Olivia benson and nick amaro relationship counseling

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olivia benson and nick amaro relationship counseling

Olivia Benson: Most rape victims shut down, but not Christine. Nick Amaro: Yeah, what Nick Amaro: He thinks there's nothing wrong with the marriage that a blue box and thigh-highs can't fix. Odafin Tutuola: Easier than couples counseling. Nicholas "Nick" Amaro, most likely born in the late s to early s, is a former police He replaced Elliot Stabler as the lead male of the SVU. (SVU: " Undercover Blue") Nine years later, the relationship is brought back to light, " Psycho/Therapist" • "Amaro's One-Eighty" • "Jersey Breakdown" • "Betrayal's Climax". She turned back to the blonde detective and crouched in front of her. "Here" She said Nick Amaro sat at the bar, waiting. "Hey Stabler!" Nick.

There's also sexual chemistry between them, it's so loaded and layered. People ask me if they'll ever get together—and people want that, and sometimes I think even Olivia wants that—but I don't think that will ever happen. I'm negotiating [with him to drop the gun]. It was a painful, high-stakes scene. Elliot and I have to admit what we mean to each other He is everything that [my character] Olivia has.

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So this was where we really got that to pay off. While Stabler has yet to appear again in the series, Benson frequently mentions him in both a professional and personal context; she tells the squad's newer detectives what Stabler would do in a given situation, and says more than once that she is "getting over someone".

In the episode "Closure", Benson refers to it as a drunken one-night stand. It is implied that the relationship continued based on comments in the episode " Disrobed ".

Cassidy leaves the precinct at the end of that episode. In the season 5 episode "Lowdown", it is revealed Benson had a relationship with a murder victim who turned out to be gay and HIV positive. In the season 9 episode "Closet", the SVU squad are surprised to find out that Benson has been in a relationship with journalist Kurt Moss Bill Pullman for several months. It comes out only because Internal Affairs is investigating Benson and Stabler in a case in which the department accidentally outed a professional football player.

By the end of the episode, she breaks up with Moss. While Benson has only been portrayed in relationships with men, she has, according to lesbian entertainment website AfterEllen. We know that people are into the Alex-Olivia thing. All the codes are in there. Hargitay has said that Connick, who is a friend of hers, improved the show to a more romantic advanced stance.

I think Olivia couldn't have asked for a better companion to take her through a new stage in her life and career. In the episode "Hunting Ground", she decides to take it slow with Haden, claiming she needs time to see if their relationship will last.

That night, they end up sleeping together in her apartment. This makes her late for a case, which is frowned upon in the NYPD. In the season 14 premiere, Benson shares a kiss with Cassidy after she tells him she is not the same person from 13 years before, when they had a brief sexual relationship.

Later that season, in the episode "Undercover Blue", it is revealed that Cassidy and Benson had been seeing each other for quite some time. Their relationship hits a rough patch in the episode when Cassidy is accused of rape, which results in their relationship becoming public. The charges against Cassidy are later dropped when the SVU detectives discover that he was being set up.

In season 15, Benson stays with Cassidy as she recovers from her imprisonment by a serial rapist. A few months after she returns to work, they get a new apartment together.

They break up in the episode "Downloaded Child", however. Upon the conclusion of their joint operation, the two share drinks before Benson returns to New York.

It is suggested throughout season 17 that Benson is in a relationship with Capt. In "Manhattan Transfer", they are forced to confirm their relationship when Tucker is accused — by his own cousin, a priest — of being complicit with a sex trafficking ring that has ties to Vice and the Catholic Church. Tucker is eventually cleared, and he continues his relationship with Benson. In season 18, Tucker tries to convince Benson to retire with him, though at the conclusion of the episode "Next Chapter", Benson realizes she is not ready to do so, as being a cop is part of who she is.

Olivia Benson

As a result, Benson breaks it off with Tucker at the end of the episode "Chasing Theo". Sexual assault storylines[ edit ] In the season 9 episode "Undercover", Benson poses as an inmate in a women's prison to investigate an alleged rape by a corrections officer.

