Brand relationship spectrum ppt template

Brand architecture organizes a family of brands

brand relationship spectrum ppt template

Brand Management is a classic example of markets have changed into consumer -driven markets. Today, brand managers face a lot of market. Yet without a plan and design theme, the brand family becomes cluttered and confusing too The relationships of the various sub-brands is a choice for company leadership to make — to At the far end of the spectrum is Procter and Gamble. 5 Easy Steps to Create Facebook Graphics in PowerPoint. CLARIFYING THE TERMS Brands, relationships, and communication are terms that In the customer-brand relationship spectrum, a limited buyer-seller dyad.

The brand identities, too, must be designed to fit the chosen brand architecture. Consider the same relationships for your brands.

Branding a New Offering: The Brand Relationship Spectrum

It would spread a limited budget too thin to be effective. Bottom line, if your products and services fulfill on the overall mission of the organization, they should visually connect to the parent. Each can define its own purpose with a separate positioning statement, specific icon and different name. To visually relate product sub-brands, use these design techniques: Use the same font for each different name, so each stands on its own, but relates when seen together Choose a color palette for the parent brand that includes specific colors for each sub-brand Use a naming structure that places the parent name at the top level and adds the sub-brand as support, as a unit, treated consistently from one name to another, see a sample on our website Create a standard shape for the symbols or icons so they relate visually.

For example, all icons designed within a circle will create a visually related series Create a structured brand architecture and design system.

Brand Relationship Spectrum – Brandalyzer

Sub-brands can help audiences focus on a specific outcome. If your organization offers many services or products, sub-brands will support marketing and add scope and breadth to what you offer. So it gave rise to a completely new subject called Brand Management and all the complexities of handling the dynamics of branding. Brand Managers adopt different marketing and branding strategies and unknowingly started creating a lot of line extensions, flanker brands, brand extensions, endorsed brands and subbrands.

Brand Relationship Spectrum

This led to a new area of Brand Management called Brand Architecture, which studies the relationships and structures among all these flamboyant extensions. Brand Architecture gives you a clarity of the relationships, structures, and positioning so that we can leverage upon any new opportunities, and missed opportunities.

brand relationship spectrum ppt template

It is all about what level of associations should we have. For example, if Toyota decides to endorse the brand Lexus, what should it say: Sub-brand The first option is the sub-brand strategy.

brand relationship spectrum ppt template

The sub-brand adds to or modifies the associations of the master brand. It could have a different personality or value proposition than the master brand but does not have as much latitude as an endorsed brand.

A sub-brand can stretch the master brand, allowing it to become relevant in new arenas. An important element in managing the sub-brand is to understand its driver role. If it is significant, then it could merit some brand-building resources.

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But if it is minor and mainly plays a descriptive role, then its brand-building budget would be less. It is easy to assume the sub-brand is more important than you think.

It turns out people really are buying HP and not LazerJet. Endorsed brand The second option is the endorsed brand strategy, in which the offering is endorsed by an existing master brand. The role of the endorser brand is to provide credibility and reassurance that the endorsed brand will live up to its claims.

An endorsed brand Scotchguard is not completely independent of the endorser 3Mbut it has considerable freedom to develop product associations and a brand personality that is different from that of the endorser.