Lelouch and suzaku relationship quiz

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lelouch and suzaku relationship quiz

Six months have passed since Lelouch's death and Suzaku as Zero and This quiz will ask you special questions based on the anime character that your . These are a handful of one-shots I wrote from prompts on relationship advice. Mar 15, [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Reasons Why Lelouch and Suzaku is of why; when it comes to the relationship between Lelouch and Suzaku. Julius Kingsley and Suzaku Kururugi Lelouch Vi Britannia, Code Geass, .. zero Sublimation print Custom made T-shirt plus size. Harley Rockwell · Quizzes! . CODE GEASS: Hangyaku no Lelouch, Code Geass - Illustration Relations.

Jade orbs looked down to the vulnerable raven, and a crooked smile began to form on the eleven's face. Those same emerald orbs replacing denial and confusion with a warm cloud of Lust.

He opened a janitor's closet that was close by and grabbed the raven by a fist full of obsidian hair, as he the dragged the male into the small room behind him. He threw him against an dirty brick wall as he locked the door behind him self.

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The raven turned to face towards the angered Suzaku. Lelouch trembled as he heard a demonic chuckle come from the usually, bubbly japanesse. Suzaku walked towards the raven and grabbed hold of the brit's jaw in his hand, as his jade orbs shined of spite.

The nervous raven began shaking under the eleven's touch as Suzaku's tongue worked inside of the raven's mouth and began a foreign dance with the inexperienced other. The eleven began unbuttoning the raven's uniform top and ripped open the dress shirt underneath as he parted from Lelouch's lips to kiss on his slender neck and move pinch his hardening nipples with his fingers. The raven wailed when the eleven nipped him on his collar bone, leaving a dark pink bruise.

Suzaku looked up to the terrified raven and smirked. That hurts" Lelouch cried, as the eleven stopped what he was doing to look up to him with an annoyed face.

Code Geass: Lelouch and Suzaku destroy Damocles [Eng Dub]

Suzaku grabbed the raven's hands that were behind his back and moved them so that they were above his head, before he slammed him down on the hard concrete. The raven felt a shattering noise come from his torso, as the pain vibrated through his entire frame.

Amethyst orbs watched the eleven grab some rope that was on a shelf and began to bind the raven's wrists with it tightly. Suzaku began to pull off the raven's pants before he was kicked in the side. Jade irises looked down to his side as he felt a sharp pain come from his hip bone before returning to the terror-filled raven. He spread the raven's legs on either side of him and began to return to taking off the raven's dress pants.

Milk-white hands held onto Suzaku's wrists as he tried to stop him. Suzaku grabbed the raven's jaw and squeezed onto the brit's chin. He lifted Lelouch's hips off the floor, and thrust himself inside the trembling frame. The raven let out a terrible shrill as he was penetrated without notice, and breathed heavily as he chest heaved up and down.

The eleven was turned on more by the scream Lelouch made and began to hit the spot over and over again with more force. Suzaku grew tired of the raven's screams and covered his mouth as he rammed inside the younger teen, with each moment he could feel his climax grow closer.

lelouch and suzaku relationship quiz

The raven's muscles relaxed as Suzaku removed him self from his hole, as a small amount of red-red colored cum followed. He stood up and began zipping his pants back up as he looked back down in disgust. Lelouch was hugging his leg's close up to his sticky stomach and lowered his head as he began to cry a little. He couldn't believe Suzaku, his only true friend, had just raped him like a woman on the floor, as if he were some cheap whore.

Lelouch and Suzaku may seem like best friends, but in fact, the love they have for each other compared to their on-screen romances is something incomprehensible! Suzaku and Lelouch spend the anime showing us just how much they both love each other.

[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Reasons Why Lelouch and Suzaku is Your Most Frustrating OTP

Lelouch Cherishes the Relationship Episode 25 In Code Geass, Lelouch masquerades as the rebel leader, Zero attempting to triumph over the Britannian government that rules over the former Japanese.

Suzaku is the white knight who fights for the Britannian government. Some might say it is necessary to trick your alias to trick your enemy, but is that really the case? Lelouch hides his identity from Suzaku to maintain their close friendship from a time when they were young and had no one else. Lelouch and Suzaku had only each other and Nunnally. Although they both consider Nunnally in the anime, Suzaku and Lelouch give more thought to each other than anyone else. To Lelouch, keeping Suzaku as a friend, companion, and loved one was crucial.

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So, Lelouch went to great lengths to pull off this farce, misleading Suzaku, to maintain a relationship that is crucial to him. Lelouch and Suzaku have different methods, but the two of them really just want to accomplish the same goal: Lelouch has a thirst for revenge so yes, he wants to overturn the Britannian government, yet in the end, Lelouch is actually just seeking peace, especially for Nunnally and the elevens.

Lelouch just uses militant tactics and warfare in order to seize control of the government. Although Lelouch and Suzaku may seem like completely different individuals with different goals, they are in fact completely in sync with one another.

Suzaku Kururugi

They both work towards the same goal to achieve peace. Lelouch and Suzaku may have different opinions on how to get things done, but they both want nothing more than to achieve the same thing.

lelouch and suzaku relationship quiz

Suzaku and Lelouch may be two different souls and bodies, but they are of similar minds. Suzaku acted recklessly and made hasty actions that put his own life in peril. Since then, Suzaku became incapable of pursuing any line of action that may result in his death, even if it goes against orders.

In this way, Suzaku was cursed with living. However, why did Lelouch order Suzaku to live when?

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Lelouch wanted Suzaku to live because Suzaku meant a lot to Lelouch, even. In truth, Lelouch needs Suzaku in his life, as evidenced by his order. Lelouch is only allowed to use his Geass on a person once, giving only one order that could be wasted. However, even though Lelouch and Suzaku were enemies in this scene, Lelouch used his Geass on Suzaku to instruct him to live. Lelouch sacrificed the one Geass order he could give Suzaku and made it so that Suzaku had to do anything it took to survive.

Suzaku was forced to do something for himself, which he had not truly done at all in Code Geass. Lelouch, who used his Geass mainly for his own selfishness, used his Geass for Suzaku, even when Suzaku never thought of himself. From this moment and many moments on, we see that Lelouch truly and undeniably loves Suzaku.

No one could even fathom this ending, but Lelouch had it planned right from the beginning.