Neal caffrey and peter burke relationship questions

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neal caffrey and peter burke relationship questions

For over a season now, White Collar's Neal Caffrey has been trying to out for Neal, after all they have a pretty much father-son relationship. On USA Network's White Collar, the best part of the series is the Neal in this case, Tim DeKay's Peter Burke and Matt Bomer's Neal Caffrey. Family, Neal Caffrey (Ex-Boyfriend) Neal and Peter suspect OPR Agent Fowler to be the perpetrator of Kate's disappearance, and They share an emotional conversation, and as Neal turns to Burke one last time, the plane Mozzie questions Kate's loyalty to Neal as seen in Season 1 Episode 2 when Mozzie questions.

He didn't know how people could stand it. To Neal, it was too much like prison where eyes were constantly on you. You couldn't even defecate in private. Distracted by his own thoughts, Neal went back over the report he was reading and confirmed the glimmer in his mind.

Yes, the accountant should have caught the glaring deficit sooner. He dug through the stack of files to see what the man's personal finances looked like. The man's bank account looked clean, but there was a sister in law who spent most of her time at his house. Neal made a call to Pablo Munoz in records to order the sister in law's financial records. He expected to have an answer soon. It was not brilliance, Neal understood. It was time to read, to comb through the documents when there were usually more interesting and pressing matters.

neal caffrey and peter burke relationship questions

Ruiz poked his head into Peter's office. Glancing at the man, Neal said, "Peter's not here. He's consulting on another case in Baltimore.

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There was something about the way he said it that made Neal nervous. Ruiz said, "I asked Hughes if I could borrow you. There's something about one of my cases. He knew Ruiz constantly complained about him being here. The tracker imposed obedience and Neal was responsive to authority anyway.

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He had spent most of his youth in academic situations where he might rebel outside, but followed conventions inside. He followed Ruiz down to the basement to the room where old files were kept.

He startled as he heard the click of the door locking behind Ruiz. Ruiz said, "I know what's going on between you and the Burkes. El liked to feed me and Peter likes to keep an eye on me. Not that Neal didn't have hopes of making that outdated information. Don't know how long it's been going on but I want some of what you give him," Ruiz said.

Wordlessly, Ruiz pinned Neal to the wall, his kiss filthy and brutal, his hands tearing at Neal's zipper. Neal pushed the man away forcibly and maneuvered for the locked door. Ruiz said, "I got pictures. Neal knew that nothing had happened. Grabbing Neal roughly again, Ruiz was all over him, tongue slithering repulsively, half choking him, hand inserted into the back of Neal's trousers, feeling his ass beneath his briefs. Neal's senses heightened by fear and loathing caught the rattling door.

He turned his face away from Ruiz's kiss and said, "Someone's at the door. Neal, you in there? Hey, Peter wants you to find something in his office that I can't find!

Hey, man, Sally said you and Ruiz came down here. You better not be taking a nap in there! He pulled out files, red faced with fury. The physical indignity was bad enough. There had been some near misses in prison that freaked Neal out. It was not that it was another man groping him. Before Kate, he had as many boyfriends as girl friends. He was even serious about a couple of his romances with other men, both of the relationships with older guys.

That did not make what had just happened any better. It was his body, damn it. His right to say yes or no. Ruiz shouted, "Hang on. The door jammed on us. A moment later, Jones was in the doorway. Neal jetted up, squeezed out the door, past Jones and said, "Come on. What is it Peter needs? What did Ruiz want with you? Instead, Neal said, "It was nothing. He just wanted to see me scrabbling through those dusty old files.

Peter will be back soon and Ruiz doesn't mess with him. He let Ruiz's position stay vacant for two months when the last guy retired while he tried to talk Peter into taking it. Ruiz was like third choice. There was another guy in another office who didn't want to transfer in. He understood the angle of striking at Peter through Neal, but why the sexual aspect?

As far as Neal had heard, Ruiz was an office stalker, always on the prowl to the point that some of the female clerks wouldn't go up into his office without a witness. Upstairs, Neal quickly found the Mallory report that Peter needed and volunteered to run it to the couriers.

