First grade meet the teacher ideas bilingual

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first grade meet the teacher ideas bilingual

My first year teaching, I was clueless about what to do during this event. a little bit more than I did but even with their ideas I struggled to get through the night. . Bilingual Meet the teacher editable sheets (in PowerPoint) prints on x 11 3. Teach bilingual literacy skills with 4 fun and engaging games. “I don't know why, but the idea of 'breaking a word' really gets them excited! down to eat the wonderful meal,” says Leah Mullen, a former early elementary teacher in London. Activities for There Was a Cold Lady Who $ Teaching sound waves in first grade can be a challenge! Meet the Teacher Editable Bilingual Bundle.

Everything I send home is bilingual or I have copies available in both.

first grade meet the teacher ideas bilingual

I need as many hands or willing people as I can. I have parents interested in volunteer sign-up on a list and I have a bilingual volunteer questionnaire.

first grade meet the teacher ideas bilingual

It has contact info, schedule info and some basic questions about what they are interested in helping out with. I have an activity for students and parents to do together. I put this by the door by the parent sign-in sheet. Kids can walk around and find the things and the list. It gives them a chance to explore their new classroom a little bit and see where things are. This activity has gone over really well with my past students and families.

I put a row of boxes or bins in one area of the classroom— usually where the least traffic will be. Pre-sorting helps you 1.

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I also have bins labeled where to turn in papers— that way parents can see clearly what to do with them when they are finished. Near the door— on the door or outside the door I have a class wishlist.

first grade meet the teacher ideas bilingual

Later in the school year, I add items that we are short on; pencils, Clorox wipes, Kleenex, etc. She then prompts students to read the first syllable of the word and repeat it.

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Next, Ryan asks her students to read the last syllable of the word and repeat, before saying the first syllable and the last syllable together. As they read the whole world aloud, they put the magnets back together, too. When students are done working with the magnetic letters, encourage them to write the syllables separately and then write the entire word, sounding out each syllable as they do.

first grade meet the teacher ideas bilingual

To extend the activity, repeat with three-syllable words, or words with more complicated structures, like closed or blended syllables. Chart paper, markers, pencils, paper, hat What to Do: When taken literally, idioms can paint quite the silly picture. They can also be a wonderful way to reinforce bilingual literacy skills, as well as discuss shades of meaning.

Begin the lesson by reading the book More Parts, by Tedd Arnold.

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On chart paper, list a few idioms from the book as well as a few personal favorites, in both English and a second language. Ask your students to decipher the idioms word for word before explaining what each phrase means.

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To extend the activity: As a class, research four additional idioms in English and a second language. Then, prepare to play Pictionary!

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Before the next class, record all of the idioms you discussed in both languages on small pieces of paper, fold each one in half, and place them all in a hat. Set up chart paper and markers at the front of the classroom, and ask a volunteer to come up and choose an idiom out of the hat.

first grade meet the teacher ideas bilingual

While your volunteer is drawing his or her idiom, encourage students to raise their hands and make guesses. The student who guesses correctly gets a chance to pick the next one.