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design company meet the team image

Meet the team pages are a great way for any business to showcase its talent and The curious, odd picture carries to others the similar effect that you are trying to build with As long as the team matters, design matters too. Daniel Harmon is Vice President of Higher Images, Inc. In this role, he is instrumental in leading, guiding, directing and evaluating the company's overall vision. Looking for some inspiration for your Meet the Team page? Posted in Website Design, and Company Culture. We section our staff off into teams and include a photo and personal description of each member, as well as.

Our clients also win awards for the work we do for them. This pleases us, but we believe, however nice awards may be, creating and sustaining results for our clients is even better!

Coburg Banks

We also have other members of our team — our freelancers. In fact, we wouldn't be able to produce the quality, or quantity, of work we do without our extensive network of talented freelance writers, designers, programmers and developers, actors, musicians, video post production specialists and others. Honestly, we feel fortunate in that we have found the best of the best to work with us on projects and consider each one a valuable and esteemed member of the Imagemakers team.

design company meet the team image

And by using the talent and expertise available from our freelancers we are able to create the perfect team to help us meet the individual needs of our clients, no matter what those needs may be. He has always drawn and painted and has also always dreamed of running his own business. That dream came to fruition when he began Imagemakers in It was incorporated in and has been helping clients' dreams come true ever since.

Dan started working as a graphic designer in his hometown of Kansas City in and started writing software in In between he has worked with studio photography, a newspaper, web development and film production.

The best part of his job is seeing the positive effects Imagemakers' work has on the people and the clients it serves. He has helped launch successful new businesses, created websites that get over two million visits a year and has also won national awards and recognition for design, commercials and website creation.

But, although awards and professional recognition are nice, Dan believes the best measure of his success comes from the success of Imagemakers' clients. When not traveling or enjoying good food Dan can be found at the helm of Imagemakers where he has created a true team environment. One place you won't find Dan is out front, patting himself on the back and talking about his achievements.

I did — can you see who stands out? Once you click on them, you can read more of their responsibilities and what they like to do in their free time. Especially when you scroll it down through all the employees — it just looks cool!

9 Brilliant “Meet the Team” Pages You've Got to See

For example we have: The one category that stole my heart is Dogs: There are 12 dogs with names, pictures and the description like: They seem super agreed. If you want to see their full potential, go to their website and play a little with the cursor. Also, I like how one person stands out from the crowd when you hover the cursor over them. What I miss though is some sort of information about employees.

Etch — glorify each teammember I like the description and the design of this team page.

design company meet the team image

First you have a short description: When you click on a person, you go to a nicely designed website with personal photographs, private pictures and favourite quotes. Cloud Horizon — who you wanted to be as a child? This is one nostalgic team page. First, we have a short history of a company and right beneath we have something that seems normal at first: But when you hover the cursor over a picture, you can see the pictures reveal the past — and suddenly everything is clear. For example we have a Creative Director who wanted to be a Ghostbuster.

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Or a Chief Technology Officer who wanted to be a cowboy. Etsy — show yourself It takes a lot of people to build such a resilient platform like Etsy.

design company meet the team image

They make you feel anonymous. But being on a team page is good for employee motivation and for the brand itself. Yes I could be lacking objectivity. But check it out for yourself. On our team page we show the people behind LiveChat and their passions. You may also wonder why our CEO is at the bottom of the page and support is on the top.