Meet the medic taunt doesn work

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meet the medic taunt doesn work

Roman Torchwick: a Unusual Meet the Medic taunt. Roman Torchwick: i'm Andrey|STDK: Do you know how to work with a middleman? Roman Torchwick : And you'll give my item back if he DOESN'T sell the codes, right?. It doesn't work if the enemy bodyshots you or aims for where the head is frames config and i'd taunt slide spam the meet the medic taunt and. SAL Don't beg, it doesn't work. Avatar I unboxed a Meet the Medic Unusualifier a few days back. I would apply it to a taunt and then trade the taunt for pure.

The only reliable ways to kill an excellent Pyro is either being a decent Sniper though they can still fire flares at you which screws up your aimgoing Engineer and plunking down a Sentry, or being a Heavy who can survive their attacks and mow them down given that they don't catch you unrevved and you can track them as they strafe around you.


A good Scout is effectively invincible. They can kill any class except the Heavy with two shots from their Scattergun and effortlessly dodge all weapons except the conventional bullet firing ones. Not only that, but at any time during a fight, then can simply run away, something that you can't do at all unless you want them to fill you with buckshot in the back, and they move around extremely fast and are hard to hit.

The only real counter is to have obscenely good aim with your gun, have a sentry, or confront them in a tight corridor though, a good Scout will probably avoid tight corridors, so Demoknights can basically run around in a battlefield and mash the attack button, because 2 of their swords essentially make them unkillable except by maintaining range.

This only escalated with the inclusion of the Tide Turner, letting them keep their Grenade Launcher and turn mobility to retain their mid-long range abilities until balance patches took it down a few notches. Their Jack-of-All-Stats status - good damage, above-average health, and high mobility through rocket jumping - means it's difficult to fight against a Soldier, especially if they have the high ground or are bringing along the fabled "Medic Girlfriend" a Medic who does nothing but heal this one specific guy.

Pop it, don't drop it! -Dance Mod Animation

The only class who can counter Soldiers moderately effectively is a Pyro who can reflect rockets, but that's only if they don't have the Shotgun equipped. Machine mode has several candidates, which becomes worse when Mann Up Mode brings times the number of their kind: Heavy Robots of any shape can be a tremendous pain in the ass. Their high health and damage can tear apart a team in seconds. The Fists of Steel-equipped Heavies are particularly evil, with their extreme ranged damage resistance, health more than triple the average Heavyand a habit of ganging up on players who try to melee them.

Since they're also not considered giants, they can gain a Healing Factor and even more damage resistance when they pick up the bomb, leading to insane amounts of firepower being needed to put them down.

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Luckily they're fully vulnerable to Sappers and Backstabs, but very few people are willing to put up with a Spy on their team. Sentry Busters, for Engineers who have yet to figure them out. They have a deceptively large amount of health, run fast as hell, and the only strategy against them other than "concentrate fire on it and hope for the best" is to choose the building you need the most, picking it up and hauling ass with it in tow before it blows up, which if your timing is off will destroy your buildings and kill you.

However, an Engineer with enough experience can manage or recover from regular Busters, turning them into Goddamned Bats.

meet the medic taunt doesn work

Giant Rapid Fire Demomen. The Grenade Launcher is already one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

meet the medic taunt doesn work

Now, imagine giving that to something that can spam grenades almost indefinitely, has a metric ton of health, and break through just about any defense because, unlike other robots, it seems to prioritize sentries as the biggest threat. The Super Scout is the fastest robot in the game, and the Major League Scout trades in some of that speed for the ability to spam the Sandman's stun balls all over the place.

Taunt Demonstration: Meet the Medic

Both of them also move erratically, making it hard to land a hit on them. If you let even one of them get through your defenses with the bomb, you are screwed.

meet the medic taunt doesn work

Mecha Engineers teleport onto the battlefield and unless you find them before they set up, they put up a LV 3 sentry and a teleporter. They will also endlessly repair their buildings, with an infinite metal reserve, and will move their buildings forward if your team is pushed back. So basically Word for the wise: Unknown Mercenary voicelines There were some unused player voicelines around in the files which were subsequently removed - It's unknown whether these voicelines were just placeholders or not.

According to their metadata, they were recorded on the 21st of August,with the exception of medic1. Miss Pauling Halfway into a Contract Thanks to how the game sends out messages from Miss Pauling during Contract campaigns, the Gun Mettle campaign had some voicelines that made it unlikely the player would ever hear while completing a contract. The only way to do so was to intentionally leave the server or not do any more progress on the contract and wait for the server to change and then join another server, which then triggered the messages.

Valve realised this rather convoluted process a few months later, when they added contract-style "Merasmissions" on the Scream Fortress update, which didn't add the equivalent lines for Merasmus.

Future Contract campaigns, like Tough Break and Jungle Inferno never use these lines either, and Scream Fortressand didn't add any new voice lines outside of taunts, so the Merasmission folder for Merasmus remain unaltered. Half the contract's fulfilled! You're Halfway There" Sorry, your browser either has JavaScript disabled or does not have any supported player. The campaign is an updated version of the system Valve introduced in the Gun Mettle update back inwhere you can now pick which contracts you want to fulfill rather than having them randomly assigned.

Each of the new weapons has its own contract, which can be completed simply by earning points — though there are bonus objectives too, like getting kills with airblast-reflected projectiles. The same goes for the other changes to airblasts and how afterburn damage works; she seems like the same old pyro to me, though players with more experience will no doubt beg to differ.

If you manage to land on someone you damage them, which is excellent and correct, though easier said than done. What I have had ample experience with are the newly balanced spy weapons. He was hit the hardest in the latest update, with the Dead Ringer and the Ambassador both receiving substantial nerfs.

The former no longer gets its cloak meter refilled by picking up ammo, and the latter now does reduced damage on headshots depending on distance.