Shirou and archer relationship

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shirou and archer relationship

Comparing to Shirou, Archer has white hair, gray eyes and tanned skin colour. . After the two of them confirm their relationship as Master and Servant, Archer. Shirou quickly develops a rivalry with Archer after their first meeting, and is shown to be jealous of Archer's relationship with Rin in the Unlimited Blade Works. The Emiya Shirou that became Archer isn't the same kind of hero that . And perhaps it's sure Archer formed an even closer relationship with.

How did Shirou become Archer?!

Rin was only using it as backup if she would lack mana so the summoning would be perfect, that is why she could summon only Heroic Spirit Emiya. He wasn't happy that he became Hero of Justice He was going berserk, killing thousand people to save one So good thing happened to him.

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He became Heroic Spirit and he was summoned in the same time where his young self was living. So he made his mind up, that he will try doing anything to stop present Emiya Shiro becoming Hero of Justice. That is why he was arrogant and negative about Shiros ideal and his way of thinking.

shirou and archer relationship

He was having doubts in whole anime if he should just kill himself, but he was wounded by Saber and was weak so he didn't try doing something stupid that could end up getting himself killed by Saber, so he in truce remained calm and watched Shiro from distance and tried to make him realise throw words.

That is why he when he saw Shiro how he cared about Saber's life only, his beloved girl, but mostly because he wanted that his dear Rin lives. So he couldn't care less by being bait.

shirou and archer relationship

His wish was only to kill himself, but he had good feeling that he wont become like himself. Shiro dropped his ideal and was only saving those that could be saved In the end when Shiro said that he will always remember in his heart that he loved person named Saber. In that key moment we could see that he dropped his ideal for his loved one, that he will pursuit her till the end of the world just to be with her, even that he knew that isn't possible.

Archer is Shirou who came from a parallel universe and from the future. He lived his life almost like Shirou did but unfortunately he never got close to Saber, Rin or Sakura. He continued to believe his believings and that eventually saved many by killing many and thus when he realised it he became bitter. Also the people he saved eventually betrayed him and that lead to his destruction.

I hate to say it, but when Rin took Shirou to Glastonbury, I was kinda hoping that Saber would show up, even if just in a form only Shirou could see. Anyway, during the flashback to where we could see Rin and Shirou a month after the Holy Grail War, I laughed at how Rin let Issei know that she and Shirou were dating. Also in the flashback, we got to see Sakura visiting that bastard, Shinji.

I did like that dirty look she gave him when he initially gave her attitude about being fed cutely cut apple pieces. Her appearance was completely unexpected, but totally welcome. In fact, I may have made an audible noise when she showed up and Rin attempted to punch her. There, she has more of a cliched, haughty, ojousama look.

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And then there was the battle between Luvia and Rin. Angelica then belittles her opponent, labelling Shirou's power as a "trick". Angelica quickly retaliates wi Shirou's Unlimited Blade Works. Angelica summons shields from the Gate to guard against her opponent's offense but Shirou smashes through the shields with his own giant sword.

Archer (Fate/stay night)

With his foe rendered defenseless Shirou goes in for the kill. Shirou misses, as Angelica defends with Flash Air, and is subsequently teleported high above the ground, echoing what Julian did earlier. Ea is activated, unleashing Enuma Elish, and the full might of Shirou and Angelica's powers collide. As Tanaka notices that someone has been imprisoned, they first believe it to be Miyu until they heard his voice.