Dolan stearns meet the lurkers party

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dolan stearns meet the lurkers party

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Finally, a main reason for the now again increasing popularity of the Diner is that many of the other bloggers who treat collapse issues have tapered off in how much and how often they will write. If you're not a newbie though, writing and rewriting the concepts you focus on can be tiresome after a while. I fight this battle against burnout by examining the newz and looking for new insights and changes in the dynamic, which are always occuring even if the underlying principles of collapse don't change all that much.

The fact fewer bloggers are writing now also means I don't Cross Post as much as I used to from other bloggers, but that turns out not to be such a bad thing. Fact is, people who read the Diner also read the blogs of the other people I cross post. I cross post to keep the blog fresh each day for newbies, but for long term Kollapsniks they don't come to the Diner to read those blogs, they read them when they originally were published on that blogger's website.

Cross Posting less means I post more Original Diner Material, which apparently is what the readers want. Of course, producing enough original material up to the High Standards of the Diner for every day publication is somewhat difficult. All in all, it was a good year for the Diner moving through Collapse.

Hell, at least we are still up and running, right? Hashing out the issues with others is really the best way to get further insights, in fact for myself the reason it took me so long to start a blog was because I like dialogue and argument more than I like expository prose writing, although I can do that most certainly, at great length too!

Argue the quality all you want, but in word count this is no contest at all! The most important thing is to get the MESSAGE out to people that this style of living we have grown up with just is not destined to last all that much longer.

Mike Abarta "Meet The Lurkers"

On a personal level as regular Diners know I struggle with deteriorating health issues resulting from my spinal injury, and struggle as well with getting the Title to the Entitlements I was promised when I set out working for 40 years inside the Industrial Economy. I won some of the battles so far, but the War goes on here on this still.

I didn't end up as a Homeless Cripple Freezing to Death on the Streets of Palmer, Alaska as was my fear for the first 7 months of this adventure in my life, at least not yet anyhow.

On the upside to it, I did get some time in "Retirement", about a year and a half now so far, and I really like retirement.

I got no tests to study for in school and no traffic or stinky subways to ride on to get to work or school.

dolan stearns meet the lurkers party

It's also most certainly NOT a "cult"since most of the time nobody agrees with me! As of now, looks like it will be a watershed year in the World of Collapse. It boggles my mind that people are so foolish as to buy any of the nonsense he spouted out through the campaign. He's also obviously going to give away the store to fellow plutocrats and. Jamie Dimon and Carl Icahn are his economic advisors here for crying out loud!

He's going to shrink the Military? Are you fucking NUTS?

dolan stearns meet the lurkers party

He's already appointed 3 Generals to his cabinet, one of whom worked for General Dynamics after leaving the military! He's up for a new Nuclear Arms Race! This is "draining the swamp"? More like "swimming in the swamp". Precisely where and how the Itie Goobermint will get the money to do this bailout remains unclear at the moment. Then after the Italian banks, you got the German ones like the Big Kahuna, Deutchbank, also not looking too good on the balance sheet.

However, you tend to suspect that the Goldman-Sachs cavalry will somehow ride in to the Rescue of these Zombies one more time.

dolan stearns meet the lurkers party

After that are all the "Populist" aka Neo-Nazi Right Wing reactionary parties that have cropped up in Eurotrashland and further elections are sure to result in Goobermints which cannot effectively Goobern anyone.

At least half the population totally despises Da Goobermint even before they actually take office! Like the molester of young males in the sixteenth century, Pope Julius II like Pope Julius III and othersRatzinger believed the Roman Catholic Church was above all civil laws and the Roman Catholic Church should rule over all nations in the same draconian fashion as the religious stranglehold of Christianity has on the government of Uganda.

John Bonny bishop of Antwerp, Belgium The rebellion is growing in the Roman Catholic Church, to the dismay of the German pope, with Bishop Johan Bonny of Antwerp, Belgium, who was elevated to the position of being the 22nd bishop in the wake of revelation of sexual abuse by a bishop, openly announcing that he would be ready to ordain married men, believing that non-celibate clerics could contribute to the pastoral needs of the Church.

dolan stearns meet the lurkers party

Other supporters included the unsaintly Jesusmaria Escriva, who in Aprilpreached to Franco and his family, and from the fascist dictatorship built the basic foundation of Opus Dei Allen, John L. Blessing of Franco by the Roman Catholic Church Opus Dei, following the design of Francois a paramilitary, pro-fascist, antimodernist, integralist reactionary organization that does not tolerate dissent—and became a trump card for reactionary popes through the twisted times of John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

