Relationship between lifestyle and culture

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relationship between lifestyle and culture

and variables of denominational style, virtual style, music style, and cultural . study entitled as the study of the relationship between life style and religion. The relationship of lifestyle and health should be highly considered. A longitudinal study shows that 30% of people between 18–65 years old smoke cigarette. Mar 31, The difference between culture and society is a bit complicated, however art, law, symbols, lifestyle which they accept completely without any.

For instance, emerging new technologies within IT such as the internet and virtual communication networks, lead our world to a major challenge that threatens the physical and mental health of individuals.

Difference between Lifestyle and Culture – Difference Between

The challenge is the overuse and misuse of the technology. Therefore, according to the existing studies, it can be said that: There are different forms of such influences. Consanguinity in some ethnicity is a dominant form of life style that it leads to the genetic disorders.

Reformation of this unhealthy life style is a preventing factor for decreasing the rate of genetic diseases 2. In some countries, the overuse of drugs is a major unhealthy life style. Iran is one of the 20 countries using the most medications. They prefer medication to other intervention. Pain relievers, eye drops and antibiotics have the most usage in Iran.

While self-medications such as antibiotics have a negative effect on the immune system, if the individual would be affected by infection, antibiotics will not be effective in treatment. Overall, 10 percent of those who are self-medicated will experience severe complications such as drug resistance. Sometimes drug allergy is so severe that it can cause death 4. Finally, variables of lifestyle that influence on health can be categorized in some items: Diet is the greatest factor in lifestyle and has a direct and positive relation with health.

Poor diet and its consequences like obesity is the common healthy problem in urban societies. Unhealthy lifestyle can be measured by BMI.

relationship between lifestyle and culture

Urban lifestyle leads to the nutrition problems like using fast foods and poor foods, increasing problems like cardiovascular 5. For treating general health problems, the exercise is included in life style 6. It is a community of people, residing in a specific area, sharing common culture over time. It unites the social framework through influence.

Difference Between Culture and Lifestyle

It shapes the social framework through pressure. Represents Rules that guide the way people live. Structure that provides the way people organize themselves. Includes Beliefs, values and practices of a group. People who share common beliefs and practices. Economy, village, city etc. Definition of Culture The term culture refers to a system of beliefs, customs, knowledge, behaviour, religion, practices, etc.

In general, culture is handed down through the generations, by communication, teaching and imitation. It is considered as the social heritage of the organised group.

relationship between lifestyle and culture

This takes place through the process of socialization. Socialization takes place in a number of settings. First, the infant learns the ways of the society through parents within the home environment.

Impact of Lifestyle on Health

This is referred to as primary socialization. However, socialization takes on a broader view as the child gains knowledge through other agents within the society such as schools, peer groups, etc. This is referred to as secondary socialization. A culture also presents solutions to the problems in the society. These can come in the form of values upheld by the society.

For example, caring for the elderly is a value upheld by most societies. These are embedded into the culture so that it reduces social problems. Lifestyle can be defined as the way of life of an individual or a group of people.