Kisuke urahara and yoruichi shihouin relationship problems

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kisuke urahara and yoruichi shihouin relationship problems

Subject: The Aspects of a romantic relationship and how it relates to UraYoru Pairing: UraYoru (Urahara Kisuke/Shihouin Yoruichi) or YoruHara by some. .. I have no problem with Urahara and Yoruichi being friends, in fact, that's one of the . The official status of Urahara is Unconfirmed. While the evidence seems to indicate that he died with Yoruichi and Grimmjow trapped in Askin's. but an interview with Urahara by Kon states that Kisuke and Yoruichii are imagine how happy Kisuke was to finally meet Yoruichi (altho in neko formT. I want to is their relationship? . Please upload a file larger than x pixels; We are experiencing some problems, please try again.

Now the thing about consent, is that trying to find loopholes is a slippery slope. So, then, why does the situation in make so many people uncomfortable? The problem though, is that the blame here lies entirely with the creator, not with Kisuke. Not because it swaps higher mental faculties for more power. Let me put up the following mini-collage for your consideration: Yes, I edited that top panel with a more accurate translation, because it was bugging the hell out of me.

I explain why here Interesting how in the first instance, while Yoruichi is still herself, Kisuke is being a pervert.

kisuke urahara and yoruichi shihouin relationship problems

Yet when she switches to her new mode, when her reasoning and much of what makes her Yoruichi is gone, the pervert up and vanishes. Sure he enjoys affectionate Yoruichi to some extent: They are not tamed animals. Not in the sense dogs are. Humans have interfered with canine DNA for thousands of years now, and wolves already carried a pack mentality in their genes to begin with.

Meaning that dogs are literally wired to respond to a superior, an Alpha. But cats are vastly different. Humans have only been messing with cat DNA for the past years or so, and only for cosmetic reasons.

Who should have been Soi Fon's significant other by the end of the manga?

Human-cat relationships have always, always been relationships between peers. Which is why when a cat comes to you, ahhh… Now that is trust.

kisuke urahara and yoruichi shihouin relationship problems

Praise Bastet, amen can you tell I kinda like cats? He literally spells it out for you in the chapter that she does as she damn well pleases. The only thing Kisuke has control over is when her transformation happens and possibly when it ends.

Show me your kitties

If you want to argue that the cat transformation made Yoruichi look ridiculous and took away from the gravitas one might expect at this point in the story, I am in full agreement. Who should have been Soi Fon's significant other by the end of the manga? The end did not show the fans who she could have possibly started a romantic relationship with over the past 10 years if she did at all.

  • The Shipper's Manifesto
  • Yoruichi Shihōin
  • Do Urahara and Yoruichi love each other?

Most Bleach fans' first answer would be Yoruichi Shihoin because of Soi Fon's idol worship of and "lesbian woman crush" on her. However, I think Yoruichi is already in a steady intimate relationship with lover and partner-in-crime Kisuke Urahara, therefore ruling that possibility out.

Another possible answer is main character Ichigo Kurosaki because both are badass, competitive, emotional, and intense fighters, but Ichihime becoming official definitely ruled this scenario out.

kisuke urahara and yoruichi shihouin relationship problems

A third potential suitor and a fan favorite for most at least in fanart as well as fanfiction is Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez because he is a serious fighter like Ichigo, but his temper is 10x worse. Both have very short tempers Grimmjow even more so than Ichigo and Soi Fon though, thereby making this relationship virtually impossible.

Other possible men are Shuhei Hisagi another fan favorite in terms of art and fanfictionToshiro Hitsugaya also based on fanart and fanfiction but he is more likely to end up with either Momo Hinamori or Rangiku MatsumotoMarechiyo Omaeda her oafish lieutenant but the longest of long shots due to significant differences in physical appearances and personalitiesand Ggio Vega who is dead because he was ironically killed by Soi Fon.

Even though they have no real moments of connection in the manga or anime, Shuhei Hisagi seems to be the perfect guy for a girl like Soi Fon. His accountability as well as calm, mature, and pacifist personality would definitely help neutralize Soi Fon's short temper. Both are loyal and virtuous individuals, making this potentially-great intimate relationship a match made in heaven.

Both Shuhei Hisagi and Soi Fon would not regret it, being happy as well as enjoying themselves by being romantic with each other forever.