Meet the robinsons real mom bodies

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meet the robinsons real mom bodies

Disclaimer: I do not own Meet the Robinsons, unfortunately. Sadly. But she wouldn't be able to give him a future; no, not a real future. The doctors had said it would be her only child, for her body would not be able to stand. Read Meet the Robinsons reviews from parents on Common Sense Media. # DeviceFreeDinner · Sex, Gender, and Body Image · Marketing to Kids · Alcohol, Drugs, and . As mother to an adopted child, I find films like this unsettling. I love how this movie deals with real issues, issues that orphans sometimes face, even. This was before we got actual character models, and we just got a shot of honey's face. .. Oh, and cool pics about Why I love Meet The Robinsons. Also, Why I.

But she hadn't abandoned him at 6th Street Orphanage because she didn't want him. It wasn't because she was bankrupt.

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No, he was wanted and loved; she would be able to give him many things, all the necessities of life. But she wouldn't be able to give him a future; no, not a real future.

meet the robinsons real mom bodies

She had been gifted with foresight, and had always wondered why God had given her such a talent. But when her baby was born, she realized why. This gift was really a way to tell her to let him go, to make the right choice. This was Alice's first child. The doctors had said it would be her only child, for her body would not be able to stand another childbirth.

It would kill her.

Lewis's Mother

Alice was inclined to keep her son; to hold onto him an never let go. To be the most doting, perfect mother he could ever have imagined, because he would be the only child she would ever give birth to.

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But the day before her son's birth, everything had changed for Alice and her husband. She had two visions. The first was of her, her husband, and her son just twelve years into the future. Her son was named Zachary, and with the same blue eyes and blonde hair as his father, he was adorable. Zachary loved science, loved inventing.

He had always been smart, but had to suffice for public schooling, had to suffice for something that was well below his level. He already had an IQ ofthe highest in the world. But still, Zachary couldn't find his way. Sure, he was content, but not truly happy. The vision took Alice farther into the future, where Zachary Jacobs was just turning thirty. He had a job as a scientist, he was making a difference in the world. But it was still the same world; still recognizably… Earth-like.

Alice was happy with her son's life. But then, the second vision came. It showed the same boy at the age of twelve again, but his name was Lewis, and he was living in an orphanage with a boy named Goob as his roommate.

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He was frustrated, sad, utterly unwanted. It broke Alice's heart to see each obstacle the young boy had to face, to see each failed attempt where he would get mad and give up. She questioned herself, why would she do this to her son? Her question was answered as she watched Lewis travel forward in time with his own son, watched as he discovered just how much he could influence the future.

He could make Earth a whole new world by ! There would be flying cars, travel tubes, time travel, all because of him. His motto, "Keep Moving Forward," was plastered on every available billboard, he was a living legend. He had a crazy but lovable family with a beautiful wife who taught genetically enhanced frogs to sing, and he loved his son more that anything; maybe a bit too much. But he was genuinely happy there, and every moment was a new adventure he conquered with the ones he loved.

Alice was shocked at this other future, shocked that, by putting him in a horrid orphanage to suffer abandonment for the first twelve years of his life, he would have a happily ever after, that he would change the world forever. It was a tough decision. The boy swivelled around, his face red with both anger and despair, "I can't believe I was dumb enough to actually believe you were my friend! Wilbur stared after the other boy dejectedly, vaguely hearing his mother say something about being grounded.

But he didn't care. He probably- no, did just lose his best friend. His first best friend. Despite being a son of the famous Robinson inventor with the quirky family that fascinated everyone, Wilbur didn't have many friends.

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His closest being a robot, Carl, who was also mad at him. Great, he stared at the ground, sighing, this is probably the worst day of my whole entire life. He was aware that everyone else had left the vicinity, besides him, leaving him to sort out the mess he had created, drowning in guilt.

And that wasn't an exaggeration. Seven, I try to tell the truth and it blows up in my face. Eight, I just broke a bond I had with my dad. Who doesn't even know he's my dad yet! Wilbur pressed his hands to his face, a little harder than he usually would, a choking feeling in the back of his throat.

meet the robinsons real mom bodies

He squeezed his eyes shut as his mother had done earlier, ready to let the unfamiliar tears fall. But then a thought struck him. Where did Lewis go? He couldn't have gotten that far, but- Wilbur Robinson what the heck do you think you're doing?

Standing here feeling sorry for yourself? Your former best friend is out there alone with a freak who wants him dead!

meet the robinsons real mom bodies

And whether he likes it or not, Lewis still needs your help! The little pep-talk in his head seemed to push the teen into action. With a wipe of his quickly drying eyes, he sprinted off in the direction Lewis had gone.

He was suddenly grateful for the lanky legs he'd inherited from his mom; it definitely gave him an advantage over the shorter boy, who was already less active than the Robinson. Right there, about twenty feet in front of him, was Lewis. And reaching his hand down, leaning out of a flying, bright blue vehicle, was a middle aged man, clad in black, his mouth pulled into an evil, yellow-toothed grin. He turned his gaze back to Lewis, who was staring back.

He even mouthed it, staring desperately at the younger boy. But it was no use. Lewis' eyebrows shot down into a furious glare, and dread creeping into his heart, Wilbur watched as he grabbed the man's outstretched arm. In one, final, frantic attempt to reach him, Wilbur ran forwards again, closing the gap just as the time machine flew off in the direction of the city.

meet the robinsons real mom bodies

I can't believe you just did that!