Lisa and nelson relationship questions

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lisa and nelson relationship questions

Nancy Cartwright plays Bart Simpson as well as Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, . The relationship between Homer and Lisa—the pairing of. On the contrary, Lisa and Nelson's little relationship implodes when it becomes Compare & Contrast: Simpson Family Gambling ProblemsIn. I propose, initially, that the questions arisen from the fragment of description of Lisa), presented above, are read in relation to the concepts of individuation.

Marge finds out Lisa wants to be nothing like her and although Lisa tries to soften her criticism, Marge becomes noticeably cold towards her daughter and more visibly happy with Bart for wanting to be like her.

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Though inept, Homer tries to help Lisa cope the best way he can with Marge's distance to her. At school, Nelson confronts Bart at the tetherball, and takes a swing at him. Nelson misses and strikes the ball, which comes around and hits him by mistake, knocking him over.

lisa and nelson relationship questions

Another similar incident occurs in the hall, where Nelson walks into a locker and gets trapped inside. Lisa finds out about Cloisters Academy, and tries to persuade her parents to let her go. Marge is against it, saying it's too expensive and the principal's comment insults her. After the principal and Marge ostensibly discuss Lisa's record, she believes that she is offered a scholarship there. Taking advice from Marge, Bart tries to stop Nelson from attacking him by making Nelson feel good about himself, and Nelson actually accepts the praise, ending their dispute.

lisa and nelson relationship questions

Lisa discovers that she has not been offered a scholarship; she was only accepted due to Marge agreeing to do all of the school's laundry. Worse, Marge has become an overtired, overworked drudge as a result. Lisa tells Marge she does not want to go to Cloisters anymore, saying it is too elitist, and would be honored to be like her mother. However, she turns away to avoid showing Marge a guilty look that she has on her face.

lisa and nelson relationship questions

However, he is always brushed off by the teachers before he gets to show them his work. Another running joke, though, is Nelson presenting ridiculously simple assignments, such as repeatedly showing a can of tomato paste in Show and Tell, and a presentation on The Grapes of Wrathconsisting of himself crushing a bunch of grapes with a hammer, stating "Here's the grapes, and here's the wrath! He memorably says in the documentary, "I like to cry at the ocean, because only there do my tears seem small.

lisa and nelson relationship questions

He is shown to be a big fan of Andy Williams as he, Bart, Milhouse and Martin went to a concert performed by him in " Bart on the Road ". Relationships with other characters[ edit ] Even though in the first season and for many seasons afterwards Nelson seemed to be Bart 's antagonist, he eventually becomes what can be considered as Bart's second closest friend after Milhouse. In his debut episodeLisa was the initial target of Nelson's bullying, which prompted Bart to defend her. Bart's actions resulted in frequent beatings by Nelson and his gang, but finally ended when Bart received help from Hermanwho came up with the idea of standing up to Nelson and his gang by pelting them with water balloons.

From that point on, Nelson shows a grudging respect for Bart, though he occasionally reverts to his past behavior towards him. Although still prone to violence, Nelson hangs out with Bart and his less popular friends, such as Milhouse Van Houten and occasionally even common bullying target Martin Prince. In " The Debarted ", it is shown that Nelson has become Bart's "other best friend", along with Milhouse.

Nelson has many other moments where he displays his hidden good nature, such as his brief amorous relationship with Lisa. Although he cannot control his delinquent tendencies, he treats her with respect and even tries to change for her, although both of them realize that he is not being true to himself by doing so.

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He also punishes Sherri and Terri for tormenting Lisa. Another curious example of his "good side" is with Martin, a boy whom Nelson picks on perhaps more so than any other kid in town. Despite the utter cruelty, there are occasional hints that Nelson does not harbor any real hatred towards Martin and only does so to maintain his 'tough guy' reputation.

In " Dial 'N' for Nerder ", when it is believed that Martin has died, Nelson endeavours to learn the truth and find Martin's killers.

When it is revealed that Martin is alive, Nelson mocks and punches him, but also states that he is glad Martin is not dead.

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In this same episode, however, when Lisa tries to bribe him to not rat her out by offering to get back together with him, he rejects it. In another episode, it is revealed that both Martin and Nelson went to space camp, and that Nelson was a loyal officer to Martin.

When Nelson almost drops out of school to spend more time on the company, Lisa is saddened and attempts to stop him from doing so, but eventually respects his decision after realising he won't change despite the money used to fund it.

Nelson eventually decides not to drop out after all and takes Lisa skating to make it up to her. Though Nelson is often said to not really have friends aside from his on-and-off relationship with Bart and the others, Nelson sometimes hangs out with his fellow school bullies JimboDolphKearneyand to a lesser extent two smaller and younger fraternal twin minions known as the Weasels.

Though only seen with them occasionally, Nelson is also ironically the leader of the school bullies possibly by virtue of being the most often seen and most recognizable of the gang.

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The facial similarities between Moe and the Muntz are surprisingly quite apparent and Moe's childhood experiences and behaviors are somewhat relatable with Nelson's. Moe briefly appears and claims that he is part of the family and is then shunned off screen by the Muntz' confused looks. Character[ edit ] Nancy Cartwright voices Nelson, even though the role wasn't assigned to her originally. The Simpsons creator Matt Groening named Nelson after the wrestling hold of the same name.

Cast member Nancy Cartwright voices the character, which first appeared in the fifth episode of the first season, " Bart the General "