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voltron meet jungle woman

Episode 6: Voltron Meets Jungle Woman • Previous Episode: 5 The Traitor • Episode Master List • Let's Compare Voltrons There's no “the” there. This is a list of characters from the Voltron series. Contents. 1 Voltron: Defender of the Universe .. In Legendary Defender Pidge refers to the Green Lion as female, similar to how the character of Pidge is reimagined as a girl in the series. .. Kingfish Robeast (): Jungle Woman's father was turned into a fish-like Robeast. In her lab, Haggar and Lotor take a slave and combine his molecules with that of a fish. She then flies with Cossack to Planet Mira, but the fish-man escapes with.

Member of the Air Team. She is a strong and brave pilot, She has fought for a good cause since seeing her family destroyed in an astro ship crash when she was young. Ginger pilots the Falcon Jet Fighter 5 that forms the chest plate of Voltron. Krik Miranda Keats voiced by Michael Bell: Hailing from an unnamed water planetKrik is appropriately the leader of the Sea Team.

Speaking with an alien dialect, he has clairvoyant powers that tells him when something bad has happened. He is the pilot of the Communications Module 6 that becomes the torso mid-riff section of Voltron.

Lisa Haruka Kaga voiced by B. Kind and compassionate member of the Sea Team. She is very knowledgeable in ancient cultures, and always seems to know the right thing to say to others. She is in an undefined relationship with Jeff. She pilots the Space Prober 7 that becomes the right thigh of Voltron. Tagor Saruka Katz One of the members of the Vehicle Voltron Force who is usually treated as an underused background character.

Tagor pilots the Space Prober 8 that forms the left thigh of Voltron. Shannon Tatsuo Izumo voiced by Michael Bell: Irish -accented member of the Sea Team. Like Ginger, he too fights for a noble cause, as his brother is a prisoner of the Drule Empire on Planet Doom.

He pilots the Multi-Wheeled Explorer 9 that becomes the right lower leg of Voltron. Another member of the Vehicle Voltron Force who is usually treated as a barely used background character. Zandee pilots the Multi-Wheeled Explorer 10 that becomes the left lower leg of Voltron. Cliff Walter Jack voiced by Lennie Weinrib: He has a strong Australian accent, and sometimes tends to have a wry sense of humor.

Voltron Meets Jungle Woman

When he first came to the academy, Lance and Wolo yanked him into the pool. Cinda Moya Kirigas voiced by B. Member of the Land Team. Like Lisa, she too is kind and emotional, especially when it comes to nature. She comes from the same water planet as Krik.

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She pilots the Rotating Personnel Carrier 12 that forms the right forearm of Voltron. Modok Mack Chukker voiced by Michael Bell: Large member of the Land Team, who can best be described as a "gentle giant. Good friends and members of the Land Team, they can often be seen together, either playing cards or brawling with each other.

While Marvin is usually comedic, Hutch is a regular tough guy, always looking for a good fight. They pilot the All-Terrain Space Vehicles 14 and 15 that form the right and left feet of Voltron, respectively. Voltron was later separated into the five Lions by Haggar. In Voltron Force, due to Vince's mysterious powers, Voltron can reconfigure himself with a different lion to form the main body while the Black Lion becomes a limb.

Additionally, Voltron can use Daniel's VoltCom powers to boost the speed of the lions, his formation sequence and himself. In Legendary Defender, Voltron was the ultimate weapon in the universe created by the inhabitants of Altea and Daibazaal but was scattered across the universe on Alfor's order to keep it out of the hands of the Galra Empire. The Black Lion remained inside the Castle of Lions, inaccessible unless the other four were recovered, while the other four were hidden on various planets, with the Blue Lion ending up on Earth.

The Red Lion was later found and captured by the Galrans, but rescued by Keith after he bonded with it. These versions of the Voltron Lions will only bond with particular pilots, with the Red Lion notably refusing to bond with Keith until he had proven himself. In this version it was Allura herself who created Voltron, [3] and her life force is tied to the giant robot and its Lion components all the while her father, Alfor created the Black Lion.

Each Lion has the ability to fire laser blasts, and each provides a unique weapon to the united Voltron form that is unlocked by each Paladin's use of their Bayard; a massive sword can also be formed by combining all of the Bayards except the black one.

