In relationship with the gym

Why The Gym Is The Most Important Relationship You’ll Ever Have | Thought Catalog

in relationship with the gym

Nov 20, The relationship you have with the gym can be the best relationship you've ever had, better than the one who got away and even better than. May 28, Those who regularly participate in physical activity together actually report greater feelings of relationship satisfaction and being in love. Sep 27, Experts say it may actually improve the relationship with your significant other, For some individuals, it may be hard to get to the gym alone.

in relationship with the gym

A photo posted by Fit Couple Goals fitcouplegoals on Oct 28, at You'd rather listen to your favorite workout playlist than your wedding song. There's a time and a place for Marvin Gaye, and it's not on the treadmill. The words "ring" and "band" make you think of exercise equipment instead of jewelry. When it comes to gifts, your sweetie has learned that you'd much prefer fitness gear to flowers.

Are You in a Relationship with the Gym?

A photo posted by Gym Rat Memes the. You spent more on your last pair of athletic shoes than on your last gift for your significant other. Just think of how much more pleasant you are after a workout—isn't that a gift in itself? You plan your social outings around your fitness schedule. Happy hour on Tuesday? Not when yoga class makes you even happier. Your closet contains more exercise clothes than date night outfits. There's nothing wrong with wearing yoga pants to the movies, right?

You know your gym's class schedule by heart. You sometimes invent extra "errands" to explain your late arrival at home.

Are You in a Relationship with the Gym? – Snap Fitness USA

After all, what sane person stays at the gym for three hours? No "where are you? It always accepts you for exactly who you are. Gym pants, hair tied, runnin' with no makeup on—that's the way it likes you best. Even in your grossest, sweatiest state.

  • Why The Gym Is The Most Important Relationship You’ll Ever Have
  • 10 Reasons Being In a Relationship with the Gym Is Better Than One with a Human

It knows you at your worst when you basically died after that spin class and at your finest when you crushed unassisted pull-ups for the first timeand will take you any way it can get. The only cheating that happens is on your form during those last few squat reps. In our survey with Men's Fitness, 58 percent of people admitted to cheating at least once in a relationship.

Guess who never cheats?

12 Signs You're in a Relationship with Your Gym

Workout endorphins are a girl's best friend. When you're in pain read: It's like the post-bedroom romp endorphin rush, but even easier to get. That runner's high could be as strong as a drug high—seriously.

in relationship with the gym

It makes you smarter. Studies have shown that exercise improves memory, learning, and other brain functions.

in relationship with the gym

While being in a relationship doesn't necessarily make you less smart, it can give you tunnel vision. Like skipping that meeting to play hooky to Netflix and chill—not the smartest move. You're not locked down to one gym, class, or workout buddy. Which is better for your physical fitness and your brain.

in relationship with the gym

Studies show that workouts that challenge your body in different ways—weightlifting one day, yoga and running the next—are super effective at upping your fitness level over time.