Meet the real heros of india

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meet the real heros of india

Meet The Real Life Heroes Who Make SRK's Zero Story Possible and Best of India Records book for being the shortest hero this year. Pakru. With a landmark verdict on Section , the Supreme Court of India has taken India one step forward towards individual freedom. Chennai: A midget by birth and a school dropout by fate, C Mallika has been active in social service for more than 20 years. The poor diet of the.

After a brief trial, he was sentenced to death in under charges of involvement in a series of bomb attacks in Lahore and Faisalabad that killed 14 people in His sentence was repeatedly postponed by the Government of Pakistan because of the pleas of his family and civil societies. After being in prison for more than 23 years, he was attacked by fellow inmates in the jail and died in I contacted his sister. And I was not expecting the answer she gave me.

meet the real heros of india

While working on the campaign, many other people contacted her for help with similar cases of human rights violations. You May Also Like: Born and brought up in England, Jas had never been to India except once as a child, even though her parents are from Punjab. She started Justice Upheld unofficially in and got it registered as a British charity in June this year. Today, when someone approaches her with a case, Jas first checks if there is legal merit to it and whether it deals with human rights.

She then checks the financial status of the victim and based on that takes up the case for free. Right now, Justice Upheld is working only with Indian nationals in different places in the world.

Jas comes across a number of heart wrenching cases.

meet the real heros of india

Like that of Jaswant Singh, an Indian citizen from a village in Punjab, who left for Kuwait to work as a driver in June Little did he know that he would actually end up working as a camel herder — without pay and any medical assistance. Within a few days of reaching Kuwait, he was sent to Saudi Arabia. But after reaching there he was left to work on a farm as a camel herder.

His work there was more like that of a bonded labourer.

A Tribute to the Real Heroes of India

He was not given anything to eat and the farm owners made him drink the water meant for camels. This led to a severe stomach infection that made him very ill. No help was forthcoming from his employer, who was holding on to his passport and would not let him go. But thanks to Jas, after working for more than a year on the farm, Jaswant was rescued with the help and support of Justice Upheld. He received medical assistance and is presently waiting for his formal documents in order to return to India.

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These are the common conversations we have with the coconut vendor, pani puri vendor, cobbler and many more people, without whom, our lives are incomplete. Have we ever asked them if they got to eat a square meal that day? Why would we ask? We are depressed about not buying a luxury car, expensive lipstick, iPhone. Anyway, one person did and decided to tell the world too.

Unsung Heroes

What happened next makes the plot of the story…The moment of epiphany to start a platform to inspire people with real hero stories happened on a fortunate afternoon.

When I had raised these questions, I was eventually blocked from Wikipedia. So, I thought, I should start an Indianised one.

meet the real heros of india

He said that his children had abandoned him and he had an ailing wife to take care of. That gave me a strong inspiration. Although the vendor refused to tell his story for the records, I thought I should focus on this genre to inspire people because these people are the real heroes of our country.

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He is currently preparing for civil services exam. Kruthika Parappa, a student from Bangalore. Amritha Varshini, a student from Chennai.

meet the real heros of india

Krishna Gopika, a reporter from Kochi. Priyanka, a student from Mumbai.