Tidus and yuna relationship quiz

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tidus and yuna relationship quiz

Depending on your choices, you will either be Tidus, Yuna, Seymour, Wakka, Rikku This stapelholm.info Final Fantasy selector, a free online personality quiz, is a others, would you stop them, even if it meant the end of your relationship?. In this Final Fantasy game, Tidus lives in the fictional world of Zanarkand where he's from his father, he carries some emotional baggage from their flawed relationship. One of Yuna's unique features is that her ear eyes are different colors. While Tidus, or whatever name was bestowed on him, was the player's vessel to this In fact, Yuna is the victim of stolen identity in Final Fantasy X-2's opening cinematic. The connection between the floral species and the heroine don't end there, though. .. The Most Entertaining Quiz Site In The World.

The Gunner outfit, which is also Yuna's default costume in game, utilizes dual pistols called the Twin Bees. It must be frustrating to wield pistols in a turn based RPG, though. Why do they have to wait so long if they can just fire at targets from a distance? Elements that don't immediately appear to have significance usually do have some meaning behind them. Names, for instance, are carefully chosen to represent a personality or a theme. Yuna's name was picked because of its resemblance to the Okinawan word for "night.

The story is so focused on the two characters developing a relationship and eventual love for each other, so it makes sense that their names would also be connected. This is, off course, assuming that the player kept Tidus' name "Tidus" and didn't change it to something immature like "pickle. The majority of the game involves the party protecting Yuna while she prays at all of the temples to gain the ability to summon Aeons.

In the cinematic, she appears out of breath and barely able to stand on her own two feet.

Final Fantasy: 20 Strange Details About Yuna's Anatomy

The idea of summoning is cool, but there is a reason why not everybody does it. Becoming a summoner requires focus and discipline beyond what most humans have. Not only does the game open with the Dressphere being used to perform a concert, but it also contains a long dormant secret. Inside the artifact is the sleeping soul of a woman who passed away over a thousand years ago. The woman in question was named Lenne, and she was gunned down along with the love of her life, Shuyin.

This revelation plays a huge part in the plot, as her passing is the impetus for Shuyin's thirst for vengeance against Spira. As classic lost love revenge tales often resolve, the last thing Lenne wanted was for her soulmate to be consumed by vindictive behavior. It's like a dog without a bone, a video game console without a controller, or a Bond movie without rampant misogyny.

As expected with most magic users, Yuna has a trademark staff of her very own. The weapon is instantly recognizable, but carries the ordinary name of Summoner's Staff. It's real life inspiration comes from Khakkhara, an ancient staff associated with Buddhists. Khakkhara is also adorned with bells, which are meant to warn small animals away from one's footsteps.

It's understandable for a summoner, whose secondary specialty is white magic, to wield a weapon influenced by pacifistic ideas.

However, that's not to say that the Khakkhara won't leave a mark if someone was smacked with it hard enough. Magic and summoning were nothing new, but never had they been directly tied to a belief system, particularly one that is key to the story.

While Yuna herself may not be the messiah, a Basilisk Lizard, or Robocop, she does occasionally possess the ability to walk on water.

The scene is beautifully done, and the water walking adds enchantment to an already mystical tradition. It also makes for a neat trick to break out at parties. Sure, one can see a title take cues and elements from other games of its ilk, but it is more interesting to see when the inspiration comes from an entirely different genre.

Yoshinori Kitase recently revealed that Yuna's Final Fantasy X-2 outfit was heavily influenced by another iconic gaming heroine: With the dual wielding pistols and shorts, the evidence of the inspiration is clear. There is nothing inherently wrong with the relationship, but the art style makes both of them look very young. Usually, childhood romances are taken less seriously than adult relationships.

If one can look past the design, what lies beneath is actually a compelling RPG. When Rinoa is first introduced, he treats her much the same.

However, the two eventually learn more and grow fond of one another. This developing relationship is at the center of the game's story and is what really makes it so memorable to those who played it.

Of course, the game play is no slouch either, but the whole experience would not stand the test of time if it was not for Squall and Rinoa's relationship.


Additionally, no one can ever forget "Eyes On Me". Penelo and Vaan's relationship is one of the weaker aspects of the plot. While not romantically entangled, the two have forever been close childhood friends. It is not upsetting that they never take their relationship further, as woman and men can be just friends without any tension, but nothing happens in the game that truly tests the strength of their bond.


While he is initially weaker in the latter form, it is an important step in the game's story. His relationship to Rosa makes him even more interesting. Their love for each other is never in question, but it does cause tension between Cecil and his friend Kain, who also loves Rosa.

His jealousy is a source of pain for Kain, who must learn to overcome his negative emotions. Yuna And Seymour Final Fantasy X When a loveless marriage is initiated for purely political reasons, it becomes too hard to bear.

tidus and yuna relationship quiz

The brief matrimony between Yuna and Seymour is one of these relationships. The Summoner agrees to marry the half Guado and half Human because she believes it will help bring unification to the world of Spira.

As one can tell by Seymour's sinister voice and demeanor, he has shadier plans at work. Seymour wishes to use Yuna to become Sin and destroy the world.

tidus and yuna relationship quiz

Thankfully, Yuna's guardians arrive just in time to save their friend and continue their journey to defeat Sin and save their planet. Player's everywhere were relieved when she was reunited with her true love, Tidus. Locke And Celes Final Fantasy VI With the massive party given to players in the sixth installment, it would be difficult for any of them to stand out among the rest.

However, Locke and Celes manage to stay in the player's heart long after the credits roll due to their tragic backstories and their ensuing relationship. By the start of the game, Locke has lost the love of his life and is desperate to bring her back to life. Celes is initially a general for the empire, but turns her back on them after facing execution. Despite their differences, they form a bond with each other through the course of the game, even surviving a small bout of distrust when Kefka, the main villain, tries to convince the party that Celes is still a double agent.

Vivi and Quina Thankfully, some of the relationships in the series are a farce and initiated in order for the characters to achieve a certain goal.

They can even be entirely optional too. Vivi, for example, would be eternally grateful to players who opted not to join him to Quina in holy matrimony. The wedding only occurs if players do it in order to access a certain sanctuary. Quina is not central to the game's plot and simply along for the ride to fulfill her own personal goals, and Vivi is a mysterious man made black mage.