East football meet west

The most politically-charged match in history: when East Germany met West in

east football meet west

Nov 9, Pre-snap read: West Seneca East meet Freddy June. Irondequoit meet Shaun Dolac. On paper, this one figures to come down to which team. Oct 26, Highlights from the first round of the Class A football playoffs against Millard West, which defeated Omaha Creighton Prep on Friday. Here are this years East West Shriners Football Game Coaches.

east football meet west

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STATE FOOTBALL: East and West rivalry is always one for the ages

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Much later, his family had fled the East to escape the Soviet-imposed regime. It was a theme that skipper Franz Beckenbauer used to urge on his teammates. Was this merely for the home team or some kind of statement by the people attending? The pitch had a running-track around it, creating a buffer between the players and crowd, but the emotions streamed down from the terraces and washed over the men on the pitch representing the divided country. Very quickly, it became clear that the underlying emotion in the air was one of tension.

A desire to win from both sides was there to see, but so was an appreciation of the pressure thrust upon the 22 players on the pitch, each seen to be representing a whole doctrine of life, as well as a nation. With the all-pervading political backdrop, no-one wanted to make a mistake and caution was the byword.

10 Questions with Cohort 8 – Draft Fantasy Football – East Meets West

It was understandable, but meant that the first half of the game became quite sterile. The goalkeeper threw himself towards the ball, but it was more of a gesture than a required save.

Midway through the half, Breitner shot tamely wide as the West German efforts continued to break down at the well-drilled East German back line, offering solid protection to Croy.

It would be wrong to say that there was no threat from the nominally away team. A throw-in from the left by Lothar Kurbjuweit into the West Germany box caused consternation as Reinhard Lauck gathered and turned towards goal. Lauck squared the ball across the box, bisecting goalkeeper and defender and leaving an unguarded net for his teammate. In a year career, Kreische would play over league games for Dynamo Dresdennetting almost goals. In his club colours, the chance would surely have been accepted, but this was an entirely different pressure.

As the ball arrived to him on the six-yard line, he leant back and hoisted his shot way over the bar. The clear opening had come and gone. The West Germans had clearly been the more dominant team, but as is so often the case, the best chance fell to their opponents.

For differing reasons, both coaches would have had cause to feel both frustrated and relieved at the scoreline. The second-half began much as the first had ended. One change, though, was that, for some reason, Maier had seen it necessary to change his black goalkeeping top for a green one.

Everything else remained the same. Long-range shooting was becoming the order of the day, but with East German efforts sporadic and West German ones facing a solid blue wall of defenders to block any efforts on goal, a draw began to look increasingly inevitable.

West Orange vs East Orange-10-23-10

Given the other group results, it would mean West Germany would top the group; the authorities in East Berlin would have to console themselves with an honourable draw and progression to the next phase. There was still time for that scenario to be changed, though.

east football meet west

With 65 minutes played and a few tired legs beginning to show, Buschner withdrew midfielder Harald Irmscher, replacing him with Erich Hamann. A dozen or so minutes later, the move would prove to be hugely significant.

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  • East Germany–West Germany football rivalry

For the next few minutes nothing changed, but with 13 minutes remaining, the goal came. Quickly looking up, he saw the fresh legs of Hamann, the substitute, cantering forward down the right flank, and hurled the ball towards him.

Running forward, he looked up as he entered the West Germany half. Sparwasser was accelerating into a gap as the defence funnelled back to cover. Completing a forward roll in celebration, Sparwasser regained his feet to see the small contingent allowed to travel from the East celebrating in jubilation, before he was engulfed by his ecstatic teammates.

The West Germans stood, hands on hips.

The most politically-charged match in history: when East Germany met West in 1974

As time had ticked away, the draw that would see them top the group seemed like an increasingly inevitable conclusion to the game, but their lethargy in settling for a share of the spoils had betrayed them to their hungrier brethren. Now they had a mountain to climb — and precious little time to do it in. The East Germans locked down at the back and held a firm line as belief and time drained away from their hosts.

east football meet west

When the final whistle was sounded, it was the blue-shirted East Germans surrounded by photographers capturing their moment of triumph with Croy and Sparwasser receiving particular acclaim. The Magdeburg striker was well aware of the significance of his goal, later declaring: In the cities and towns around East Germany, the people were less so.

East had triumphed over West.