Ryuko and mako relationship trust

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ryuko and mako relationship trust

After Ryūko saved Mako, who was being barraged by countless tennis balls, .. of Revocs Corporation and a trusted ally of Satsuki's mother Ragyō Kiryūin. . Ragyō claims that as irrefutable proof of their relationship, claiming that such a. Ryuko x Mako: Illogical, Nonsensical Dedication . are most certainly not (as we see in healthy queer relationships like Ryuko and Mako). .. Ryuko and Senketsu have a great amount of trust—they have to to work so well in. Fact 3: The fact that Mako trusts her so much is very important to Ryuko, given her history of solitude. She was sent off to boarding school by her.

Kill la Kill Mako Asks Ryuko Out On A Date (English Dub)

Ryuko didn't mind carrying Mako on piggyback as she climbed up the winding stairs to the Student Council Presiden's chambers. She knew Mako wouldn't be tired in the slightest if she walked alongside her, but Ryuko wanted to make sure that Mako was completely comfortable and relaxed.

Besides, the girl was light as a feather and just as soft. Mako's petite body was soft and warm, and she even smelled nice. Plus, Ryuko thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of her best friend embracing her while Ryuko carried her. Even Senketsu made a cheeky little remark on the matter, noting how Ryuko's blood was getting hotter and her heartbeat picked up. What was that, Ryuko-chan? Nothing at all, really…just talkin' to Senketsu…" Well, that wasn't a lie.

The Relationship Between Ryuko and Senketsu

The girl giggled at Ryuko's gentleness and held the black-and-red haired girl's hand as she valiantly, just like that, stepped up to the massive door to Satsuki's office and knocked on it three times.

The door slowly and eerily opened on its own, and the two girls were momentarily blinded by the intense sunlight coming in from the enormous window on the other end of the chamber. After Ryuko and Mako's eyes got used to the lighting, they saw Satsuki beckoning them further into the room via a simple hand gesture from her seat on an elaborate, tall-backed chair which not surprisingly was turned back to them, obscuring Satsuki from their line of sight.

Mako simply stepped forth without a care in the world yet with a clear evidence of respect and awe for Satsuki, while Ryuko simply rolled her eyes and muttered "show-off" under her breath as she stepped up, hands in her skirt pockets.

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Ryuko grinned, shaking her head in mild dismay. Satsuki's chair spun around and she stood up, gently setting her trusty Bakuzan up against the arm of her chair as she rose to her feet. Mako simply stood there with Ryuko just barely one step behind her, squeezing and wrinkling the insides of Senketsu's pockets as Satsuki stepped up to her friend, Senketsu urging Ryuko to calm down.

Plus Ryuko wrinkling her pockets sort of hurt Mako didn't flinch nor shy away from Satsuki's presence as the taller girl stood before her, almost towering over the brown-haired girl. The petite girl looked just a bit surprised at the sudden caress…yet quickly began to smile. You see, she and I are-" "You're sisters?

ryuko and mako relationship trust

Oh, I totally knew that, plus you girls are totally in love with each and other you two make love like, every day and-Eh? Then, Ryuko burst into girlish giggles that not even Satsuki herself had ever heard from her little sister while the older sister herself simply limited her reaction to shaking her head in dismay and gently patting Mako, gently ruffling her bowl-cut, silky brown locks. And here I was worried sick! Satsuki smiled before gently embracing Mako, the girl smiling and returning the hug in kind.

It wasn't hard to figure out anyhow! The sisters shared a look as well as a quick nod after their eyes met. We'll tell you everything. It may be a bit much to take in, but…" Ryuko began, approaching Mako to wrap her own arms around the petite brunette's shoulders, embracing her gently, sharing her warmth with her best friend other than her big sister.

Blue gazed into honey-brown with care and affection alike. Mako's response to that was a gentle, quick flutter of a kiss on her best friend's soft, warm lips. The two smiled as they broke the kiss and Mako turned to Satsuki with the smile intact. I'll be with you girls every step of the way! You can count on me! Satsuki chuckled and approached the hugging, affectionate friends and joined in, wrapping her arms around both Mako and Ryuko, leaning in to kiss the brunette's forehead softly.

She was in, and she would follow, be there for them, every step of the way. So, please, don't ask me to make more chapters or another sequel or anything. These both involve Mako grabbing onto Ryuko without her consent and forcing Ryuko to take her along by acting cutely stubborn. This is all very long, and negative, so let me take a moment to explain why this is so important to me.

I was in a relationship once with a man—a boy, really—who treated me similarly to how Mako does to Ryuko. After I broke it off with him, I truly realized how much respect matters in relationships.

ryuko and mako relationship trust

He showered me with gifts, adored me as though I was a perfect goddess, but he never respected me, my space, or my time. Seeing Mako treat Ryuko in similar ways and have it be hailed as healthy is something I find so absolutely damaging. To have queer girls—or anyone! The two care deeply for one another, and by the end, I think their relationship has a lot of potential to become romantic one day as Ryuko learns to trust and respect Mako, and as Mako learns to respect Ryuko and her desires.

As mentioned, this is not a romance. However, many fans seem to desire that, so it is up to the fans to create that.

Queer la Queer: From Illogical Dedication to Misappropriation

Ryuko and Senketsu have a great amount of trust—they have to to work so well in battle together—and they also deeply respect one another, always quick to defend the other, and actively communicating their fears and thoughts and concerns. In the OVA, she compares the two of them to soulmates. Largely, it works as foreshadowing. Regardless, however, Senketsu plays a critical role here, which Ryuko explicitly states in the following episode when she proclaims that both Senketsu and Mako are more than friends to her.

This is such an interesting moment, because in your standard shounen fare, this would undoubtedly be a love confession. But Ryuko and Senketsu? The whole series features their development, and both the OVA and episode 24 end with a focus on their relationship.

Their relationship is so incredibly crucial, heartfelt, compelling… and also so incredibly ignored.