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Meet Joe Black movie reviews & Metacritic score: Bill Parrish (Hopkins) has it all - - success, wealth, and power. Days before his 65th birthday he receives a. Meet Joe Black is Hopkins's movie and, despite the film's unnecessary length, his quiet and dignified Meet Joe Black, with Brad Pitt, is a near-death experience: Time seems to stop as we stiffen in our seats ReelViewsJames Berardinelli. Meet Joe Black has the dubious distinction of being the longest film to date of It is also one of the most tedious and bombastic. At a hair under three hours.

Disappointingly, that potentially-fascinating aspect of the situation is ignored by Meet Joe Black, which wastes the bulk of its three hours on a passionless romance and an absurd corporate takeover scheme. The film introduces Bill Parrish Anthony Hopkinsa corporate tycoon on the verge of celebrating his 65th birthday. He's also about to die from a heart attack.

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One night, after dinner, Death Brad Pitt appears with an offer: The longer Bill can keep him interested in remaining corporeal, the longer the reprieve. So Bill introduces Death, renamed "Joe Black," to his family: With his almost childlike innocence, Joe is an immediate hit with everyone except Drew, who sees him as a rival for Susan's affections.

His fears are justified; soon Joe and Susan are falling for each other, and there's nothing that Bill can do to stop the doomed relationship. The centerpiece of Meet Joe Black is the romance between Joe and Susan, but it's not the kind of motion picture love affair that causes the spirit to soar. Forlani and Pitt may both possess matinee-style good looks, but they generate no heat or chemistry, and, as a result, they end up being featured in some of the most painfully protracted and awkward romantic sequences of any movie this year.

As bland as they are together, they're not much more compelling when apart. At least Susan shows hints of three-dimensionality. Joe is unreadable - sometimes ingenuous, sometimes ominous, but never interesting. And, since Death has been watching humankind for eons, how is it that he doesn't understand what kissing and sex are? When it comes to a spiritual being taking a physical form, Nicholas Cage's angel in City of Angels wins the sweepstakes.

In general, Brad Pitt is not a terrible actor, and I give him credit for trying to broaden his range, but his work here is execrable. Pitt's acting, in concert with Brest's heavy-handed direction, makes this character a complete waste of celluloid.

Joe Black looks like death warmed over. Anthony Hopkins does his best to add a dose of class to the proceedings, but there's only so much he can do, and he isn't given an especially meaty part. Claire Forlani, the young beauty from Basquiatshows great promise, although there are a few scenes when she looks like a deer caught in a car's headlights. As is Brest's trademark, there's plenty of emotional button-pushing, only this time, the director doesn't have a good feel for how best to manipulate the audience.

Drew is secretly conspiring with a man bidding for Parrish Communications. He capitalizes on Bill's strange behavior and unexplained reliance on Joe to convince the board of directors to vote Bill out as Chairman, using information given to him inadvertently by Bill's son-in-law, Quince, to push through approval for the merger which William had decided to oppose.

Susan is confused by the appearance of Joe, believing him to be the young man from the coffee shop, but eventually falls deeply in love with him. Joe is now under the influence of human desires and becomes attracted to her as well.

Meet Joe Black (United States, 1998)

After they make love, Joe asks Susan, "What do we do now? As his last birthday arrives, Bill appeals to Joe to recognize the meaning of true love and all it encompasses, especially honesty and sacrifice.

Joe comes to understand that he must set aside his own desire and allow Susan to live her life. He also helps Bill regain control of his company, exposing Drew's underhanded business dealings to the board by claiming to be an agent of the Internal Revenue Service and threatening to put Drew in jail.

At the party Bill makes his peace with his daughters.

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Susan tells Joe that she has loved him ever since that day in the coffee shop. Joe realises that Susan loves the unknown man, not him, and the realization crushes him slightly. Mastering his emotions powerfully he balks at telling Susan who he really is, although she seems to intuit his true identity. Struggling to comprehend the enormity of the situation, Susan cannot label Joe as Death. She says finally, "You're. He promises her "you will always have what you found in the coffee shop.