Victorious beck and jade meet

Firsts Chapter 1: First Time They Met, a victorious fanfic | FanFiction

victorious beck and jade meet

K This story is all about Beck and Jade throughout Victorious. With a few added and changed moments:) enjoy!!! bade. jadewest. wattys +4 more. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. My take on how Jade and Beck meet. Basically, Jade is new to the school, becomes friends with Cat, and yeah. This might end up including.

I needed to do something! Look-staff, who is this your girlfriend, Cat? Jade-I am, and you better get out of my way now or will be sorry! He raised his hands in the form of surrender.

victorious beck and jade meet

Looks like you're in luck today Robbie. I had not called me that was still well! Cat pulled me to her in a hug.

Well, it seems that now you have to turn to if The bell rang and we all went to the room, oh no Beck and his friends were right behind us. My friends were talking about Jade and how she's hot. We arrived at the room Sikowitz. Cat sat in place last year and Jade in a far from everyone.

Just had an empty chair beside her I will not let this chance go. I went and sat down. She looked at me confused. Everything was fine until Cat decided to appear. Stop messing with it! Cat-It, will sit and let Jade in my hands. I would respond, but when Sikowitz was entered.

Well, it seems we have a new student this year! Jadellyn West, is welcome. Jade rolled her eyes. At lunchtime when I went to buy a burrito, I saw Jade and Cat in the queue.

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Of course I was talking to them. Jadey-is that you do not know what he does with the girls. Stay away from this idiot is the best thing you can do. You do not know anything redhead! Okay, maybe I've slept with all the girls of HA. She was actually kind of a relief to be around compared to the rest of her family, who were boring. She really didn't care who this guy was. I met him today. He came here for acting! But you can never talk to him because a bunch of girls crowd around him. This boy was obviously a hot player dude.

Jade already knew she wouldn't like him. He'd probably be as big as a douche bag as every other guy she'd seen so far. I came here for music.

Jade meets Beck Chapter 1, a victorious fanfic | FanFiction

Music is my passion. Maybe she would be nice to him, but not too nice. And this is my friend Jade! Cat looked like she was about to cry. Jade's eyes widened as she quickly corrected herself. Jade rolled her eyes. Jade sings, acts, and writes scripts! Jade glared at her but a small smirk appeared at the corner of her mouth opposite from her new "friend".

Andre smirked as well. Do you like giraffes? Jade laughed at the wild look on Andre's face. Then something caught Andre's eye and he yelled out. The exact opposite of Jade. The guy smiled, waved at Andre and started heading towards them. Jade carefully watched him come over. She couldn't stop watching the guy, and she didn't know why.

Jade groaned, she didn't feel like dealing with another player today. Cat told me about him. Beck's actually really nice. He isn't a player. She would never admit it, but he was really hot. Beck smirked and said, "Hello Cat. Jade rolled her eyes and turned around in her seat towards the seat. Beck raised an eyebrow but didn't look mad. He actually was pretty intrigued by the girl. He sat down next to Andre and watched the girl.

She sat incredibly still in her chair and stared at the stage as if it was about to start talking. And I write scripts. Jade blinked but didn't move. Beck noticed Jade's hair was chestnut brown, and it curled at the bottom. She had one purple streak on the right side of her head and had a piece of her hair clipped back. Welcome to Hollywood Arts…" Jade listened with one ear and listened to Beck and Andre's conversation with the other.

Then he finished his sentence.

victorious beck and jade meet