Sonu kakkar and neha relationship questions

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sonu kakkar and neha relationship questions

Follow Raz Dreamworld Sonu Kakkar, Neha Kakkar, She Song, Bollywood . Neha Kakkar at Marriage function in Udaipur Neha Kakkar, Official Account, .. Neha Kakkar - Health Problem Neha Kakkar, Official Account, Health Problems. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. She has a sister, Sonu Kakkar, who is also a singer and a brother, Tony Kakkar, who is a music Neha Kakkar was in a relationship with the actor, Himansh Kohli. Indian Shakira and Rockstar, Neha Kakkar is one of the top listed Her Father Used To Sell Samosas Outside Sonu Kakkar's College she has been rumored to be in a relationship with Anshul Garg, Meiyang Hot Topics.

Their lesser known but equally prodigiously talented younger siblings - Usha, Meena and composer Hridaynath have left their stamp on the music scene too, ensuring the Mangeshkars' rightful claim to being the first family of Indian music. Ajay-Atul The lack of a professional training background never deterred these Pune brothers, who have risen from the Marathi music scene to make their mark in Bollywood as well in the past decade.

After contributing matchless numbers to Marathi films, the Gogavale brothers composed for Bollywood films like AgneepathPKSingham They were in the Forbes Indian celebrity list ofsecuring a position of 82 among the top That was Sonu whose voice made the song immortal.

Now, sister Neha, who is following in the footsteps of her elder sister is another sassy singer with a distinct voice. They also have a brother Tony Kakkar who composes music. Amaal Mallik-Armaan Malik The fresh talents of Bollywood have the brightest future among them all, it seems right now. Their music is directing Bollywood towards the romantic era of the s. Both are now busy with a myriad Bollywood projects. With back-to-back hits, Meet-bros are in demand.

They are now set to woo more hearts with their scores for 'Baaghi' and 'Shimla Mirch. Since then they have not looked back.

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Despite having sung for so many years, you seemed so excited when your song Dildara from Tamanchey was released and appreciated. I actually felt exactly the same way I felt in when my first song released.

I would sit close to the radio set and would record on the cassette and that happened to me last week again when back-to-back my three songs came. I realised that it was such a nice thing that I had not lost that child in me. I was happy in a way to meet the Sonu of For a long time, when you have everything going smooth, you stop getting that feeling.

But I got to meet the same Sonu who was excited about being praised as I was then, on getting a song. It was lovely seeing everyone praising me and talking about my songs, as if I was the new voice in town. Sonu Nigam replaces Arijit Singh in Ganapa There is a complete change in the voices singing songs today. Does that make you feel insecure? By the grace of God, my head and feet have always been on the ground and remain so.

sonu kakkar and neha relationship questions

I felt the same way listening to my songs last week. I never felt arrogant. I practise on everything and have no qualms about admitting it.

I have known you for many years and can comfortably vouch for your being a principled man. You love to take stands, right? I sometimes feel that I am too correct to be in this industry. I have always been vocal about the correct things in life, be it my view on marriage, Pakistani singers performing in India, my stand on copyrights and contracts and an artistic stand of singing live in shows.

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Talk about each of them? There was always a lot of hue and cry about allowing Pakistani singers in India. My view was always, why not? I have never endorsed that thought and have openly said that tomorrow if I was to go to the US to perform and what if they were to say that Indians are not allowed to perform there, how would I feel? When it comes to marriage, I feel marriage is now a dated institution.

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It was made to suit a particular social era. Marriage creates so much familiarity that familiarity breeds contempt.

sonu kakkar and neha relationship questions

Till the time, people are loving and courting each other, it is great fun as there is insecurity and you know that if you behave badly, the other person will leave you. But once you own that person as a wife or husband, you stop doing those little things you did for that person before and that is the crux of a relationship. This is my first experience too. If you get a couple of chances, then you can say that, now I know. Basically, marriage needs to be tweaked. Marriage needs to be time-bound.

sonu kakkar and neha relationship questions

For instance, if marriage was to be for two years, then for the first six months you will make love and go crazy. After some time, your love will go down but then you will remember only six months are remaining, she is going to leave me, and then if you like each other, you will do the best for that person to look after her.

So, you will take care of each other.

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Jab tak insaan ko chootne ka dar nahi hotauski kadar nahi hoti. I have recently also taken a new artistic stand, where I have requested organisers who make me perform at award functions that they should please make me sing only live as against lip sync.

There are many shows when other singers have done lip syncing, whereas I have sung live and I like it that way for myself. On the subject of copyright and contracts, the music companies and all the associations have reached a consensus.

Mutually, they are now benefitting each other. I was never ever taking a stand alone.