When the Black Bayard is returned, the sword is revealed to take on the form of the Blazing Sword. Piloted by Keith in the original series, the Black Lion forms the main body of Voltron. Later piloted by Allura in two episodes before being piloted by Daniel in Voltron Force.

In Legendary Defender it is piloted by Shiro, having originally been piloted by Zarkon prior to his corruption, and is also briefly piloted by Keith.

Unlike the other Lions, the Black Lion did not have a "closed" hangar. Throughout the series, the Black Lion's hangar is located on the large tower fronting the castle, which was previously occupied by a winged lion statue which hid it. When the Black Lion was first activated, this statue crumbled apart to reveal it, and the Black Lion folded its seldom-used wings. The Third Dimension, it is shown that the winged lion statue literally morphs into the Black Lion when the lion is launched.

Additionally, the "default" configuration of Voltron is also known as Black Center. Weapon form command all shows: Shield formed by wings, expanding wings, mouth blade, unknown weaponry unlocked by Black Bayard. Piloted by Lance, the Red Lion forms the right arm of Voltron.

Later piloted by Princess Allura in one episode since Lance was using the Blue Lion to find the cure for the deadly flowers. Piloted by Keith in Legendary Defender. The Red Lion's hangar is located inside a volcano near the castle. Weapon form command Voltron Force only: Form Red Center Legendary Defender features: Fastest of the lions, fire breath, laser cannon on back, produces sword unlocked by the Red Bayard. Piloted by Pidge, the Green Lion forms the left arm of Voltron.

Piloted by Keith in its first launch before the Black Lion was recovered, and has now been passed down to Vince in Voltron Force. The Green Lion's hangar is located in a forest near the castle. In Legendary Defender Pidge refers to the Green Lion as female, similar to how the character of Pidge is reimagined as a girl in the series. Form Green Center Legendary Defender features: Cloaking mode installed by Pidge, energy cannon that causes spontaneous plant life growth, unknown weapon unlocked by the Green Bayard.

Originally piloted by Sven until Allura became its official pilot; later passed down to Larmina in Voltron Force.

voltron meet jungle woman

Piloted by Lance in Legendary Defender. The Blue Lion forms the right leg of Voltron. Piloted in one episode each by Keith, Coran, and Nanny together, and a replacement pilot who turned out to be an agent of Zarkon. Piloted once by Lance when he went off to a distant planet to find the cure by which to heal the Princess. Lance piloted the Blue Lion because the planet had a special magnetic field that only the Blue Lion could overcome.

The Blue Lion's hangar is located underneath the moat that surrounds the castle. It is also shown to perform better underwater than the other lions, similar to the way black lion appears to fly faster than the other lions. Form Blue Center Legendary Defender features: Ice blasts, unknown weapon unlocked by the Blue Bayard. Piloted by Hunk, the Yellow Lion forms the left leg of Voltron. The Yellow Lion's hangar is located inside a lion-shaped cave located in a desert near the castle.

The Third Dimension, its hangar was redesigned to resemble a sphinx -like form instead of an ordinary cave. Voltron Yellow Center has the unique ability to deploy solar cell wings and recharge the robot when he's away from Planet Arus. When Yellow Center is active, the background music is played in a more rock-inspired style, mirroring Hunk's personality. Form Yellow Center Legendary Defender features: Heaviest armor of the lions, additional claws and a jet booster, shoulder cannon unlocked by the Yellow Bayard capable of single or multi-shots.

Unlike the animated series, which depicted the two Voltron Forces as being family members, as with Chip and Pidge, or longstanding friends, the Devil's Due comic showed Keith and Jeff as having an antagonistic relationship with one another due to Lion Voltron's accidental "sneak attack" on Vehicle Voltron during the robots' first battle together.

Piloted by the Air Team. Command Jet Explorer 1 Rugger 1: Strato Weapons Module 2 Rugger 2: Forms the upper torso. Advanced Recon Helicopter 3 Rugger 3 the red one: Forms the right upper arm. Advanced Recon Helicopter 4 Rugger 4 the blue one: Forms the left upper arm. Falcon Jet Fighter 5 Rugger 5: Forms the chest plate. Piloted by the Sea Team. Communications Module 6 Rugger 6: Forms the Torso midriff.

Space Prober 7 Rugger 7 the red one: Forms the right thigh. Space Prober 8 Rugger 8 the blue one: Forms the left thigh. Multi-Wheeled Explorer 9 Rugger 9: Forms the right lower leg. Multi-Wheeled Explorer 10 Rugger Forms the left lower leg.

Piloted by the Land Team. Jet Radar Station 11 Rugger Rotating Personnel Carrier 12 Rugger Forms the right forearm. Armored Equipment Carrier 13 Rugger Forms the left forearm. All-Terrain Space Vehicle 14 Rugger 14 the yellow one: Forms the right foot. All-Terrain Space Vehicle 15 Rugger 15 the black one: Forms the left foot. Piloted by the Space Mice. It has two modes — land and flight.

It can deploy fire, water, darts and bombs. Castle of Lions Castle Gradam: Armed with missiles, cannons and heat rays. Stellar Ship Explorer Rugger Guard: A humanoid robot formed from Daniel's motorcycle, Vince's tank, and Larmina's combat vehicle, piloted by the Voltron cadets.

voltron meet jungle woman

He and his lion riders protect the Krelshi, ghostly beasts that are an essential part of Ariel's "harmonious spiritual aura". After Voltron Force helps him maintain order with the Krelshi, he is in their debt. During Keith's plan to rescue political prisoners from "The Void", he is surprised when he finds Kalon in the "Black Hole" cell with him and plans to make his escape. In the final battle with Sky Marshall Wade, Kalon and his lion riders help out in the fight destroying Wade's robots in the process and takes Wade's pet lion into custody wondering why he was raised in such an evil way.

He also advises the Voltron Force, and is very wisethough he can be very overprotective and opinionated at times. He is the commander of the Castle of Lions crew, once the Castle became battle-worthy, and especially once it transforms into the Flying Fortress.

The Third Dimension, Coran remains the same as before but is now more affiliated with the Galaxy Alliance. His biggest role in that series came when the Voltron Force was on trial for treason; he spoke in their defense, which resulted in the Alliance finding them not guilty.

In Voltron Force, he represents Planet Arus in the Galaxy Alliance and was the most vocal about reactivating Voltron when it was proven that Lotor had returned. In Legendary Defender Coran is Princess Allura's advisor and the last known surviving male Altean in the universe following the destruction of their home solar system.

Coran is noted for being somewhat foppish, goofy, and very much a traditionalist.

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He is often forgetful that the current Paladins have different customs, diets, and behaviors, but is at his core a dedicated and kind man. Though he comes off as kind of a ditz at times, Coran is a man of great experience.

Coran is very concerned for the well being of the Paladins and Allura, as he is often trying his hardest to ensure that they are adequately fed, rested, and at peace. Farla is the princess of Planet Lyra who gives Lance the seeds to the famed "Rose of Lyra" so that he can save the people on Planet Arus from the evil flowers sent by Haggar.

King Alfor is Allura's deceased father, and the previous ruler of planet Altea. He was tragically killed on that day. His body was placed in a royal tomb located directly beneath the Castle of Lions. Nowadays, he returns to the world of the living in a ghostly form to give advice to his daughter to help her in her struggles to maintain peace on Arus and the surrounding galaxy. King Alfor is credited with being the designer of Voltron. She later got her revenge on him by using her magic to capture his spirit and implanting it within a Robeast, preventing the Voltron force from attacking.

He was eventually released with the help of Allura and the voice of Queen Ariella. In Legendary Defender he scattered the Voltron Lions across the known universe before uploading his consciousness into a computer in the Castle of Lions, which allows him to continue advising his daughter.

This AI was later destroyed after it was corrupted by energy from a Galra energy crystal. Zarkon later claimed that Alfor scattered Voltron because he knew it would allow Zarkon to become even more powerful. Manset voiced by Garry Chalk: Exclusive to Voltron Force, Manset is a crustacean -like alien smuggler and friend of Keith who was once a political prisoner of the Den Resistance imprisoned in "The Void", a floating prison operated by Sky Marshall Wade.

He was broken out of prison by Keith and escaped into obscurity, not to be heard from again until he is seen helping out with the relief effort by importing food and supplies for Planet Ebb. He also provided backup for the Voltron Force by supplying one of his airships filled with Krelshi, ancient lion riders in the final battle with Wade.

Manset has a few ideas how to get Voltron back home, and gives Voltron Force the "friends and family" discount with the shipping. It appears Manset has gone legit, as his smuggling days may be over Like Coran, Nanny fusses over the Princess and is bent on keeping her away from all harm.

In Voltron Force, she cares for Sven's infant son while he is in self-exile on Crydor. In Go-Lionshe was killed during an attack on the castle. Co-ruler of planet Pollux, along with his older sister, Princess Romelle. Became heir apparent after the death of his older brother. Princess Romelle Princess Amue voiced by B. Princess Romelle is Allura's cousin, who lives on the planet Pollux, where she co-rules with her brother, Prince Bandor.

She is a dead-ringer for Princess Allura, in terms of physical appearance although Romelle's voice is lower than Allura's. Romelle was once a slave of Lotor, until Sven came to her rescue; together they fight for her people against the Drule Empire. She and Sven become engaged and live " happily ever after " on Pollux.

She first came to Arus from another planet and was found and raised by the five lions before they became Robot lions. It was said they she constructed the Castle of Lions.

Now deceased, she appears to Allura as a spirit, much like her father does, and reveals to Allura a way to recreate the five Lions after they are destroyed.

She explains that the five lions can never really be destroyed, as their spirits will always be with Arus. Space Mice Platt-Chuchule and others: The Space Mice are pastel-colored mice displaying a human-like level of intelligencewho were Princess Allura's friends as a child. They are often mischievous, but sometimes helpful. There are five Space Mice, though the fifth mouse is rarely seen until later episodes, perhaps because of not being born, or being too young to leave the nest at first.

There is a large light blue mouse, a large pink mouse, two medium-sized light blue mice, and a much smaller light blue mouse. The robotic Space Mice are continued into Voltron Force; they returned as organic beings in Legendary Defender, where they were inside Allura's stasis chamber with her for 10, years and thus developed a mental connection to her. Explorer crew[ edit ] Commander Hawkins Shinji Ise: Firm and hard working, Hawkins is determined to make peace with the Drule Empire, despite how many times they attempt to backstab him in the process.

In the Devil's Due comic series, Hawkins was the one who gathered Keith and his crew together in order to have them find Voltron for their fight against the Drules. Captain of the S. Explorer, and good friend to Commander Hawkins. Midway through the series, he gets transferred back to Galaxy Garrison on Earthbut that does not stop his fight against the Drules.

Sparks voiced by Jack Angel: Usually seen on the bridge with Hawkins and Newley. Explorer's chief scientist and acting physician, he can tell all about a planet's history and even its cultures simply by examining a mere sample or artifact.

Debbie voiced by BJ Ward: A scientist sometimes seen with Professor Page. Little green robot aboard the S. Explorer, who according to Ginger, is the only one who likes it when the Vehicle Voltron Force cannot go out on a mission.

Galaxy Garrison[ edit ] The government within the Voltron series. While some of its members help the Voltron teams, others have their own agenda. Supreme commander of the Galaxy Alliance. Along with Commander Steele, he is usually conducting meetings discussing current situations involving the ongoing conflict with the Drule Empire. High-ranking official of the Galaxy Alliance. Along with Space Marshal Graham, he is usually conducting meetings discussing current situations involving the war with the Drule Empire.

He takes a more active role in the conflict towards the end of the series. Captain of the backup fleet, Keyo is of the same race as Wolo and Tangor. Against orders not to interfere, the Voltron Force attempts to defend Kio's fleet against an ambush from a Drule fleet that pretended to be a peace envoy. Keyo orders the Voltron Force to obey orders and return to the Explorer. Keyo and his crew sacrifice themselves to prevent a political incident.

Along with Yurak, Keyo is the only other named character in Voltron whose death is retained without editing or dialogue disclaimers. Colonel Cross voiced by Neil Ross: Amalgamus voiced by Neil Ross: He is an amalgam of all planets of the Galaxy Alliance and the highest-ranked official of Galaxy Garrison. He at first was reluctant to have Voltron reactivated, believing diplomacy could be used to make peace with Lotor. But over time, he comes to accept Voltron as a necessary ally.

He is also the only one who fully trusts Zarkon, which is also his greatest weakness as he was unknowingly reprogrammed by Zarkon to distrust the Voltron Force more and more, going as far as to have them decommissioned five times and even put them on trial for treason against the Alliance one time.

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When Lotor held the Troika Moons hostage in exchange for the destruction of the Voltron Lions, it was Amalgamus who gave the order to destroy them. This, along with Zarkon's position within the Alliance, left Galaxy Garrison open for an easy assault by Lotor at the end of the first season. By this time, Amalgamus had learned of Zarkon's true allegiance, but was helpless to stop Zarkon from turning him into a video game and then later a cowardly blabbermouth later in the series.

Towards the end of the series, he was retaken by the Voltron Force and restored to his original Voltron allied programming. Lotor and Cossack take the leaders of the galaxy prisoners and fore the force to hand over their lions but before they all surrender Sven leads a counterattack then joins them in the Blue Lion to run off Lotor.

Their strong, the rouge galaxy is a hundred times larger than ours, not to mention Zarkon and his thugs. Guys like Largo have a big bark but when you stand up to em and stand fast they get real nervous. I say we go toe to toe with them, how bout you? As soon as Merla Arrives she has Lotor and Zarkon's minds bending to her will. Stride goes to Arus and offers his challenge, the ancient code arus is bound to forcing Keith to have to accept it.

Allura is lured out alone by the rumor of the resurrection of her father.

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Allura escapes but the rest of the teamget trapped. Allura is then captured by Merla but Lotor saves her. Zarkon and Alfor had fought one-on-one Plot Bunny: Lotor wears shoulder pads to look bigger.

Underneath his uniform he wears foam rubber shoulder pads. Merla plots to deliver a potion drink to Keith for his birthday. Allura gets jealous that someone sent him a love token. Meanwhile, Keith is out picking flowers for Allura. To save Allura Lotor comes to Arus to warn Keith about the drink.

Lotor and Merla have a very short lived engagement. Haggar can disguise herself as a human woman. Allura realizes she has jealous feelings about Keith. Statues of the late king Princess Allura and Captain Keith are paraded through the streets with fanfare.

Merla and Haggar crash the parade. The three pilots go missing, Keith and Allura go out to find them. End of episode Allura visits her father, his ghost parsing how well she and Keith fought together calling Keith a 'true champion'. Coran does not approve of public shows of affection between Keith and Allura. Allura delivers her infamous line.

Lotor is buuilding a temple to Allura there. Zarkon bows up his plans taking over to Build the hercullian genrator that can distroy planets. Zarkon has Merla attack a space fleet to lure out Voltron. Count Zane of Phylos comes to Arus to warn them, Lance quickly becoming suspicious of him. Castle of Lions can become a spaceship. The force must find a cadmium flower to save a village woman from one of Haggar's spells.

Lotor tires to attack his fatehr but is defeated and locked up. Zarkon visits his doom base they secrety built on Pollux. Sven leads a team to distroy the base, he sends Bandor to warn the Voltron force.

Zarkon and Haggar are over a thousand years old. Lotor decares war on his father. Haggar secretly builds a super robeast to designed to defeat Volton.

Merla uses the Muses of Norn to capture Bandor. Lotor lures Voltron to the Norn sun where one of Haggars lesser robeasts awaits. Voltron defeats it but crases onto Norn in the process where the main robeast awaits. Zarkon remote controls his ship to collide into a trapped Voltron with Lotor inside.

Having lost her evil telepathic powers Merla flies her flying horse ship and frees Voltron to save Lotor's life. Zarkon has Lotor captured and schedules his execution, he its to be chained and left to the vultures to be made an example of. Merla gets the Voltron force to help her save Lotor.

Zarkon used to be a warrior. Zarkon chains Lotor up to die Plot Bunny: Lotor ponders what it would be like to be good.

He goes to help Voltron to prove to her his new loyalty. Lotor and Merla help them to defeat Doom. The arrive on the planet to take the Castel but Lotor's true intentions are soon reveled.

The Planet Blows up but it turns out to have just have been a decoy. Zarkon has a great line in this one. As the Voltron Force enters his throne room. The legend of Voltron: Defender of the Universe. A mighty robot, loved by good, feared by evil. As Voltron's legend grew, peace settled across the galaxy. On Planet Earth, a Galaxy Alliance was formed. Together with the good planets of the Solar System, they maintained peace throughout the universe until a new horrible menace threatened the galaxy.