Hitagi kaiki relationship help

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hitagi kaiki relationship help

What we learn from Senjougahara is that Kaiki tore apart her family (although He makes a conscious attempt to avoid relationships specifically because he mother was a member of, Kaiki was trying to help Senjougahara. Deishuu Kaiki (貝木 泥舟, Kaiki Deishū) is a conman specializing in imposter oddities He also appears to have a friendly relationship with the Gaen household. When considering whether or not to help Koyomi and Senjougahara, his only. Kaiki giving the viewer advice they could have used fifty episodes ago. “By that Kaiki announcing he's going to tell Senjougahara and Araragi's love story. .. Someone else's girlfriend and your old relationship.” Kaiki.

This is a breakdown of how Kaiki Deishuu became the perfect anti-hero. Second Season spoilers ahead. Not even caffeine will help this man. First, in college he was a member of the occult research club that contained both Oshino Meme and Kagenui Yozuru. The same club that was led by Gaen Izuko. The most notable achievement of this club was the creation of Ononoki Yotsugi the tsukugami ghost doll.

All of this basically tells us that Kaiki has knowledge of the supernatural as well as connections to other specialists — both of which play a large role in his actions later on on his life. Second, we know that Kaiki was the first person that Senjougahara Hitagi approached while looking for a solution to her infliction, the crab god.

What we learn from Senjougahara is that Kaiki tore apart her family although she acknowledges it would have fallen apart at some point anywaysswindled money from her father, and failed to cure her.

As a result of this she bears a grudge against Kaiki, and constantly refers to him as a fake, fraud, con-man and liar.

hitagi kaiki relationship help

There is much more to this story that we will come back to. In a brief meeting with Araragi Koyomi he is portrayed as very sinister and dangerous. Araragi notes that he seemed similar to Oshino Meme and Guillotine Cutter, both of whom are specialists dealing with the supernatural.

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A short while later, we find out that Kaiki had been confronted by Araragi Karen. Kaiki stung Karen with the poison of the wreathe-fire bee and escaped. When confronted a second time by Araragi Koyomi and Senjougahara, Kaiki gave up with no hesitation, promising to leave town forever. Who Is Kaiki Deishuu? Kaiki Deishuu is many of the things that other characters claim he is. He is a con-man, liar, and a fake. He loves money, and can be described as selfish and evil. His knowledge of the supernatural is very likely not as extensive as other specialists.

Instead of real powers or ability, Kaiki uses what he calls instant hypnosis. When confronted by Araragi Koyomi, Kaiki says the following: There is one more attribute of Kaiki that is not directly mentioned, his most defining characteristic.

hitagi kaiki relationship help

Kaiki is a man of conviction. He has very strict personal beliefs that heavily influence his actions — sometimes to a point that is not logical. In fact, this personal honour has so much influence on Kaiki that it is likely the reason why he distances himself from others. He makes a conscious attempt to avoid relationships specifically because he knows how far he will go to protect them.

One quote from Kaiki that summarizes his character is this: Not very characteristic of a villain. Kaiki mentions that he loves money because it is valuable yet replaceable. He says that he hates things that are valuable and irreplaceable.

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Relationships could be an example of something valuable and irreplaceable. Kaiki arrived at the cafe, and upon seeing Senjougahara with a pair of Groucho glasses, he felt a sense of defeat. Feeling indignant, he bought and wore a hawaiian shirt and sunglasses to wear during his rendezvous with Senjougahara. After Senjougahara resulted laugh caused her to spit out her drink upon seeing him, he silently proclaimed his victory before they started conversing.

Senjougahara then proceeds to repeat her request for him to deceive someone, saying that it's his atonement and threatening him in the process. She then explains the details of her request, telling him about the target that she wants deceived: She then tells him that Araragi, Shinobu, and herself were going to be killed by Nadeko after her graduation if nothing was done.

While Kaiki asserts that he can successfuly deceive Sengoku Nadeko, he does not immediately accept the job as he realizes that deceiving Sengoku Nadeko would not bring in any money at all.

When Senjougahara offersYen upfront, he says it's not enough, and he later further asserts that no matter the amount Senjougahara can provide, it wouldn't be enough. He then goes to the toilet to contemplate if he has any reasons to possibly aid Senjougahara and Araragi. His train of thought brings him toward many possible moral and not so moral reasons for him to help, such as atoning for his past or helping an innocent girl.

However, for each reason he comes up with, he concludes that it's not an acceptable reason for him to accept the job. His conclusion was that there's nothing in it for him, and he would only stand to lose by accepting the job.

Hitagi relationship with kaiki

He then remembers certain details about Kanbaru Suruga and comes to a conclusion that she is somehow connected to Senjougahara and Araragi. He then decides that he is willing to save his bitter enemies and deceive Sengoku Nadeko "for the sake of Kanbaru Suruga.

After the meeting, Kaiki starts investigating and interacting with Snake-god Nadeko for a month.

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During his interactions and investigations, Kaiki is visited by Yotsugi Ononoki on behalf of Izuko Gaen to keep out of the case concerning the snake-god Nadeko. Koyomi Araragi So, here we are. Ending with the boy who is truly central to this story.

The Monogatari franchise may be a franchise that names its arcs after the female characters, but to even consider that anyone besides Araragi is the main character of this story is ludicrous.

Every moment of this show, in some way, reflects on or influences Araragi. Where does Araragi stand at the end of Monogatari? This is the fascinating question, when Araragi is absent for fully half the show. Nothing illustrates this point better—that Araragi needs each and every one of them—than the moment in the Shinobu Time arc when Shinobu and Onoki ask him to choose between Shinobu, Senjougahara and Hanekawa, and Araragi desperately changes the subject.

Each of these girls represents a different part of Araragi, and to choose one of them is to choose one part of himself and reject the others.

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Back in Bakemonogatari, during the Suruga Monkey arc, Araragi talked about how incredibly selfish Senjougahara can be, unwilling to let a single thing important to her go. But Senjougahara is only selfish about some things; Araragi wants it all. Does he fear his own identity—what he truly is: Does he fear relinquishing the world of apparitions to return to being human, as Hanekawa did?

Whatever the case may be, as Mayoi leaves him, Araragi is left incredibly vulnerable. The idea of letting go of even a single member of his harem is one he never considers, even if it means sitting for twenty years in the same unknown town. Araragi is altogether incapable of making a choice. He has held on to his love for Senjougahara through all this, but he is able to do that because she fulfills a different role in his life than the others do.

Why would Araragi try to change the past, to save Mayoi? To free her from being a ghost and thus enable her to stay by his side. But Araragi himself is being held back by them, as well. And as they continue to leave him, he is slowly, but surely, being moved to a point where he will have to change.