Marth and lucina relationship advice

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marth and lucina relationship advice

Cordelia and Caeda: I imagine Cordelia would go to Caeda for relationship advice on how Marth and Celica: I think Celica would like to know what her .. happens and I would expect Marth and Lucina to have something. Here you'll get great items and improve your character relationships . then max out supports between Chrom, Sumia, Cynthia, and Lucina. Prince Marth's power is focused on the tip of his sword, allowing for more powerful precise slashes. Lucina's power is spread across the entire.

marth and lucina relationship advice

This page collects advanced tips and tactics that may not be apparent to new or even veteran players. Turn on the Battle Lines Guide [ edit ] Hit X at the start of every level to turn on a pink grid which shows where enemies can hit you.

Keep your healers and weaker units out of range! You can have two types of battle lines. If you press the A button when on an enemy, you can see a red grid.

marth and lucina relationship advice

The red grid shows their individual hit range, on top of the pink one. This will help you plan ahead. For example, you can select all of the enemy archers with the A button, so you know where not to place your flying units. You'll likely want to keep them in the pink zone, but not in the red zone. Don't Skip Conversations[ edit ] Sometimes during the course of a battle, enemies will discuss strategies, where reinforcements could be coming from and other things like that.

Being prepared for an ambush is a big advantage. If you turn them off, you'll still get a good sense of the action in retro-pixelated form! You can also hold the L button before the start of the battle animation to avoid it for the moment or press the Start button to skip it and just get the results.

You can use this option not just to look at the environment you'll soon be fighting in but also to arrange your troop formation to your liking.

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This option can often give you the upper hand in battle, allowing you to move units a few steps closer to and from enemies and helpful terrain.

It can also be used to help move Support pairs closer to one another. Don't just view the map. And if you see any archers on the map, be wary of where you start any flying characters -- arrows and wings don't mix! Pair up a slow, strong character e. Chrom with a flying character e. Sumia to cover great distances -- you can switch to your slow, strong character before ending your turn to protect the flying character. Only the character "in front" takes damage!

Basically, pairing units will allow for the character in front to take all of the damage; the weak character can then take out the opponent. Make sure that every unit going into battle has their own healing item and don't be stingy when the time comes to use it.

Use them to bring a variety of weapons to battle so that you're ready for every situation. And most units can be armed to deal with every situation. These items and more can be used to turn a melee fighter into a ranged fighter and a grunt into a knight killer.

Explore your arming options and employ them to deadly effect. What good will empty spaces do? Don't bother using the weapon forging system at merchants -- you can't upgrade any non-breakable weapons, and common weapons are pretty darn good in capable hands. This is true unless you're training weapon levels on newly upgraded units, and the E level weapons aren't doing enough damage.

Forging weapons can be especially helpful with units like Sages who need to level up their magic. Also, weapons with criticals are hard to come by, and they can save your life in a pinch or make you die in some casesso I would consider adding a critical bonus to your weapon. Talk Your Way to New Recruits[ edit ] ChromMy Unit and a few other characters depending on the mission may approach characters in the field and activate the Talk option.

When you do this you can often recruit the character. Any character with a name will be a boss or a recruit! The trick is to not kill the recruit before you can talk to him or her. There are some tricks for this, and these are included in the Walkthrough.

The Best Offense is a Good Defense[ edit ] While it can often seem the more boring option when compared to charging headlong into your enemy, swords waiving and battle cry wailing, your best bet for a smooth victory and survival is to play defensively. Generally speaking, you are always going to be outnumbered, and the enemy units are often just as capable of inflicting the same painful wallop that you do. Finding a nice spot where you can hunker down and exploit the terrain to even the odds is a much safer bet than sending your paltry army off to die in a toe to toe battle that you can't win.

Loading Play it Safe and Smart[ edit ] Find choke points, natural obstacles and strong formations a line of melee in front of a line of ranged is a good bet to turn the tide.

And be certain to remember that if you don't take advantage of these things, your opponent will. Instead of just waiting around, use passive abilities like Rally to reinforce your characters, and Items to heal up.

Keep your characters moving in a huddled mass, with units vulnerable to upcoming enemies placed behind the front line. If the path splits, consider forming two or three troops to protect on multiple fronts. Keep complimentary characters together.

This is a tradition that Awakening proudly carries on. You'll be gifted with only a single truly capable fighter at the game's start, Frederick. The most wise thing to do is to not use him at all, and when you get to the point when you can pick units, don't pick him.


The early parts of the game will be challenging, but it's worth it. If you don't put in the time to properly train the entirety of your army, you risk putting yourself in a situation where your forces are grossly underpowered and not up to the task of battling the various forces of evil you'll have to contend with. It can certainly be risky throwing these fragile-as-fairy dust grunts into the fray, especially if you're playing on perma-death Classic mode, but giving the chance to earn experience and level up is a necessity.

