Pros and cons of having a long distance relationship

Pros and Cons of Being in a Long Distance Relationship | Her Campus

pros and cons of having a long distance relationship

PROS: 1. Everyone needs a break. Being in a long distance relationship means that you must spend time away from your partner. It is always. Should you stay in a relationship with your hometown boo? Let us help you weigh the pros and cons of being in an LDR in college!. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” This quote makes sense right? If you are away from someone, you will truly get a chance to miss them.

The Advantages of Long-Distance Relationships

If you really want to impress them, order a pizza and send it to your SO's house when you know they're home make sure to include the tip. Be Honest If you're having doubts or concerns, don't be afraid to share with your partner how you're feeling.

If you feel the relationship is too stressful, tell your partner.

pros and cons of having a long distance relationship

Do what's best for yourself, as well as your mental and physical health. The worst thing you can do is take advantage of the distance and lie.

pros and cons of having a long distance relationship

Just because they can't see it, doesn't mean you're not cheating. You're going to miss your partner's company and the loneliness can eat you up inside if you dwell on it.

pros and cons of having a long distance relationship

Focus on schoolwork, your job, family, church, knitting, Game of Thrones or whatever interests you. Having your own life keeps you from obsessing over your far-off love and keeps you from isolating yourself.

Weighing The Pros and Cons Of Long-Distance Relationships

Have Support One thing that helped me through the loneliness was having a community. It feels good to know that you and your partner are not trying to do the impossible when you see that literally thousands of others around the world are doing it too. CON Whether you're still dating your high school sweetheart from back home or you've found love with a student at another college, long-distance relationships can prove to be emotionally exhausting.

With all the stress from school, the last thing a dedicated college students need is significant others causing them more distress. Although fairy-tale couples do exist and are an exception to my claim, I still believe one should think twice before having a long distance relationship in college.

Long Distance Relationship: Pros and Cons

Jealousy Issues With so many forms of electronic communication, it can be hard to escape the clutch of your lover. Being glued to your phone can get old real quick, especially if your significant other only feels secure if you are in constant communication.

Studying for exams can become very frustrating with a clingy partner, as well as just enjoying your time with friends. Here are five disadvantages of a LDR: The biggest disadvantage is the distance duh!

The Pros and Cons of a Long Distance RelationshipJoy Because Grace

By car, it usually takes about seven to eight hours to get to my house or his house. Jon has had more people say this to him than I have. Let me just say one thing about that: We have chosen to show each other our love by waiting until after marriage to be sexually active because that is what God has commanded in His word.

Jon and I started talking about ten months ago.

7 Disadvantages of Long Distance Relationships Love

We started talking marriage a few months after that, and some people kinda freaked out. Each relationship is different, and with a long distance relationship things are very different. Jon and I had to talk about some big things early on in order to make sure our effort in this relationship would be wisely spent. We had to take some great leaps in some areas that most couples would take in small steps.

Jon and I agreed to wait to have a real kiss until our wedding day. We kiss each other on the cheek or forehead though.

  • Pros and Cons of Being in a Long Distance Relationship
  • The Pros and Cons of a Long Distance Relationship

I guess it pretty much depends on the kind of personality and the way they like meeting new folks. But what about the people who already date, but for some reason cannot stay at the same location?

One person might also temporarily move to a different country or get a scholarship to study somewhere else; the reasons can be numerous and the choice whether or not to continue such relationship isn't an easy one.

pros and cons of having a long distance relationship

Making a decision to stay together in such situations might involve some challenges, but it might be rewarding as well. So, what are some of the disadvantages of distance relationship? First, you cannot see your other 'half' every time you want.

Of course, there is Skype and a webcam, but it's not the same as really seeing the person.