Maharana pratap and jodha bai relationship trust

Maharani Rukmavati Lalji Baisa -Akbars youngest chief wife | History and Chronicles

maharana pratap and jodha bai relationship trust

As a trusted general of Akbar, he fought many battles including the historic battle of aunt was married to Akbar, he was in fact the Kings nephew -in- law in relation. On the other hand Maharana Pratap was also Man Singh's relative but Rana. To all my readers, Jodha Bai was not Akbar's wife. . he received much assistance from Bhamashah, a trusted general and aide of Pratap, who along with his brother Tarachand looted .. The strain in relation of that time still continue today. In, Akbar decided to send a proposal of friendship to Maharana Pratap. Korchi was one of the most trusted andskilled courtier of Akbar. Hehad close relations with Mewar before getting his sister Jodha Bai married to the Emperor.

Akbar married Rukmavathi in he was 39 years and she was 17 years old at time of marriage. The Jodhpur royal family used to rule Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh for many centuries till Muhammad Ghori defeated Raja jai Chand in and they had to leave.

They roamed the plains of Ganges in Gujarath and Rajasthan before settling in Rajputhana. Jodha Bai was Malika e Hindustan till her death in Rukmavathi had powerful connections and was related to powerful emperors and Kings of those times. Indeed among all of Akbars wives she was the only one who had powerful brother in laws.

Bhagwan das, brother of Hira Kunwari mother of Salim was also married to an elder sister of Rukmavathi and hence her brother in law. Raja Man Singh was her nephew in relation.

Maharana Pratap and Akbar relatives | History and Chronicles

Hence Rukmavathi had a close family relationship with powerful men of those times. The circumstances that led to her marriage to Emperor Akbar was intruiging. When Sher Shah Suri attacked Delhi, Humayun was betrayed by his three younger brothers and his wife and kids were captured in a night raid by the Afghan general in Dausa, West Bengal. When Humayun faced defeat he ran to Marwar Jodhpur and asked refuge for few months as his wife was pregnant which was refused by Rao Maldeo because he did not want to displease Sher Shah.

Hence Humayun sought refuge in Umerkot till Akbar was born. When Akbar became emperor he attacked Marwar in and captured both Jodhpur and Nagore fort not only to expand his empire but to settle old scores. Maldeo tried to please Akbar by sending him many gifts through his second son Chandra Sen but that did not placate Akbar at all for two decades.

Raja Udai Singh married his youngest sister Rukmavathi to Akbar in Akbar was 39 years, Rukmavathi was 17 years old and then later on his daughter Princess Jodha Bai to Prince Salim in Jodha Bai was 13 years of age and Salim was 17 years of age at time of marriage.

She was very close both to Akbar and Jehangir.

maharana pratap and jodha bai relationship trust

Finally her only surviving child her baby son was born in and named Prince Khurram Shah Jahan. In the meanwhile, Prince Salim was usually away from agra and family either he was governor of Ajmer or sent on wars with Persia or Maharana Pratap, rajpuths etc.

Prince Salim being away from family wife and kids took a toll on his wives. His kids got highly influenced by other relatives than their own father and these relatives sowed seeds of hatred in heart of kids against their own father Salim. Man Bai drowned her worry of being away from husband Salim and Khusrau as he lived in Akbars household by taking to heavy drinking.

Man Singh I

Meanwhile a great tragedy struck Jodha Bai too. After 7 years of prayers, fasting and tears finally she gave birth to a son Prince Khurram on 5th January When Ruqaiah Begum, his first wife heard of this she asked her husband to hand over Prince Khurram to her for upbringing.

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Ruqaiah was highly possessive of Prince Khurram and restrained meeting time of Khurram with Jodha Bai. Further tragedy struck a lonely Jodha Bai, her baby daughter, her last child died in soon after birth. In year Prince Salim who had just returned from campaigns of five years was being forced to again go on campaign to Deccan.

maharana pratap and jodha bai relationship trust

He resisted it, but finally Akbar forced him to go on campaign to Rajputhana in Prince Salim started his rebellion in Ajmer and this lasted till He started staying with his mother-father at age 14 years.

But by then he could not establish the close bond a child and mother had and was closer to Ruqaiah Begum only for many more years. Add to that Nur jahan was his nurse maid as a kid so he was close to Nur Jahan too after her marriage to Jehangir. Jehangir who himself was not in great health left the empire work in hands of Nur Jahan and Prince Khurram after ByNur Jahan started playing political games to consolidate her powers after Jehangirs death.

She first proposed that her daughter Ladli Begum marry Prince Khurram which was opposed strongly by Arjumand Bano Mumtaz Mahal and Prince Khurram told her for him Ladli Begum was like a sister and hence rejected proposal.

maharana pratap and jodha bai relationship trust

For decades he had respected her and sided with Nur Jahan against his mother Jodha Bai only to be betrayed by Nur Jahan. But it was too late as his mother Jodha Bai died a year after only in at young age of 46 years. The second advance troop was under Madho Singh Kachwaha.

Behind this was Man Singh. At first Rana Pratap attacked and scattered the advance and left wings of the Mughal army. Jagnnath Kachwaha killed Ramshah Tanwar and Rajput warriors of both sides engaged in fierce battle.

The Mughal army could not distinguish between friend and foe and killed Rajputs of both sides. The Mughal army surrounded Rana Pratap; so to save his life Jhala Man put the Rana's helmet on his head and died in his place. This provided Maha Rana Pratap a chance to escape.

maharana pratap and jodha bai relationship trust

After this, Rana's army dispersed. The Mughal Army, expecting another attack, remained vigilant all night. Only in the morning they were able to judge their success.

maharana pratap and jodha bai relationship trust

Almost half of Rana's army was finished. The battle was won by Mughals but the Maharana had survived. Qazi Muhammad Yazdi declared it the duty of every Muslim to rebel against Akbar.

Akbar sent armies to Bihar and Bengal to crush this rebellion, while he himself started towards Kabul; Man Singh with him. Although, Akbar's army was hesitating to cross the swelling Indus River, Man Singh was able to cross it first followed by troops. Hearing the news Mirza Hakim fled to Gurband. Following the army, Akbar himself arrived at Kabul on 10 August After Akbar returned to Fatehpur Sikri ; Bakhtunissa remained as the nominal head of state, while Hakim acted as the governor Hakim died in July, Kabul was annexed by the Mughal Empire and Man Singh was appointed governor.

He remained in Kabul for some years and built a fortress, used by succeeding Mughal governors. Man Singh brought many talented men with him when he returned from Kabul.

Some of their descendants still live in Jaipur. The Yusufzai and "Mandar" tribes were the main ones among them. However, they failed to control the revolting Afghans and Raja Birbal, friend of Akbar and one of his Navratnas was also killed in the battle with Afghans. Todarmal had some success in controlling the rebellious Afghan tribes, but the real source of the revolt was behind the Khyber Pass.

It was hard to cross this pass which was dominated by Afghan "Kabailies". Man Singh was accompanied by "Rao Gopaldas" of Nindar in this expedition, who bravely made way for Mughal army in the pass.

After crossing the pass Man Singh decisively defeated five major tribes of Afghans including Yusufzai and "Mandar" tribes. The flag of Amber was changed from "Katchanar" green climber in white base to "Pachranga" five colored to commemorate this victory. This flag continued in use until accession of Jaipur state in India. This permanently crushed the revolt and the area remained peaceful thereafter.

Kashmir was included in the Mughal Empire and made a Sarkar district of Kabul province. Man Singh and his father Raja Bhagwant Das are reputed to have brought the technology of cannon production to Amber.