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nate and blair relationship

The relationship between Nate and Serena, also known as Serenate, is the close friendship In The Blair Bitch Project, Nate goes to Dan when his sister, Jenny. The relationship between Blair and Nate, also known as Nair or Blate, refers to the close friendship and romantic relationship between Blair Waldorf and Nate. "Last Tango, Then Paris" is the 65th episode of the CW television series, Gossip Girl. It's also Outside of the hospital, Blair gets to the Empire State Building too late and finds that Chuck has left. Meanwhile, Jenny goes to Chuck's hotel to hang out with Nate but instead finds a sad Chuck drowning his sorrows by getting .

They have the raw passion of Burton and Taylor, the sly recognition of Bogart and Bacall, the comradeship of Tracy and Hepburn. There is a touch of classic literature to their coupling—Cathy and Heathcliff, Beatrice and Benedict, Scarlett and Rhett. Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester are magnificent apart, but they are magic together. There is a sense of the intuitive to their acting partnership.

They are completely in sync with one another; completely entranced by the others' presence when they embody those characters.


That kind of chemistry is a rare bird indeed. It cannot be taught, and it cannot be contrived. Something alchemic happened when Chuck and Blair fell in love. Two people so determined to control and exert authority would never submit to any other, but the prospect of relinquishing that control is always a delicious impossibility. They can never pretend again with each other and that is what they love and hate the most.

There is no one else who does that for them in either of their lives; no one else who refuses to look at them until they take off their respective masks. For me, that is real love. Their being together or not together is not even the point. They belong to each other, and that will be true regardless of the years or the distance or the people between them. CJ, for Team Chair: In a medium where characters are often stereotypical and loosely defined, Blair and Chuck are complex individuals with textured histories and keen minds, portrayed by two incredible young actors.

Neither are "easy" people. They are cunning, hell-bent on achieving their ends, and deeply insecure. They are also both desperately hungry for love and desperately afraid of it.

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And while their sexual chemistry is blistering, more important is their mutual admiration, respect and wariness. Because they are so sharply observant and have known each other all their lives, the one person that neither can fool is the other.

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This deep understanding is both the source of their emotional resonance and of great pathos. This couple will never need manufactured misunderstandings or third parties to remain compelling.

Can Chuck figure out a way to be with Blair and still remain Chuck Bass? Can Blair give up control over her perfect ending? We, and they, don't actually know. We do know that this is their only chance for being loved for who they are, not in spite of it, and what could be more OMFG than that?

Here is what I think is a better argument for team Blate since everyone is angry that the competition is unfair, please consider that by posting a more appropriate Blate argument fans of the WWK team will be happier with you guys!

Blair–Nate relationship

Jacob, for Team Blate: Jenny reaches the hospital and has an emotional breakdown and is comforted by Eric who asks her what the problem is and she confesses that she slept with Chuck. Meanwhile Chuck and Blair are happier than ever and just as Chuck is about to ask her to marry him Dan comes and punches him.

He is confronted by Dan, and Blair realizes what happened between Chuck and Jenny. She then proceeds to banish Jenny from New York and tells Chuck to never speak to her again and that "this whole night didn't happen". A week later, Nate apologizes to Dan for sending the picture to Vanessa and tells him that he and Serena are over and proceeds to have a threesome as he has taken Chuck's Black Book.

Dan calls Serena immediately after, only to find out that she and Blair are on their way to Paris. Just as he is looking at tickets for Air France, Georgina walks in and tells him that she is pregnant with his son. Meanwhile, Jenny is being seen off by Rufus, Lily and Eric as she leaves for her mother's house in Hudson.

nate and blair relationship

The season finally ends with Chuck in Prague walking out of a bar very drunk. He is grabbed by muggers who proceed to rob him.

nate and blair relationship

He tells them to take him to a bank and he will give them money but they instead pull out a box from his jacket with an engagement ring in it showing that Chuck was going to propose to Blair. He tells them he will give them whatever they want, just give him the box, and as he lunges out for it, one of the muggers shoots him.

The final shot is of Chuck lying on the ground. Reception[ edit ] "Last Tango, Then Paris" had received mixed to positive reviews from critics and was viewed by a live audience of 1.

Gibbs, from TV Fanatic, gave the episode a 3.

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He praised Dorota's storyline by saying that "watching her become a mom was really sweet, even if all the characters showing up there was a big stretch". Estes, from TV Overmind, had also praised Taylor Momsen's performance in the episode and said that he "wish that Jenny had of gotten her own spin-off", and questions that if her send-off in this episode means that the show's writers have a " Katherine Heigl " situation on their hands".

She said that she loved Blair's smackdows on Jenny, and had also compared many scenes with the pilot episode. The Best and Worst" and declared it one of the best, further adding that "[ Throw in Chuck being mugged and left for dead in Amsterdam's red light district and Nate whoring it up and we're totally willing to take some roofies and forget the mess most of this season has been.