Shark and Shepherd: Semi-obligatory comments on the local Blog Summit

At the same time, under the direction of Ratzinger, the Vatican used its official UN observer status to team up with Islamic theocracies like Iran where Ratzinger was represented by Msgr. Roger Vangheluwe, Bishop of Brugge Roman Catholic clergy and bedecked bishops in white lace flounces over flowing dresses of crimson, in the midth century appointed a special papal commission to study whether Catholicism should permit the use of birth control.

dolan stearns meet the lurkers party

In they published Human Sexuality: New Directions in American Catholic Thought—not a woman of the general laity was involved, consulted, or considered.

The men, none of whom could become pregnant even after being raped, held the final card by claiming spiritual authority found nowhere in the Bible, yet as a few wags wrote: When the commission almost unanimously recommended that women should be allowed contraceptives, the church led by Ratzinger ignored the recommendation and doubled down on their absolute ban on contraception.

The Roman Catholic hierarchy has long preferred the death of a pregnant woman, impregnated even by rape or incest, over the removal of dead, deformed or damaging fetal tissue that can cost the woman her life.

Tampa Am 2012 Photos

Brasilian cardinal Cardosa Sobrinho in political cartoon. No charges, ecclesiastical or secular were filed against the father, although the mother was reprimanded for not having sufficient control over her daughter. Cordoso Sobrinho excommunicates doctors and families who tolerate necessity of an abortion. Temporao declared that doctors were required to put law before religion, a statement that the majority of Brasil agreed with, since, on the average, women die each year because of the lack of professional abortion providers and follow-up examinations.

One of the doctors involved in the procedure, Dr.

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As the clerical clown crowed, there was never a human right that he regarded or respected. The theological troglodyte retired on July 1, ; even the President of Brasil declaring that the prelate pushed beyond the borders of fairness and mercy with his senseless multiple excommunications.

Dolan Stearns

The Roman Catholic episcopacy in Ireland is as savage and senseless as Cardoso Sobrinho in sanctioning the unnecessary deaths of women who cannot successfully or willingly give birth to products of rape, incest, and malformation. A majority of Roman Catholic priests and prelates refused to provide contraception or abortion to women who were abducted and forced to work as prostitutes.

Roman Catholic clergy have even gone as far as filing a frivolous lawsuit—that they lost—complaining that contraceptives were violating their religious freedom in telling women how they could control and manage their reproductive rights and bodies when the government took away their contract.

It is worse in Poland, the land of Polish extremism where hoodlums run free in the streets to deny individual rights of choice with praise from pastors to priests in their stand against what they see as corruption. It was the Roman Catholic Church that was the major source of the pressure on the Komen Foundation that led to its disastrous decision to cut ties with Planned Parenthoodwith many claiming that the Komen Foundation was a front for the Roman Catholic Church.

As Reuters news agency noted: The veil of secrecy that shrouded the fund-raiser was removed. Being a covert hand of the Roman Catholic Church, Komen within a few days reversed itself and withdrew its financial support of Planned Parenthood.

Book Burning | Arthur Frederick Ide's Blog

Forever the Grand Inquisitor, worse than that defined by Dostoevsky in his Brothers Karamazov, Benedict XVI feels he has a god-given right to interfere in politics in all nations.

Through the frigid mask of the Roman Catholic bishops of the USA, the Roman Catholic Church announced an inquisition into the Girl Scouts to get to the bottom of its association with morally suspect groups like Doctors without Borders and Oxfam.

The vile arm of the Roman Catholic Church is investigating the Girl Scouts because of the Girl Scouts alleged support for reproductive rights and freedom of choice for women. The organization represents approximately 80 percent of American nuns, and can be sanctioned since they are a Roman Catholic organization. The malevolent Vatican has bared its fangs frantically against Doctors without Borders because the administer medicine not ministry and offer equal care to all people.

The Roman Catholic hierarchy harangues the group because it not only supports the right of a woman to elect an abortion but states its willingness to offer therapeutic abortions without cost to the poor of the world.

Oxfam was denigrated by the Roman Catholic episcopacy and Ratzinger because it offers food to women who had abortions. Yet the Roman Catholic Church gets over a billion Euros in property tax exemption to spread its hate and deny human rights worldwide.