All comers meet berkeley 2016 calendar

UC Berkeley Events Calendar: Women's Track & Field vs. All Comers Meet

all comers meet berkeley 2016 calendar

Soared to win the Cal-Berkeley All-Comers meet and the Simplot meet in Idaho Earned runner-up honors in the high jump () at the California. Apr 29 (Sat) AM. at Cal-Nev State Meet. Berkeley, Calif. Apr 29 (Sat) AM. at Steve Scott Invitational. Irvine, Calif. Apr 30 (Sun) All Day. at Cal/Nevada. Sep 13, These new calendars are available in the Outlook app for iOS, with an Maps to help you plan where to meet and to locate your appointments.

Goodwin has about 65 medals and Callori between 80 and for coming in first, second and third.

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A special plaque in their family room, framed with a letter signed by Gov. Brown, marks the achievement. Today, Goodwin ranks third in the U. Filling a gap Bob Callori and Chris Goodwin in front of some of their many running medals. Photo by Jan Robbins The couple trains and competes in the same clubs and organization all year long.

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Both men took up running after a major life transition — Callori after being laid off as an architectural programmer at 58, Goodwin after he came out and left a marriage to a woman at Callori took his layoff as an opportunity to retire. A friend introduced him to San Francisco Frontrunnersa club that celebrates both running and walking and welcomes people of all abilities. The SFTFC seeks to promote gay and lesbian athletes of all ages, helping participants set and achieve goals with training and support.

all comers meet berkeley 2016 calendar

It meets every Sunday from late January to early October. The teams also meet in the evenings during the week. There are a number of track meets available to athletes, from local all-comer meets to national championships. Goodwin started running at Developing special workouts He continues to train hard, including mid-week, even though he is still working as vice-president of global operations for Shaklee, a manufacturer and distributor of nutritional supplements, weight management, beauty and household products.

all comers meet berkeley 2016 calendar

Over the years, Goodwin did a lot of research on workouts for track and field runners. He has been an outstanding track and field athlete for Rincon Valley Christian running the,triple jump and discus. He has a PR of This fine multi talented athlete has also had a strong and varied scholastic career, carrying a 3.

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What impressed the committee the most was his thought that the influence of cross country has made him a better student. When something difficult becomes familiar, then other concepts become easier.

This talented scholarship athlete will be continuing his studies and furthering his athletic career at SRJC. Coach Wellman is looking forward to this XC and multi-talented track and field athlete staying local and perhaps developing his decathlon skills.

Nicholas Dolan Our third scholarship recipient is the classic story of a runner with no experience who joins the XC team mostly for its social aspects, gets comfortable, works hard, sets goals… did we say works hard?

all comers meet berkeley 2016 calendar

But overall it looks like this classic story is just the first part of a multi-part sojourn with the next sequel being able to run at her chosen university. From a 9 minute miler in her first XC race to a PR of Her best team finish ever fulfilled her goals for XC and with this new found strength led her to success on the track.

Yet metrics alone fail in comparison to her impact on team dynamics, her hard work, toughness and respect she both earns and gives.

HS Girls 60m Dash - Berkeley All Comers Meet 2/20/16

An excellent student with a GPA above 4. With a plan to direct her college career at Scripps University in the area of literature and writing with a goal of becoming an author, our third scholarship recipient can very well write her own sequel to this memorable story.

Samantha Baker Our final scholarship recipient ran with the SR Express as a middle schooler but began his high school athletics on the football field. When he was recruited for the track team his running began in earnest. Natural ability led him to perform at an all-league level this first track year and continued well through junior year in XC and had him qualify to NCS.

He was a top area XC runner this last season with a PR of A 9th place at NCS qualified him to State and his 11th place finish in his very first time on the difficult 5K Woodward Park course was evidence of his talent and commitment.