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Actress Eunice Annabel Lim says she can identify with the plight of a she was embroiled in telco Singtel's negative marketing controversy. Instead of choosing to disclose the relationship between Singtel and her honest opinion to her favor, which is in this case, a marketing. At the young age of 16, Eunice Annabel Lim first started modelling In this edition of “Now following”, Lim sits down with Marketing to . If you want to know what's fundamentally wrong with agency-client relationships and the.

I did everything I could to make him happy. Im not saying he's all bad. Just didn't treat me the way I should had been treated I feel so alone most of the time because I don't have time for anyone else but him. I don't have much friends. And even my most closest of friends are either attached or busy or just not with me all the time. I gave him so much but everything fell short and he only sees my flaws Do i really deserve this at all? I've been taking it in for way too long and finally broke down tonight.

Is it really time to finally be strong on my own once again or am I making a mistake Im so lost now cause I don't know who to talk to since he was the only one I ever had. I don't wanna make the wrong decision and go through it again I've always believed in true love and relationships and stuff but now My heart has turned back into a stone.

I don't know what to feel anymore.

Singapore blogger Eunice Annabel Lim prefers acting after Gushcloud drama

However, it was never my intention to lie to my followers. The feeling I'd expressed in my tweets and blog post regarding M1 were genuine. Just like all the other influencers involved in the campaign, I wouldn't have agreed to do what I did if I genuinely didn't feel in such a way towards M1's service. Tweets made in and Please pardon my rude choice of word in ; I was quite a defiant teen. I am sorry for being ignorant and I hope that you take my explanation into consideration; it is not like me at all to do things just for the sake of money.

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Next, I want to apologise for stating "Not An Ad" in one of my tweets. I've already explained why I included that in my previous post but I'll say it again here. I did it because I was sincere about switching telcos and signing up for the Youth Plan. Still, I shouldn't have included that in my tweet. It was my fault for saying that thus causing such silly misunderstandings. I am sorry and will be more cautious with my choice of words from now on.

Many of you have mentioned that I'd masked an ad for LG but that wasn't the case at all. Here's a screenshot of what I said in my LG G3 blog post that proves I did mentioned that it was a campaign. My reason is simple. I bought one for my father because I simply wanted to put a smile on his face. I wanted him to feel good that he had something everyone else wanted.

Singapore blogger Eunice Annabel Lim prefers acting after Gushcloud drama

If you've been following me and reading my blog from the start, you'd know that I don't come from a well to do family. I first started out as a model for local online fashion stores, or blog shops. Through my experience as a model, I garnered an audience interested in knowing more about my life, specifically, my diet, make up and skincare routine.

To answer their questions, I started a blog around to just when social media was picking up. This made my entrance to this new world a lucky one! How did you carve a niche for yourself? When I was still a blogshop model, I had a skill of posing and changing outfits really quickly.

This saved blogshops owners a lot of time and money spent on the studio shoot; hence I was a preferred model to hire.

This allowed me to become more recognisable as a face that audiences saw on almost every blogshop. My readers or followers are about the same age as I am, so they would find my content relatable. In recent years however, I have been known to touch on topics that most people would shy away from. My goal is to encourage people, especially Singaporeans, to be more open-minded and not feel shy or afraid to speak to one another about topics which may seem controversial.

Which platform gives you the highest engagement with your readers? Instagram has become a very curated platform, everyone just wants their Instagram feed to look good aesthetically. This works well for me because I get constructive feedback, which improves the type of content I create.

What are some of the challenges of being an influencer in Singapore?