While there, the corrections officer in question, Captain Lowell Harris Johnny Messnerattacks her and attempts to force her to perform oral sex on him. Later, Benson helps convict the rapist by questioning his earlier victim about distinguishing features on his penis, prompting the victim to recall a mole on it, which Benson later explains to Warner that she had also seen.

When Warner asks Benson if she had been raped, she replies, "It was the closest I've ever come. She is attending group therapy, something she has not shared with anyone but Tutuola. In the episode "PTSD," while investigating the rape of a Marineshe is pushed against a wall while trying to break up a fight between a suspected rapist and another Marine.

She subsequently breaks up the fight by holding her weapon to the back of the suspect's head. In the season 11 episode "Perverted," Benson becomes the prime suspect in the sexual mutilation and murder of a biker gang member. As more evidence is found linking her to the crime, an Internal Affairs detective insinuates that she may have committed it while suffering from a flashback to the assault. The other detectives eventually discover that Benson has been framed by a man she sent to prison years earlier.

During the season 15 premiere "Surrender Benson", Lewis makes her watch while he rapes and tortures the mother of his own attorney and kills a police officer who attempted to pull him over.

Nick Amaro

He then beats and tortures her, burning her with cigarettes and wire hangers, and holds her hostage for four days. Just as he is about to rape her, she breaks free, handcuffs him, and holds him at gunpoint.

When he taunts her, she loses control and beats him within an inch of his life with an iron rod. She is rescued by her fellow detectives moments later, and Cragen puts her on mandatory leave so she can recover.

She begins seeing a therapist Bill Irwin to cope with the trauma. It is later revealed that Lewis survived and is in prison awaiting trial. He calls Benson as a witness and accuses her of assaulting him because he rejected her sexual advances. She vehemently denies it, and lies under oath that he had broken free of his restraints and lunged at her.

Lewis is found guilty of kidnapping and assaulting a police officer, but the jury voices doubts about Benson's story and acquits him of attempted rape.

olivia benson and nick amaro relationship counseling

The episode closes with Benson weeping on the courthouse stairs and, four months later, Lewis being wheeled away on a stretcher. In "Beast's Obsession", Lewis uses the distraction caused by his self-induced cardiac incident to escape from prison. He then rapes a teenaged girl, kidnaps her younger sister, and threatens to kill her unless Benson tells the truth about her testimony.

Benson holds a press conference and admits that she lied on the witness stand. The bar is set up like a cantina - a semi-outdoor space with long picnic tables, and pennant banners and fairy lights running along the ceiling. It has this whimsical charm, only to be trumped by a clientele of twenty-somethings trying to catch their break in Hollywood.

Everyone Nick has introduced you to is an actor with an iMDB page listing 'student in assembly' and 'burn victim'. Even the bartender, who knows Nick by name and drink of choice, is a struggling musician who spends her ample free time dropping off demos in celebrities' mailboxes. But Nick seems to enjoy the company, saying he feels kind of like the sage John Munch of the group. I'd say it's a fair trade.

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She throws her hands around his neck, and he lifts her off the ground. When she pulls away with heart eyes and a bright smile on her face, your body is forced to stay rooted in place. Blinking repeatedly to take in the sight; you're entirely convinced the universe is fucking with you. But you're not the only one frozen like a statue. You feel that odd sense someone is staring at you, and when you look past the two unlikely friends, you zero in on those familiar, crystal blue eyes.

This hallucination - because that's the only possible explanation - cocks his head to the side, lips mouthing, "what the fuck? But contrary to popular belief, you have been keeping in touch sort of. When he left the force, he needed time to focus on his family and his marriage, and you respected that; so your relationship petered out to the occasional phone call and the bi-annual catch-up over coffee.

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You both made it a point to touch base even when it seemed like circumstances were trying to pull you apart. For a while, your phone calls were always intercepted by some guy named Warren. Elliot explained it was his crazy neighbour - someone paranoid about the NSA - armed with an antenna and a background in electrical engineering.

