sumitra Charat Ram Award for lifetime achievement is the latest addition to the long list. After reminiscences by eminent dancer Kumudini Lakhia, former diplomat Lalit Mansingh and cultural impresario Shobha Deepak Singh, Khan finally took to the stage with his beloved companion — the sarod.

He began in raga Mali Gaura followed by Hansakankini and others. My first award was from Prayag Sangeet Samiti at a very young age of 15 or In our family, there was a firm belief that you can only do one thing properly in your life, be it music or literature or anything else.

Sumitra ji was the one who persuaded my father to send me to school and she personally took me to Modern School. My principal told my father that I would always fail in mathematics but that he would always pass me.