Hopefully this doesn't become a problem for Chrom. Anyway, Robin noticed that Chrom, Lissa and Frederick were talking to someone. Might I ask yours? That's a very formal way of talking. Chrom didn't strike Robin as a nobleman, although he was very well armed.

Well, Robin supposed that was another thing he must have forgotten about himself. He didn't notice that Marth had abruptly left, and Frederick seemed to have said something about going to the capital. The only thing on his mind was that, apparently, he was attracted to men. Robin was going to have to think about this one. This wasn't adding up. Turns out the amnesia was a little more invasive than he had originally thought.

At first, he only thought it had directed his memories. However, he was slowly starting to discover that he had forgotten parts of his own personality.

marth and lucina relationship advice

Granted, those parts weren't as foggy as his memories, but he still felt pretty out of touch with who he used to be.

He wasn't entirely sure what his personality was, but he was slowly starting to get a hang of it. He seemed to be smart. Like, smart enough to know a crapton about tactics smart. None of that, however, shedded light on his apparent attraction to men. Robin read up on general attraction between people, and it all seemed to ring a bell in the back of his head.

However, when he expanded those thoughts to men, it didn't quite click. This didn't seem like the kind of thing he could forget. But he knew he felt something for Marth. He read up on what 'direct research' actually meant in this case, and it turned out, it was something very easy to get access to.

He trained a lot. It was actually helpful in a way he hadn't expected: He was getting more comfortable with his body, and what skills he had. He could also discreetly observe the other men on the team. It was a pretty rough workout, so some of the guys tended to go shirtless. It appeared to be any girls dream…but it wasn't doing anything for Robin.

He could tell these guys were supposed to be attractive, since he could see some of the female Shepherds taking peeks at them, as well as some various others who had managed to find a way to sneak in. Even in the locker rooms. He had to talk to someone. He had read some fiction books about girls with gay best friends. Maybe that worked the other way around.

He just had to find someone who was subtle enough to talk to. If unmarried, she goes to Ylisstol one final time, and whispers to her infant self that she will live a better life than she did, before disappearing, leaving no trace of what happens to her. Yet another alternate-timeline Lucina, along with her friends, was the subject of a rescue effort by the main-timeline Chrom and the Shepherds.

In their reality, similar to the one the main Lucina came from, Grima's conquest of humanity was nearing completion, with Risen flooding the land and murdering all who crossed their path. Lucina and her allies worked to save the world from Grima, and enacted a plan to find the Fire Emblem and its gemstones for use in an Awakening.

marth and lucina relationship advice

Her eleven friends split off into three groups - CynthiaKjelleNah and Noire in the first, OwainBradyInigo and Yarne in the second, and GeromeSevera and Laurent in the third - to bring them back, while Lucina remained in Ylisstol with Tiki.

While the eleven were gone, Ylisstol was invaded by a mysterious assailant, later revealed to be Grima himself, who slew Tiki while Lucina could do nothing but watch. Gerome, Severa and Laurent soon returned to Ylisstol with the Emblem itself and one gemstone, but the four were accosted by the appearance of Grima himself and a legion of Grimleal.

The four were severely wounded by a blast from Grima and resolved to die fighting despite their slim odds, but were saved by the appearance of the main-timeline Chrom and his allies, sent to aid them by Naga herself.

With Chrom's aid the four survived and Grima was subdued, but Chrom and his allies were warped back to their own reality seemingly by Grima himself, an act which turned out to be an effort of defiance by Robin, Grima's host, to prevent Chrom from dying at their hand yet again. Grima prepared to attack again, but was stopped by the arrival of Lucina's remaining eight allies and the last four gemstones, completing the Emblem.

Although Grima claimed Naga to be dead and the Awakening to be impossible to complete, Tiki's spirit appeared before them to reveal her ascension to the position of the new Naga and that, with her corpse lying below, the Awakening was doable in Ylisstol itself.

Lucina performed the Awakening with Tiki and gained her power, and while Grima struggled to overcome Robin's attempts to hold him back, Lucina struck Grima down and put him back to sleep, bringing an end to humanity's suffering in this timeline.

Afterward, this Lucina became the new exalt of Ylisse to lead the survivors of humanity in rebuilding. Fire Emblem Awakening Role Lucina joins the player's party under her true identity at the end of Chapter Though a Lord character, Lucina's defeat is not a Game Over, and instead she permanently retreats in Classic Mode or temporarily retreats in Casual Mode.

Lucina makes two non-playable appearances before being recruited, both as her Marth guise: