Swim connection meet entry

swim connection meet entry

Swim Connection Online Meet Entry - stapelholm.info You will use OME to enter most of the meets that your child swims in. Most meets will. Meet Information for Pacific Swimming. All "Online Meet Entries" (OME) are now processed at SwimConnection's new OME website. SRVA C/B/BB+ - SOLO Z1N CBA+ - Registration -.

swim connection meet entry

You may want to turn the 'Meet Status' to 'Off' to prevent teams from potentially submitting their entries just make sure to turn your entries back 'On' when you're done.

If an entry to the event has already been submitted, you will need to create another age group and event, and direct teams to enter the alternate event instead of the previous one.

swim connection meet entry

It may be easier to manually accept the entries and payment outside OME. How much does it cost to create a meet?

The only cost you incur as the host is if you choose to accept entry payments by credit card. There is no cost to create a meet and no cost if you choose to accept entry payments at the meet by cash or check. How often will I be paid if I accept entry payments by credit card?

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You will receive a check from USA Swimming once per week. The check will be sent to the address provided in the 'Payment Contact' section of the 'Meet Contacts' configuration step.

My events are combined age groups in prelims but will be separated by age groups for finals. How do I handle that in OME?

If the age groups have the same time standard, then you can create one event in OME for the combined age groups. You can merge the events and setup the event format in your meet management software. My meet was supposed to open already but teams aren't able to find it.

Meet Sanctions - Pacific Swimming Zone 2

The first thing to check is the entry period on the 'Online Entry Dates' section of your meet configuration. If everything looks as it should there, head to the 'Meet Status' page and confirm that the 'Online Registration Status' is turned 'On'. If what's listed in the meet information and what OME is allowing you to do doesn't seem to match, please then contact the meet director for guidance as a mistake may have been made during the OME setup process.

Independent task should be completed expeditiously to avoid last minute scrambling Independent Tasks: E-mail Meet Sanction Application form to sanctions pacificswimming. The appropriate sanction fees will be collected from the proceeds of the meet when you send in your financial statement to Pacific Swimming. Get this task out of the way.

Online Meet Entry (OME)

Do not wait till you have the meet approved before sending application form in. The meet will not be sanctioned until the Sanction Application form is in the hands of the Pacific Sanction Chair. Finalize the list of events that you plan to offer in your meet based on X, Y, Z format of the meet and the additional events you will be offering.

Check with your coaches. This link provides explanation on the various formats. Apply for Meet host account with Swim Connection, if you do not have one.

Online Meet Entry (OME)

Do this early if you do not have an account. It may take a few days before Swim Connection approves your meet host application.

swim connection meet entry

Leo Lin llin pacswim. Start setting up the meet in Swim Connection once you have your initial event list complete and Meet Host account.

swim connection meet entry