Murdoc and noodle relationship problems

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murdoc and noodle relationship problems

Paula and 2D get back together and Noodle knows Paula is up to no good. They didn't get very far in their relationship but they tried to spend a lot of time together even . 2D decided to just stick with the Murdoc's advice. After decades at the top, Gorillaz have just released their first album without errant bassist But yeah, to solve the problem, we could start by each giving up one plastic thing that we love. They love dressing up as Noodle. Love & relationships On the eve of their new album, The Independent quizzes Gorillaz bass player Murdoc Would I rather be Murdoc Niccals, master of all I survey with a .. Share your thoughts and debate the big issues.

Filthy little minx, that one. For them, I mean. They were overwhelmed to be in my presence again. It was pretty awkward.

Do you ever worry that having so many high-profile guest features will take the spotlight off of you? That would be like asking Emperor Nero if he felt threatened by the chumps that feed him grapes and polish his balls. I mean, apart from Morrissey. Is it true you wrote this album in exchange for your freedom? Murdoc Niccals freed himself in order to write the album. And thereby free the minds of the people. Much like Christ, only without all those chocolate eggs. Murdoc came down the hall way whistling.

He strolled into the bathroom. He didn't notice 2D standing at one urinal. Murdoc looked over at 2D.

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Murdoc backs away and zips up. You want Paula to stay 'ere and she wants us to settle our differences and become all mushy with each other, right? See, every time I shake my magic eight ball and ask it if we will be best gal pals for ever, you know what it says?

I asked mine one time if I should crack it open and drink the liquid inside! I puked blue fo' days!

murdoc and noodle relationship problems

Too bad I wasn't there to see that! Just go back to Paula and tell 'er we went to the ball game and shared sweaters. Will I ever be able to get away from you!? The answer to that is obvious. Murdoc slaps himself in the face. Okay, who do you wanna sleep with?

murdoc and noodle relationship problems

Ta now and leave me alone! Noodle made some good points too! I don' know about Murdoc's advice. Sometimes he oversimplifies t'ings, especially when it comes down to booty. I don't trust her and I am afraid she may do something to hurt you again. Yo' so jealous t'at yeh don' even care t'at I'm 'appy fo' once!

Noodle snatched it away from him. She got up and left. He saw a note on his bed from Paula. We can pick back up tomorrow. He awoke the next morning and walked through the hall ways.

He saw Noodle walking towards him. I should say hi to her. She isn't the type of person to have grudges. They began to walk straight for each other. Noodle glared at him as she kept walking. She isn't even going to move. They smacked right into each other. They both got up and Noodle snarled at him and left. Did she punch me and I didn't realize it? Russel was at the table eating. Russel began to laugh.

She is so stubborn!

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You don't want a pound Asian chick on yo' ass! Noodle was there playing guitar. Listen, I found anotha bottle of pain killers. As Noodle was walking out, Paula shoulder chucked her as she walked in. Noodle glared at Paula and muttered in Japanese under her breath. When you can't make things right with one of your best friends, nothing can make you feel better. Paula walked over to 2D, who didn't see the nudge she pulled on Noodle.

He still felt sad but faked his smile. They made it to his room. Paula and 2D began making out in his room. This made 2D feel a little happier.

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He pulled out a baggie full of white shaped pills. Paula came out of the bathroom. She was in underwear and a tank top. They talked for a while and 2D named off some people who may be able to help her. There are a lot of names banded about when talking about Gorillaz.

People like Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett keep cropping up, but to be honest, we were more interested in talking to the four members that have, in one form or another, been in Gorillaz since the start. We caught up with Noodle, 2D, Russell Hobbs and Murdoc to talk about the album process, the troubles and torment they've been through and what they envisage their new album meaning in today's times.

To accompany that, we've managed to secure a mix from Murdoc, one of the most controversial and outspoken stars in the world. His arrogant, often confrontational attitude has made him an icon for perhaps the wrong reasons but he's collected together his influences and compiled them into one, hour long session. Expect music from Aerosmith, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and much more.

murdoc and noodle relationship problems

In your own words, how did you join Gorillaz? I was boxed-up and posted to London by my guardian in Japan. But it has been a good education. A really cute one. Is it true you travelled back to Japan to discover your roots.

What did you find when you went back and why did you start the process of the LP? Which explains how fast I can chop radishes, and my thing for mini-guns.

All those covert night ops meant no bedtime stories. But those skills saved my skin when I had to slay a horde of zombies that had moved into Kong Studios while we were away. Murdoc has a weird relationship with the band to be honest, he orchestrated a lot of your pain.

murdoc and noodle relationship problems

Do you like him and how do the rest of the band feel? Russel is really political, I read a lot of philosophy, 2D enjoys counting, and Murdoc is just a really terrible person. Do I like him? Do I want him dead? Would you say this is some of your best work yet? Being in Gorillaz has shaped me into the woman you see today: What happened to your eyes and do you resent him for knocking you over with his car?

Actually it was a Vauxhall Astra. I could tell by the imprint the grill left on my face. I ended up in a coma, so Murdoc used the ancient Yogic technique of repeated face-punching to wake me up. When my eyes opened, he told me he wanted me in his band.