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Students will be reminded to get prepared for writing of Chapter quiz. What problems do David and Rosalind face? .. To distinguish all these characters and understand their relationship to David, a simple visual diagram can be. Pre-made tests on The Chrysalids Final Test - Hard, including multiple choice, short answer, How did the relationship between Rosalind and David grow?. to other relationships David has. David seems to trust Rosalind because he told her about Sophie. they communicate telepathically and they are half cousins.

I fail to understand how the murders of TWO full communities can be justified by the explanation that they were "intellectually underdeveloped," when the whole point of the novel up to that point was to accept everyone for their differences. The consequence of failing to do so, is the creation of a cold, harsh, stringent, and unhappy society where everyone lives in fear of everyone else. Perspective is a matter of one's environment, and there is none superior to the other. But by the end of this, the author seemed to be saying: They were simply uneducated and needed guidance.

Telepathy is not a requirement for intelligence. The world was more engrossing when it was being revealed little by little, when there were still elements left to the imagination. Once plot holes started to fill in and become repetitive, I quickly grew bored and ceased to care. Rarely does one find that they are bombarded by the thoughts of others all the time. It could drive one crazy.

Dreams bring telepathic messages. They are called precognitive dreams. If they are about the 'world' rather than our personal lives, they are called 'collective dreams'. Lovers definitely are more in tuned telepathically as being in love at that level is a very high frequency. This is not just about sex - though it is an aspect of it.

Sexual activity is often telepathic in that one is responding to the needs of their partner on a higher level of expression. Telepathy between members of the same family - or close friends is common as they learn to adjust to each other's frequencies.

There always seem to be one member of every family - usually a woman - who has psychic or telepathic abilities. Mother's sense when children are in trouble. When you are in panic mode - the adrenaline flows and the telepathy kicks in to those would tune in to help you.

People often sense the death of a family member. These make the most dramatic stories - heightened tension, nick-of-time rescues.

However, keep in mind that telepathic situations may be happening all the time, but we lack the awareness to recognize them. In times of crisis we sent out our message and those who are in tune will pick it up. Twins are often telepathic with each other creating these abilities when they are infants. They are generally in the same frequency at the same time and learn to communicate with words. Often it is just about a single thought - hunger.

Telepathy between twins or family members can remain for a lifetime. How do you built a positive self-concept? You can act in a positive or negative way when faced with situations in your life. When you feel good about yourself as a person, when you are proud of yourself and what you do, you have self-respect and you have positive or high self-esteem. David is worried about the whole question of mutants. He, Rosalind and the others are different. Uncle Axel tries to put him at ease. What arguments does he use?

How does Uncle Axel try to build David's self-respect and self-esteem? Check the story how that is done, then take Rosalind's position giving David advice after he has told her he wants to run away. Respect his point of view. Try to express sympathy. Explain how things might turn out when he carries out his plan.

You will be marked according to: This can be done as follows: Directions Each of the following charts lists some traits possessed by a character in the book. Find several specific pieces of evidence for each trait from anywhere in the book as you read the text to prove the character does have that characteristic. Then decide which characterization method or methods in each piece of evidence is used to reveal that trait: What the character says or thinks What the character does What others say or think about the character How others act toward the character Below you will find an example of a chart for David.

Make a similar chart for each of the following characters in the book: How is trait revealed persistent sensitive brave 2.

The Sealand Lady a. First write that character's name, then write down three questions that are designed to gain information about that character's personality traits. Finally, prepare answers for your character that seem consistent with his or her personality and speaking style.

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Write the character's initial before each response. The group is unquestionably in trouble now, and their detection is imminent. What little hint of a future development is given during the teaching of Petra by David? In this chapter, the characters are further developed. Using one or two words, how would you describe the character of a Michael, b David, c Rosalind, d Uncle Axel? The punishment of deviates is clearly revealed for the first time in this chapter.

Why is it done? How do the people of the Fringes react to this? In a short paragraph describe how David tries to teach Petra? Whatproblems does he encounter? Character Connections Homework Handout2 The Crysalids has a large cast of characters and they relate to David's life in a number of ways. To distinguish all these characters and understand their relationship to David, a simple visual diagram can be helpful.

Directions In each circle below, write the names of at least three characters that fit the label. Pick the names from the character box; some names will be used more than once. Michael Jerome Skinner The Inspector 1. Give an example of a character who serves as both foe and friend to David. Give examples to show the character's hostile and friendly actions.

Which characters seems to influence David the most? Why do you that might be so? Which character seems to influence David the least? Why do you think this might be so? Which character seems most admirable to you? Which character seems least admirable to you? Which two groups seem to overlap the most? Which group do you think influences David the most?

Which group do you think influences David the least? Which group seems most admirable to you? Each answer to the question is worth 1 point [9 points]. The complete diagram is worth 1 point. Half-points will not be given to the answers that do not state the reason for your choice of answer! These parts are as follows: Directions Below is a list of major episodes in The Chrysalids. Copy these episodes on a chart in the order in which they occur.

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After you finish putting the events in proper order, turn the diagram sideways and draw the pyramid diagram right over your answers in a different colour ink to reflect where the five elements of the plot occur.

Then label the parts of the pyramid. Your pyramid may look lopsided one side longer than the other 3 http: Justify your choice with examples from the novel. Thus, each of these assessment categories is worth 5 points. Motifs are incidents, images or ideas that appear again and again in a novel. Like links in a chain, they serve to unite a story. Some motifs in The Chrysalids are listed below. List four examples of these motifs from the book. Death Lack of personal freedom Cruelty Punishment Humiliation Weather conditions Kindness and compassion Jealousy Superstition The Crysalids Board Game Assignment In this activity, students will create a board game based on the events described in the novel.

This is a group-work type of assignment. Each group of students will be asked to identify the goals of their board game, select questions, create rules, and write directions on how to play the game. The worksheet outlining their board game plan must be submitted to me before they proceed to make an actual board game [so that I can assess their progress and given them additional suggestions if needed].

Then, students will present their board games to the class and play the games [the groups will exchange their games among themselves] as a class activity.

To learn how to share knowledge effectively and work collaboratively within a group. In groups of four, discuss how a board game might be able to convey information about the life of the characters in the novel. Use the following questions and to spark your discussion: Active Themes The woman from Zealand ceases communicating, and Rosalind, David, Petra, and the great-horses on which they are riding stop. The men put the fugitives on the ground, and Rosalind and David are relieved to find that the Fringes are not as monstrous as they expected.

They are taken to meet a man whom David recognizes immediately as the Fringe leader who was taken hostage many years ago. In the years between, David has learned that his father once had an older brother who was found to be Deviant when he was a toddler. The spidery man asserts that, since he is the eldest son, control of Waknuk should actually go to him, not to his brother.


David and the others want to escape from the intolerance in Waknuk, but the spidery man wants to punish Waknuk for it. Even though Joseph Strorm and the spidery man would self-identify as being very different from one another, they are actually quite similar in personality. Both are willing to turn on their own family in the pursuit of their goals, to which they hold unwaveringly.

David does not want to know the answer and avoids asking Michael to find out. David, not motivated by hatred or vengeance, has no desire to return to a place where he is oppressed. Despite the dangers of living in the Fringes, he is happy to be able finally to be himself. The spidery man explains that there are very few women in the Fringes, and even fewer who can reproduce. He hopes to have children and implies that he will do so with Rosalind.

This infuriates David and he tries to attack the man once more, but a group of men beat him up and throw him into the forest.