Rebecca de alba and ricky martin relationship

List of Husbands, Girlfriends and Ex-Boyfriends Ricky Martin Has Dated

rebecca de alba and ricky martin relationship

About a month ago, Rebecca De Alba took to Twitter to bash Ricky Martin interview from last year in which she calls Ricky “her ex-girlfriend”. Ricky Martin has admitted he'd be "open to having sex" with a woman - but he could only take it further Martin was in an on-off relationship with Mexican TV host Rebecca de Alba for more than 14 years and afterwards he. Remember when earlier this year Ricky Martin told the world he was gay and The only three relationships he acknowledges in the book — with two He doesn't give names, but it's easy to recognize Rebecca de Alba in the.

rebecca de alba and ricky martin relationship

He is of Puerto Rican descent and began his career at Ricky has gone on to become a global sensation, selling several million copies of his albums and songs. He has been lauded as a forerunner who helped bring Latin pop to the shores of the United States.

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His parents were career folks as his mother, Nereida Morales was an accountant and his father Enrique Martin Negroni, a psychologist. His full birth name is Enrique Jose Martin Morales and he is the second youngest among his siblings.

rebecca de alba and ricky martin relationship

Martin moved to New York not long after turning 18 but a couple of months later, he moved to Mexico City where he achieved modest fame. He was cast in the Mexican telenovela Alcanzar Una Estrella.

rebecca de alba and ricky martin relationship

Beyond this, he released his debut album, Ricky Martin in November Since then, it has been a story of success in his career alongside inevitable challenges. There was an instance a journalist asked him to comment on his sexual orientation. On March 29,he finally came out to disclose he was gay.

Rebeca de Alba sabía de homosexualidad de Ricky Martin

Before this, Ricky had dated some very pretty women, here is a list of the ladies he charmed. Oct 14, at Since his attractiveness and his single life made him even more famous at that time, the clause prevented him from speaking openly about his love. However, this news was given years after the separation, which probably would have broken in a short time, considering the news that Ricky gave in Oct 5, at 4: In fact, in their period as a couple, they had plans to reach the altar and get married, which never happened.

The news of the separation of one of the favorite couples of those times shocked the world and achieved the attention of all media who were following them months and even years.

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Follow us to know more about this To read about his life after the breakup, go to the NEXT page! At the time that Martin had his relationship with Rebecca, he could have affected his image with the story like the one he was going to reveal years later and probably for this reason, he decided to keep silent about everything.

More importantly and precisely about his homosexuality.

rebecca de alba and ricky martin relationship

However, in different interviews, he has revealed that he has loved both men and women. May 17, at