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In his first afternoon group meeting, McMurphy observes how Nurse Ratched pits all the men against one another. After the meeting is over, he describes it as a. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of what Nurse Ratched (Big Nurse) is up to Nurse Ratched scolds McMurphy for not allowing the orderlies to take him for a. He suffocates McMurphy after Nurse Ratched has him lobotomized and escapes from the hospital. stolen by the patients. His relationship with McMurphy is initially adversarial, but the two men wind up getting drunk together. Pop Quiz!.

Here are 15 other actors who were considered for the role. Hugh David The first would-be Doctor, Hugh David, was also the first actor to be turned down for the role. David had the distinct honor of receiving an offer from Rex Tucker to originate the role. But when the show named Verity Lambert as its producer, she made the executive call that David, who was 38 years old at the time, was too youthful to play the wise and relatively wizened Doctor she envisioned.

David was passed over in favor of William Hartnell, an actor two decades his senior, though the smooth-faced Matt Smith would later be cast as the Eleventh Doctor at the tender age of David did get a chance to leave his mark on the Whoniverse though; he directed two Doctor Who serials—season four's "The Highlanders" and season five's "Fury From the Deep"—both of which are part of the series' infamous missing episodes.

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Instead, he took on another starring role on British television: Catweazle pictured abovea befuddled wizard from the 11th century accidentally thrust into the s, in stark contrast to the more experienced time-traveling Doctor. After Catweazle took offBayldon was devoted to the career-defining role and refused a second offer to become the Second Doctor.

Bayldon appeared in a supporting role as Organon in Doctor Who's 17th season, but by the new millennium, he finally consented to take on the mantle of the Doctor—albeit only as a voice actor in the alternate-universe Doctor Who Unbound audio plays.

He was 80 years old when the second of his two episodes aired, making him the oldest actor to ever play the Doctor and rendering his earlier objections highly ironic. Bayldon passed away on May 10, at the age of He was on the shortlist to succeed Tom Baker, but was passed over in favor of Peter Davison. Bibbit is also a voluntarily committed Acute, despite the fact that his wrists reveal a previous suicide attempt.

Max Taber A rebellious patient whose presence on the ward preceded McMurphy's. He was released from the hospital after being made docile by electroshock therapy. Cheswick The first patient to adopt McMurphy's rebellious stance. After McMurphy begins to yield to authority, Cheswick drowns himself. Martini A delusional man, who, nonetheless, learns to laugh at himself and the world around him. Sefelt and Frederickson Both men are epileptics.

Sefelt refuses to take his medicine because it causes his gums to rot and his teeth to fall out; Frederickson, on the other hand, takes double dosages. He is captain of the boat on the fishing trip, and his fear of an enema causes McMurphy and Chief to defend him against the African-American hospital aides.

The Lifeguard A former football player given to fits of violent behavior.

Like McMurphy, his commitment is involuntary. He explains to McMurphy that they can only be released when Ratched signs their releases. Pete Bancini A patient who, like McMurphy, avoided the controlling influence of the Combine, but suffers from brain damage. Colonel Matterson A wheelchair-bound patient who raves continually in disconnected metaphors. Ellis and Ruckly Two Acutes turned to Chronics after receiving too much electroshock.

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Ellis stands in a posture of a crucifixion against the ward walls. Old Rawler A noisy patient in Disturbed. He bleeds to death after castrating himself. Old Blastic A "vegetable" who dies in his sleep during Chief's hallucination of the Combine's mechanized butcher shop. Doctor Spivey A morphine addict, chosen by Nurse Ratched to work on her ward because she can exploit his weakness and vulnerability. He nevertheless begins to assert himself after continued exposure to McMurphy's behavior.