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Eventually though, Warren left and moved down to his mother's condo in Sarasota, so he was no longer a problem. One time, you were surprised to receive an invitation in the mail to Eli's birthday party.

It was a little awkward when you brought Brian as your plus one, but you all managed to be adults about it. You had to constantly remind your boyfriend at the time to keep his work stories G-rated for the sake of the kids, but other than that, no fists were thrown and no blood was shed.

You considered it a success. Later that year, you learned Elliot and Kathy's marriage was on the rocks and they were headed for a divorce. It seemed so close on the horizon, and all they needed were the papers and lawyers to make it official. You met up for drinks, which turned into a heart-to-heart, where Elliot revealed it wasn't the nature of the job that fractured their marriage, but his loyalty to his partner. He trusted you more than he trusted her. He would've called you first in a crisis, before he would've even thought of calling her.

What happened next probably wasn't the wisest decision, but you didn't regret it. It was a culmination of decades-worth of sexual tension and a four-letter word you can't even admit to yourself. This arrangement kept going for a few weeks but, again, timing was not on your side. Elliot couldn't reveal he was seeing someone for fear that Kathy would get the upperhand in the divorce proceedings. And you - you had just gotten out of a relationship with Brian. You could've waited it out a little longer, but then you found yourself in custody of a baby boy.

Life got busy for the two of you, and soon enough you were back to sporadic phone calls and the timely holiday card. Neither of you told a soul. You thought no one would ever find out your partnership crossed that invisible line. But for some reason, Nick had this disturbing talent of knowing when you just got laid.

Some serial killers can sniff out a pregnancy; some friends can detect that just-had-sex glow. He saw it when you were with David, and he pointed it out when you were with Brian. So it shouldn't have come as a shock to you when he barged into your apartment one day, with that mischievous smile on his face. But Elliot was just as much of an idiot as your last partner, and he decided to stop by unannounced to your apartment that same day.

He came with a bottle of wine and a plastic bag from CVS containing items that, both, delighted and repulsed one Nick Amaro. A cough catches in your throat as you get a strong whiff of cotton candy perfume and an undertone of patchouli or is that marijuana? This is the first time she's letting me visit," Elliot explains, placing protective hands over his daughter's shoulders and inching her away from Nick.

Kathleen slaps his arm playfully, fake lashes fluttering.

olivia benson and nick amaro relationship counseling

The four of you hang around the bar while Kathleen runs down the list of her most recent professions. To no one's surprise, she calls herself an actress even though she's only been to a handful of failed auditions.

As of present time, she works as a freelance makeup artist; and when she isn't painting the faces of D-list celebrities, she waits tables at TGI Fridays.

When asked about how Nick and Kathleen met, he mentions they met at the bar on the night she got fired from her job as a receptionist at a plastic surgeon's office. Running into a fellow New Yorker and a former cop made Kathleen feel a little less homesick.

You catch the green look on Elliot's face when the two exchange a brief smile. He clenches his fist, ready to swing at Nick at a moment's notice. Besides, I'm Nick's wing woman. I set him up with my girl friends -" "-Your friends are 24, 25," Elliot starts, pointing a thumb at Nick, "this is a 40 year-old grown ass man.

I don't do blondes… Anymore. He knocks it down in one swift motion, barely wincing before he signals for another one. Meanwhile, Elliot glares in his direction and Kathleen crosses her arms over her chest like a scolded child.

For once, you're a casual observer of all the drama. You sit back and take your artisanal cocktail to your lips. You're not usually a fan of sugary drinks, but this time, the sweet taste of pineapple, liqueur, and crushed ice tastes so heavenly. Don't wait up for me, dad. Once Kathleen has joined her group of friends at a table closer to the stage, you turn your attention back to the two men.

It's the first time you're really acknowledging the change in their appearances. Your former partners are looking a lot different than they did when they were fighting crime and getting into trouble by your side.

Elliot is sporting a thick goatee, salt and pepper hair sticking straight down from his chin. You have this sudden urge to tug it; maybe if you were a couple more drinks in, you wouldn't have restrained yourself from doing so.