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SyNet, a gene network constructed ab initio from synergistic gene pairs derived . that interact, belong to the same pathway or otherwise share functional relation are aggregated greedy search to define subnetworks [18]. Relationship Definition - A relationship, in the context of databases, is a situation that exists between two relational database tables when one. In general, synergy (pronounced SIN-ur-jee, from Greek "sunergia," meaning " cooperation" or "sunergos," meaning "working together") is the combined working .

Winer and Ray [ Winer and Ray,p. There have been a number of studies on community involvement in terms of partnership effectiveness. Boundary-spanning skills Boundary spanners have a particular set of partnership skills that enable partnerships to function more effectively. These include negotiating skills and being able to see new opportunities Jones,Unpublished PhD thesis.

Sullivan and Skelcher [ Sullivan and Skelcher,p. People with boundary-spanning skills are particularly important in health promotion partnerships because of the well-established vertical hierarchies of professional groups. Organization culture Partnerships for promoting health can have partners from a wide variety of sectors and disciplines. For example, the health sector may be represented by a range of professional groups including doctors, nurses and social workers.

The partnership could also have teachers, local authority personnel and business people. All of these partners bring the culture and paradigm of their profession as well as the culture of the organization they represent. These different organizational and disciplinary cultures influence partnership functioning [ Gray,p. Child and Faulkner [ Child and Faulkner,p.

Research into the cultural dynamics of cross-sectoral partnerships is very limited Parker and Selsky, and views on cultural problems are largely anecdotal.

Trust and mistrust Although there is no single definition of trust, it has been described from a number of different perspectives including interpersonal, interorganizational and societal Cummings and Bromiley, These are known as the psychological, organizational and sociological constructs of trust, each of which has two distinct dimensions: The composite elements of trust—vulnerability and expectations—are found in most definitions Benamati et al. There is disagreement in the literature as to whether trust and mistrust lie at opposite ends of a single continuous variable or whether they are distinct, but linked, dimensions.

Whether distinct constructs or not, Boyle [ Boyle,p. Partner organizations involved in health promotion partnerships often have a history of mistrust, such as can exist between statutory and voluntary organizations, or the private and public sectors Baron-Epel et al.

Gray [ Grayp. The authors concluded that the measurement of trust is very underdeveloped. Power According to Winer and Ray Winer and Ray, power is always present in partnerships and it can be viewed as having a positive effect, as in moving things forward, or a negative effect as in holding things back.

The individual partners have their own power depending on their skills and resources, and the partnership itself has power. Power is an important partnership functioning factor in terms of facilitating cooperation and can be seen as the functional equivalent of trust [ Bachmann,p.

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Gray [ Gray,p. These capabilities include understanding the social and political contexts, communicating and sharing a vision and implementing policy decisions. Integrative leadership is required in situations where there is no one person or organization in charge, and power is distributed across a number of organizations. In health promotion partnerships, this shared leadership is particularly important because of the different sectors, organizations and disciplines involved, each of which have their own leaders.

Leadership in the partnership is dispersed formally or informally among the partners.

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Leadership in partnerships has been measured more often than any other partnership functioning factor Jones,Unpublished PhD thesis. Leadership has also been found to have a positive effect on levels of partner participation Metzger et al. Administration, management and efficiency Administration and management of a partnership involves inter alia: The present study Reviewing the literature reveals very few studies where partnership functioning factors have been measured simultaneously in relation to synergy, especially in health promotion partnerships Jones,Unpublished PhD thesis.

This cross-sectional study therefore, sets out to measure partnership synergy in a sample of 40 health promotion partnerships, and simultaneously measure partnership functioning factors that have been identified as influencing synergy. Both the Weiss et al. Matsumoto Yukihiro Okinawa, Okinawa A predicate for this relation, using the attribute names to denote free variables, might be "Employee number ID is known as Name and lives at Address".

Examination of the relation tells us that there are just four tuples for which the predicate holds true. So, for example, employee is known only by that name, Yonezawa Akinori, and does not live anywhere else but in Naha, Okinawa.

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Also, apart from the four employees shown, there is no other employee who has both a name and an address.

Under the definition of body, the tuples of a body do not appear in any particular order - one cannot say "The tuple of 'Murata Makoto' is above the tuple of 'Matsumoto Yukihiro'", nor can one say "The tuple of 'Yonezawa Akinori' is the first tuple.

Under the definition of heading, the attributes of an element do not appear in any particular order either, nor, therefore do the elements of a tuple. A similar comment does not apply here to SQL, which does define an ordering to the columns of a table.

Relation Variables[ edit ] A relational database consists of named relation variables relvars for the purposes of updating the database in response to changes in the real world.

An update to a single relvar causes the body of the relation assigned to that variable to be replaced by a different set of tuples.

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Either way, the result is that the chemicals are either "free" or "enhanced" to cause a greater biologic effect in the body. What are examples of synergism? There are various examples including: These synergists are sesamin, sesamolin, piperonyl butoxide, MGK bicycloheptenedicarboximide and sesamex.

Piperonyl butoxide is perhaps the most widely used synthetic pyrethrin synergist. The insecticide activity of pyrethrins increases tenfold when 1 part piperonyl butoxide is mixed with 9 parts pyrethrin.

There are no reports available on toxic effects on humans resulting from the exposure to piperonyl butoxide.