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duramax swap meet

The questions we usually have when going to swap a diesel into with all new components that meet factory specifications for durability and. Duramax online swap meet has members. This group is for buying and selling duramax parts stock or performance. if you wish to buy something some. Want a diesel-powered Suburban or Tahoe? You must've been dreaming. Wake up to Duraburb Inc's creation. Based out of Apopka, Florida.

That plan changed when the finished rig transformed into a show quality ride. While driven routinely, the hauling of dirt bikes is strictly prohibited. It came to him with a hp small-block Chevy gasser V The trouble was, the power came at a cost. The cost of getting just 8 miles per gallon was seen at every fill-up. This was swapped into the Camaro, with a 47RH automatic from a Dodge diesel truck.

The Camaro now gets mph around town and turns in Super Chief David Chader was a car guy from a young age. At 11, he convinced his parents to buy the Jeep Cherokee Chief from a neighbor. The 6BTA had recently been rebuilt and it was treated to some upgrades before being slipped into the Jeep.

duramax swap meet

A SunCoast 47RH automatic transmission sends power to the transfer case and then splits out to the front and rear Dana 44 axles.

After opening the door to the cab, we notice a complete late model dash inside. The truck has nearly every function a new GMC would come with.

Meet the 2017 One-Ton Duramax diesel-powered Chevy Suburban

This unbelievable transformation took countless hours of work. One of the technicians we spoke with about the build was Andrew Tarter. Although it came with a clean plate to start, it was still going to take some time to get it where they wanted.

After using the donor engine out of a pulling truck, that was later swapped to a Cummins powerplant, they had their powerhouse for the GMC.

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If this isn't one of the best transformations you've ever seen, we would like to see what you think looks better. Although it took or more hours of labor, this truck turned out just right.

duramax swap meet

When it comes to conversions, the bulky 4BT is a pain to install, while the compact R2. It includes the ECM, throttle pedal and cable, CAN display, OBD II port, firewall bulkhead connector, dashboard-integration wiring harness, starter, vacuum pump, power-steering pump, alternator, eight-rib belt and pulleys, remote oil and fuel-filter systems, and universal bracket to mount air-conditioning equipment.

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All this diesel needs to run is fuel, 12 volts, the appropriate cooling system, and a suitable frame to call home. As of this writing, the Cummins R2. Just wait until Cummins makes the 5.

duramax swap meet

This Northern California conversion-parts supplier covers five generations of Toyota pickup and Land Cruiser. The primary diesel conversion focuses on the 3. If you need an engine, a replacement piece, or a hard-to-find part during your Cummins repower project, this is the place to contact. Advance Adapters One of the most well-known companies offering adapters for all varieties of applications, Advance Adapters [ ; advanceadapters.

Advance is said to have systems for other R2. Axis also provides R2. It also has adapters to put the crate engine in Chevrolet LS-powered vehicles. Bell Intercoolers [ ; bellintercoolers. Bruiser Conversions Bruiser Conversions [ ; bruiserconversions.

Our Complete Guide to Parts and Providers for Gas-to-Diesel Engine Swaps

Bruiser systems cover all JK, YJ, TJ, and CJ models, and kits include brackets and mounts, intercoolers, custom wiring harnesses, fuel-system components, and air-conditioning parts if requested. Performance ECM tuning and turbocharger upgrades for the R2. They also have transfer-case adapters that allow Ram and Ford rigs to retain their four-wheel-drive setups behind the Allisons.

It offers turnkey systems and builder parts to drop eco-friendly VW 1.

duramax swap meet

From turnkey swaps to full conversion kits and builder parts, the company offers it all. Well-known for building high-powered sled pullers, this group is also expert in turnkey conversions and swap kits, including dropping Volkswagen TDI engines into Ford Rangers.