Report on relationship marketing

report on relationship marketing

Report. USING INFORMATION TO BUILD AND MAINTAIN RELATIONSHIPS WITH YOUR Base Lifetime Value Calculation Without Relationship Marketing. The Relationship Marketing Report - Dell - Life support for the machine. Hailed as the pioneer of personalisation, Dell has found a way to talk to. Outsource2india's Web Research Report on relationship marketing for Amazon has helped students to understand the concept of affiliates & personalized.

If you know the exact needs of all your customers, you can match customer profiles with your products. The result is a focused marketing programme driven by and tailored to the customers you wish to serve and keep.

report on relationship marketing

Customer care and relationship management: After you have used targeted marketing to develop profiles of your online customers, you can generate a plan that is customised to their needs. Billing information and dispute resolution can be handled much more efficiently.

Increased customer care and relationship management produces a loyal customer base. Reaching your customers and prospects on a one-to-one level gives you a major advantage over your competitors. The profile you build on each customer enables you successfully to cross-sell and up-sell your products to existing customers. You can examine your clients' buying behaviour to determine trends and match those trends to current products or develop new products to meet your customers' needs.

Following the golden rules of email marketing will make the difference between a successful opt-in campaign and one characterised by poor communications and a lack of customer participation. When planning a permission marketing campaign, you must remember to: Consider your audience You cannot properly market to an audience until you know who that audience is and what they need from your company. Many companies make the mistake of approaching a customer or prospect and telling them what the company does.

The power of an email campaign resides in a company's ability to receive a constant stream of customer feedback and refine products to meet its customers' needs.

The Relationship Marketing Report - Dell - Life support for the machine.

Continue to refine your questioning Take advantage of the immediate and interactive nature of the internet. Email communications enable your company to constantly meet the changing needs of your customers. However, if your company continues to ply its customers for the same information in the same format, the competitive advantage of an opt-in strategy is lost.

Nothing will provide you with more marketing flexibility and success than meticulously tracking audience response.

report on relationship marketing

A company can track individual client trends over periods of time, or note reaction to new products. A solid tracking methodology will create a company that is immediate and flexible in meeting the changing needs of its customers - an invaluable asset in attracting and retaining them. Integrate online response The mistake most often made by companies using permission marketing is failure to integrate their online response into their existing customer service infrastructure.

The horror stories related by disgruntled customers are endless. In an era that is characterised by hyper-communication and technology, there is no reason why a company cannot meet its customers' needs through varied, yet integrated, methods. The consequence of a non-integrated approach are customers who will not use your opt-in programme, thus rendering the programme useless. Dell sells PCs that are built to order, so the customers' needs are paramount from the outset.

And it has exploited the interactivity of the net to attract repeat purchases and keep its customers loyal by providing an ongoing service tailored to their requirements. But no large company can provide a personalised service to literally each and every one of its customers. There has to be some degree of classification. So why is Dell seen as such a pioneer of personalisation?

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First, Dell differs from traditional marketers in segmenting its offering on the basis of customers rather than products.

Its home page www. Lower levels of segmentation then follow these basic options. They tend to be interested in leading-edge systems. We have to ensure that the customer gets all that information," says Mehta. To serve them, each product has an 'e-value code', which can be found in Dell's direct mail catalogues. Customers key in a product code on an allocated bar and skip straight through to the pre-configured system or product.

But Dell's customer-centric service is not organised demographically, which can tend to view customers as static units and ask customers for little more than their name and address.

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The company's personalisation techniques have a more dynamic flavour. We identify them in terms of behaviour patterns and create personalised offers based on these.

report on relationship marketing

We don't want to prejudge what people want from our site and we don't want to give the impression that we know everything about the customer by telling them what we think they want. We have a very rich database of behaviour from the site and we're now getting to the point where we can do real-time analysis and run campaigns on the basis of sub-segments that a person belongs to," says Mehta.

While monitoring clusters of behaviour is the main driver of Dell's personalised marketing, it does communicate with customers literally on a one-to-one basis. Or, for example, if a customer configures a system and saves it in a shopping cart but does not buy it, the company will record that near-purchase and email them when the price drops.

Mehta insists that it remains unobtrusive here, since the customer is invited to opt-in to these alert-type services rather than be forced through the hassle of opting out of them.

Completing the company's customer-centric offering are a raft of online support functions. A natural language search engine helps users to find answers to technical questions.

Branded Ask Dudley, the facility is based on and licensed from Ask Jeeves, and receives aboutquestions each month. There is also an interactive forum for Dell customers to discuss their systems and get answers to support questions and a knowledge base of frequently asked questions.