Relationship between radius and diameter

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relationship between radius and diameter

If you know the diameter. Given the diameter of a circle, the radius is simply half the diameter: radius. = D. 2. where: D is the diameter of the circle. The relation of the radius to the diameter gives us one of the formulas involving the diameter. Let's see what that is. The diameter of a circle is the greatest width of the circle or twice the radius of a circle, which is the midpoint of the circle to the edge. By knowing either the.

Watch a modern-day mathematician recreate the Eratosthenes method and show how to calculate Circumference TLF-IDM This sequence of three lessons explores the properties of circles, in particular the relationship between the diameter and circumference.

relationship between radius and diameter

In the first lesson, students use a cylinder containing three tennis balls to understand that a circumference is 'three and a bit' times the diameter. They then complete five different See how to use a third of the base area to work out the volume of a pyramid or a cone.

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Can you guess what other dimension is needed? See how to use a formula that includes the measurement of the diameter and pi.

relationship between radius and diameter

TLF-IDM This is an online resource that introduces the concept of pi as the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. The buttons at the bottom of the screen provide links to an animated demonstration of how an approximation of pi can be determined by measuring the circumference, the first digits of pi and a mnemonic The approximate value of pi and the rules for finding the circumference and area of a circle are given.

Students attempt questions that give immediate feedback. They can then be introduced to pi, either through a library exploration or with your guidance.

In the Bible 1 Kings 7: Another approximation is 3.

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Actually pi is a non-repeating, non-terminating decimal meaning it goes on forever. People have calculated pi to thousands of decimal places. Pi is actually called an irrational number. This means that it cannot be written exactly as a fraction.

Pi is also a transcendental number. This means that there is no polynomial equation that has pi as a solution.

What is the difference between radius & diameter?

The first theoretical calculation of pi seems to have been carried out by Archimedes of Syracuse - BC. He obtained the approximation: Range of circles and cans Activity: Getting Started We begin the unit by drawing large circles outside on the ground. Give each pair of students a length of string and a piece of chalk use different lengths of string of about 2 metres long.

relationship between radius and diameter

Challenge the students to construct a circle using the string and circle. Tie the chalk to one end of the string. One student holds the non-chalk end fixed to the ground while the other walks around the fixed point drawing a circle.

When the circles are drawn ask the students to label the parts of the circle: