Dragon age origins relationship with alistair

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dragon age origins relationship with alistair

Check out ourin-depth walkthroughfor Dragon Age: Origins approval rating requires that you meet Alistair's half-sister, Goldana in Denerim. The approval number shown represents the change in approval for that specific conversation option and not for the entire conversation. Origins companions Alistair:"Hmm. There haven't been any dwarven Grey Wardens in some time. For Dragon Age: Origins on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs Answers In order to become queen wit alistair you have to have % approval have to be in a.

dragon age origins relationship with alistair

So now female human rogue. Beware full spoilers below!

dragon age origins relationship with alistair

First of all - don't make him king. He can't marry you unless you're a human female noble.

Romance (Origins)

Simply support Queen Anora, you'll see Alistair is actually happy about your decision. You'll have a chat with him and he'll tell you he's relieved.

dragon age origins relationship with alistair

Second - chose Morrigan's option with the baby when the time comes. After all, that baby is not so morally bad: P it won't be evil.

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That way, nobody dies in the end. You live, Alistair lives. Ofc you'll need to watch the vid when he makes sex with Morrigan supposing you role play and your character is madly in love with Alistair, this won't be easy for your character!

In the final cutscene, Queen Anora asks you if you want any boon from the queen for your services. I don't know if it matters what you say here. I chose 'remember the Gray Wardens' though I also had the options to give the Circle it's independence. I doubt it matters.

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What does matter, is when the Queen asks you what will you do next - you have an option to say you will rebuild the Gray Wardens or something. Top Voted Answer You had to do his personal quest "Hardening" basically means that he thinks about himself and puts himself first instead of what others want. But hes not selfish. So if hes hardened is it me or does that sound dirty If he dies Anora will assume queen status instead of you.

I think what people mean by "hardening" is you have to make him more serious or stronger in a sense not really sure about that. I dont know where to do it at though. I just read it form a different question on here. You can do a quest at Redclife castle, activated by obtaining Alistair's Amulet, which is in the Arl's study on the main floor of the castle.

You trigger a conversation with him, as soon as you have "Accepted" The quest by dialogue options, you can visit Goldanna's Alistairs sister's house in Denerim. After you went there, you have two options: From everything of these options, I do suggest you don't click "You're an idiot.

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How naive can you get? I choose the "I care about you" option. You can also choose the "I care about you, more then you know. Those WON'T harden him. As for the Landsmeet, I think that question has been answered above.

From Alistair to Cullen—Fairytale Romances and Dragon Age

You do indeed need to be a Human Noble to be able to be Alistair's queen. If not, you can still be his mistress Only if hardened, though. I'm honestly not sure anymore about needing to harden Alistair in order to be able to become his queen.

I think that you shouldn't harden him, but that's something I'm still having to figure out myself a little.