Batman over the edge ending relationship

batman over the edge ending relationship

A page for describing Recap: New Batman Adventures E12 "Over the Edge". essentially shows why the Batman-Gordon relationship is so essential. It's all but implied in the end, that if Gordon is ignorant of Batman's identity it's more out of. She took on the mantle of Batgirl, and became Batman's partner and protegé for many years. her in a final struggle at an abandoned ice cream factory, rescuing her father and ending the mayhem. Barbara eventually formed a mentoring relationship with Terry, even helping him on occasion, notably . "Over the Edge" . Over The Edge” (season 3, episode 12; originally aired May 23, ) and also serves as a fantastic potential ending for the Dark Knight. that's a major plot point), but Barbara Gordon's relationship with her father. Barbara.

The explanation - which only makes the situation worse - comes in flashback a few scenes later. Even Evil Has Standards: Even Bane calls Batman a "killer of children", though he may have only said that to torment him further.

Evil Is Not a Toy: Bane has not intention of bringing in Batman alive, and has no problem taking Gordon out with him. We had a deal! Didn't work for me. Fate Worse than Death: Here, Bane is much more tranquil and sarcastically cordial than in other appearances possibly because Barbara had never encountered him to know what he's like. I'm pleased you remember me, Mr. It's doubtful many fans didn't realize quickly that this was some horrible nightmare, given how much the established status quo would have been altered had it not been.

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Possibly, however, a few were in the dark about just who was having the nightmare, as it initially seems like Batman's darkest fears becoming real. Minor villains launch a billion dollar lawsuit against Wayne Enterprises. The Johnnie Cochran lookalike from " Joker's Millions " pops in: Things eventually become worse than worse.

batman over the edge ending relationship

Batman does one when Scarecrow knocks Batgirl off the building. Getting Crap Past the Radar: Bruce Timm intended to have Batgirl run down after Scarecrow pushes her off the building. The censors didn't like it so he worked around it to great effect by changing the perspective to inside the vehicle when she hits. Barbara had been fearing for a while on what would happen if her dad learns her secret the hard way before she got a chance to.

How We Got Here: The episode opens with Commissioner Gordon and a police squad chasing Batman and Robin through the Batcave, shooting at them with machine guns, grenades, and a couple of rocket launchers.

Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: The policemen are terrible shots, failing to hit Batman and his associates even at close range.

The New Batman Adventures E12 "Over the Edge" / Recap - TV Tropes

Later, the snipers' shots missed Batman despite having the element of surprise. It's a Wonderful Plot: Joker admits that he is, before they part ways. Batman uses a modified herbicide to kill Ivy's plants embedded in Clayface, freeing his mind before he then escapes into the sewers. Meanwhile, the Joker forcibly recruits the Penguin to aid in his plan. Penguin leaves his henchman Ignatius Ogilvy in charge, who usurps Penguin's criminal empire, allies himself with Ivy, and dubs himself Emperor Penguin.

Ivy later finds Clayface, unaware he is no longer under her control, and Clayface attacks her. Batman arrives later and finds the defector has cut the flesh from his mouth so that he cannot be like Joker. The remaining members of the League return to their leader, the Merrymaker, who states that their mission is just starting. Meanwhile, Emperor Penguin seizes control of Gotham's underworld, killing his opponents and framing the Joker for their deaths. After testing the Joker venom used on Jimmy, Dick discovers an intentional anomaly that leads him to an abandoned aerospace facility.

There, Dick is confronted by Raya, her face resembling the Joker's, and dressed in a makeshift Nightwing uniform. She attacks Dick while Joker flees, until her body rejects the Joker's toxin and she dies. Dick finds a message carved into her body, announcing the Joker's party at Haly's Circus. Nightwing tackles Joker, but is then shown the living members of the circus, all transformed like Raya, who attack Nightwing and knock him unconscious.

When he awakens, Joker prepares to show him an unseen item on a cloche concluded in Batman When he wakes, Joker provides artifacts of Todd's youth including a bullet that shot his father, and a recreation of how he found his dead mother, intimating he knows Todd's real identity. As Todd works his way towards Joker, he falls through a trap door, landing in a pit next to an unconscious Red Robin Todd's story concludes in Teen Titans Starfire and Arsenal 's story ties in with, and concludes, that of the Teen Titans in Teen Titans Elsewhere, Joker paints Todd's Red Hood mask and says he is in for a surprise.

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He has her meet with Batman as seen in Batman 14[28] and then attempts to dump her in a chemical bath. Harley manages to escape but the Joker attacks her with rabid hyenas and then incapacitates her, before chaining her up in a room filled with skeletons, some dressed similarly to Harley; Joker states that she is not the first Harley or the last. Harley bites open her own wrists and uses the blood as lubricant to remove her chains and escape back to the Suicide Squad.

When Joker learns of her escape, he states that she might yet become his Harley.

Batman: Death of the Family

With Batgirl's advice, they explore Joker's earlier crime scenes, during which Kid Flash 's super speed search of a run down apartment block activates Joker's trap by agitating a chemical compound; the chemical becomes airborne and transforms the nearby citizens appearance to resemble the Joker, before they begin mindlessly attacking the Titans.

Arsenal and Starfire arrive to help; this team up is concluded in Red Hood and the Outlaws Todd shoots the Joker, who is revealed to be a body double; the shots trigger a gas release, knocking Todd and Red Robin out. When they awake, Joker presents them each with a cloche concluded in Batman This Privacy Policy describes the information we collect about you online, why we collect it, how we use it, and when we share it with third parties.

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batman over the edge ending relationship

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