He wanted as far from Ruiz as he could. As he waited outside the bureau for a cab, Ruiz pulled up and gestured for Neal to get in the car. Neal shook his head, looking around but no one he knew was around. He started to back toward the door of the bureau building, but Ruiz looked savage in his anger.

He held something up and Neal recognized a picture with Peter in it. Reluctantly, Neal walked toward the car and entered. Ruiz drove away, creating a wave of water that swamped a passerby, a tall woman who shook an angry fist after Ruiz. What fun is there forcing someone into your bed? If you want a date, maybe I can find you someone. I want what he takes from me.

I work as hard as he does. I went to college too. Why the fuck does Hughes think the sun shines for him?

neal caffrey and peter burke relationship questions

No, you belong to Peter Burke, but I'm going to use you. I'm going to make you feel so dirty you won't ever be able to look that bitch, Elizabeth Burke, in the eye.

Ruiz said, "Look at the pictures, pretty boy. Neal has noticed before that Ruiz talked like a bad gangster's movie.

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When Neal stopped raving to himself, he looked at the pictures. They were all innocent enough.

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Peter and Neal walking on their way to lunch, Peter's hand hovering toward Neal's back. Yes, Peter had a habit of touching Neal, but it wasn't sexual, was it? Neal had noticed it from the first week he worked with Peter.

At first, he resented it, thinking that Peter acted as if he was still in custody and he had to keep a hand on him. Later, noticing that Peter was the same way with El, Neal was pleased by the way Peter always seemed to have a hand hovering over him. Peter was a possessive guy and Neal found he liked being coveted and protected. Somehow he didn't twig that anyone else would notice. The picture at the open market with El was just an innocent kiss.

Neal had found the perfect center piece for a Rat Pack theme party and El had laid a kiss on him. It meant nothing or perhaps it meant more to Neal than it did to El. Tim DeKay, meanwhile, instills FBI agent Peter Burke with the right mixture of working-class professional, loving husband and down to earth nature to make him the perfect counterpart to the more stylish and upscale Caffrey.

For Caffrey, it is former colleague Mozzie that serves as a connection to his past life of criminal activity. While polar opposites from the physical aspect—Sam is portrayed by the teddy bear-like Bruce Campbell while Mozzie is brought to life by the turtle-esque Willie Garson—they both add to the spirit of their respective shows as well as play the role of comic relief.

A paranoid conspiracy buff who lives in a storage unit in order to remain off the grid, Mozzie has a multitude of connections within both the New York and international crime community that continually provide valuable information for the cases that Caffrey is enlisted to assist on. Although the foundation of White Collar may appear simple on the surface, the series is able to more fully flesh out its narrative by playing upon the internal conflict inside the persona of Neal Caffrey.

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While Caffrey was motivated in season one by the disappearance of his former girlfriend Kate Moreau and season two served as the conclusion to the conspiracy that resulted in her death, for instance, the third installment of White Collar allowed Neal Caffrey to finally examine his life free from the emotional bonds of his past. Is Caffrey the same conman that he was before? Does he still long for the criminal days of old?

Or has he found himself reformed and on the cusp of a different life than previously imagined? White Collar incorporates the classic plot device of figuratively placing both an angel and devil on the shoulders of Neal Caffrey—in the forms of Peter Burke and Mozzie—as he faces the question of which future to embrace.

At the end of season two, Mozzie was able to pilfer a treasure of lost Nazi art under the pretext that he and Caffrey could escape their present predicament with the financial bounty of one last score.

As the trust that has slowly been building between the FBI agent and convicted conman evaporates in the aftermath, a similar divide develops between Neal Caffrey and Mozzie.

Not only does the sharing of a common enemy—as well as a mutual fondness for Elizabeth—unite the central White Collar protagonists, it also offers the opportunity to pin the Nazi art theft on Keller. Would a newly liberated Neal Caffrey fall back on the ways of his past, or would he embark on a different path of gainful employment, family and friends?

The view out that window, stepping off the elevator Monday morning.