Jesus and moses relationship with god

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jesus and moses relationship with god

The law that God gave to Moses for the people Israel was a central part of their existence Scripture says the following about the relationship of Jesus to the Old . Like many Christians today, Moses' relationship was God was less than smooth. That's because it was a partnership. One could say that the relation of Moses to Aaron is being likened to the relation . Third, these references to Jesus as God sometimes include.

They can be hard to hold on to, particularly across millennia. So vanishes the whole record of Hebrew slaves making the great escape from Egypt, following their cosmically connected leader across a generation to reach a brave new world.

Lessons From The Story Of Moses

Gone are any Egyptian reports of such a fall-off in their indentured labor corps. Gone is the Ark of the Covenant, which companioned the escapees. Gone are the stone tablets of commandments. If all of these things once were, they are no more. And that he did pretty much what Exodus through Deuteronomy says he did. History has little use for trifles. Moses was necessary and by no means a trifle. The Moses of history may have been more like Ben Kingsley than Charlton Heston—two actors who played him in memorably distinct portrayals—or vice versa.

But the larger reality is that the Moses of history matters less than the character Moses who lives on in the stories of the Pentateuch. That Moses, the dynamic prophet of the Israelites, is the Moses you and I have to reckon with.

When we say scripture is inspired, we mean its writers were inspired to present us with this portrait of a religious leader with whom we must contend and commune. What implications can we draw, then, about the God of Moses? The God of Moses is just that: Could I eat this fruit?

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The more you get to know a person, the more honest your relationship becomes. The formalities are dropped. You begin to bare your heart. You let your guard down. In the Old Testament Book of Exodus, we find the story of a man who had a relationship with God that was intimate and close. This man's name was Moses, and his friendship with his Creator was such that he could freely speak his mind.

The truth is, God revealed things to Moses that had never been revealed to any person before. One day, as Moses was deep in prayer, he asked for the unthinkable. Up to this point in human history, this request was almost without parallel. Moses asked to actually see God see Exodus However, the Lord was not offended by his request, and in fact had been drawing Moses to this very moment.

Moses was discovering what prayer was all about: It is getting God. Moses was essentially saying to the Lord, "I don't want to just have things from You. I want more of You in my life. This story is a perfect example of what God can do on your behalf if He should choose to do so.

God will protect His own if He has to. How many of you, or how many of you have known someone who has been at the end of their cliff or at the end of their rope with absolutely nowhere else to go.

If God does not come through with some kind of major miracle at the last minute, they are either going to die, have to file bankruptcy, lose their entire business, or lose their marriage.

It’s OK to push back against God. Moses did. |

We have all heard of these types of stories. In the natural realm, they have nowhere else to go or turn to. Their situation appears completely hopeless. The only thing that will save them is a major miracle from God.

It’s OK to push back against God. Moses did.

And then it happens — God comes through with some type of major miracle to either save their lives, keep them financially afloat, or stop some kind of impending disaster from hitting them full force. For those of you who have never been at the end of a cliff needing a major miracle from God to save you, it is not something that you should ever want to experience. It is scary, nerve wracking, and it will test your patience and faith in God to its absolute limits like it did with Moses and the Israelites.

jesus and moses relationship with god

The Israelites started complaining once they got caught up in this situation. And sure enough God did — just like Moses proclaimed and believed he would! If any of you should ever find yourself before your own personal red sea with nowhere else to go — just remember what God did for Moses.

No matter how bleak or how hopeless the situation may appear to you in the natural, remember that nothing is impossible with our God! If God can literally part the Red Sea like He did in this story with Moses, then God can part and take care of your red sea if you are willing to press in, request that He help you out, and be willing to believe and have faith that He will take care of the situation.

For those of you who have had this type of miracle with God in your own personal lives, or for those of you who may experience something like this in the future, the one thing I can tell you is that it will increase your faith tenfold once you see God come in at the last minute to save you. It is an experience that you will never, ever forget — and it will draw you that much closer to this awesome God of ours!

The Wilderness Experience The year wilderness experience that God put the Israelites through is something that He does to some of His own. In the story of Moses, the main reason He did it was to test the Israelites — to see if they would hold fast to Him, to see if they would follow Him fully, and to see if they would follow all of His laws and commandments.

As I said in the story of Moses, every one of the Israelites 20 years and older flunked this test. As a result, they were not allowed to enter into the Promised Land and every one of them died out in the desert. Some of you have had your wilderness experience with the Lord and some of you have not. There is a definite and specific reason that God will have some of His people undergo this type of experience.

Here are some of the main reasons. Just like professional sport teams have try-outs to see who is going to be good enough to make the team — God will arrange to have some of you tested to see if you will have enough faith in Him, and have the fortitude, patience, resolve, courage, and stamina to make it all the way through.

jesus and moses relationship with god

He has something specific that He wants them to do in this life. He has a mission and a purpose for their lives. I do not believe this verse is referring to our salvation in Him.

If it did, it would indicate that the majority of people are not going to get saved and make it into heaven. This is also a price-paying period. Many of the times this price is actually paid in some type of wilderness experience.

Some people do not want to pay a price for anything. They want everything handed to them free of charge. These types of people will never make it with God in reference to the call that He would like to put on their lives.

He will strip out many of the normal things in your life. Your social life may also wane during this time. He also may strip your finances down during this period to just enough to get you by. The reason He is doing this is to see if you will stay faithful and loyal to Him. It is very easy to have faith and belief in God when everything is going good and great, but when things start to go bad, and you start to lose some of your own material possessions, then the real test will come into play.

Will you stay true, loyal, and faithful to God during these lean and dry times, or will you bail out on Him because the going is getting too tough? Many people do not make it through this tough time of testing, and they then end up missing out on their calls with God. Had they made it all the through, God would have blessed them beyond their wildest dreams once they had entered into their true calls with Him.

By going through these lean and dry times, it will also cause you to really start leaning and depending upon God more than you may ever have done before. It goes back to the vine and branch analogy. Jesus is the vine — we are the branches. The branches totally depend upon and lean on the vine for their life and support. God wants the same thing from each of us. The wilderness experience will really cause this kind of grafting to take place with you and the Lord.

jesus and moses relationship with god

This kind of an experience will usually make or break you in your own personal relationship with God. If you make it all the way through and allow this grafting to occur, you will then become much more closer to God in your own personal relationship with Him. Since much of your social time has been decreased, God will arrange for you to have more time to gain knowledge on whatever your call is going to be in Him.

For many, the wilderness is where they make their greatest strides in spiritual growth. I will be doing an article just on this one topic alone in the near future due to the importance of it. Again, this is not something that He puts everyone through. God alone will decide who goes through this type of tough testing and who will not.

I will leave you with one last thought for those of you who either may be in some type of wilderness experience at this time, or who may be brought into one sometime in the future.

Moses, God's servant

If God wants to arrange for this type of experience to occur for your own spiritual growth and development in Him — rest assured that you will have what it takes to make it all the way through. If God is going to call you to do something specific for Him in this life, then you can full faith and assurance that God knows exactly what He is doing with you. That you can trust Him to see you all the way through, and that you will make the team and the call that He has set up for your life once you have passed all of your tests.

Remember one last thing. All of the Israelites 20 years and older in the story of Moses all flunked their test in the wilderness. And look what they all missed out on — entry into the Promised Land.

Joshua and Caleb led the younger generation into this Promised Land and they all received the abundant blessings that God had in store for them in this land. Stay the course with God, hold fast to Him, let Him complete whatever He wants to do with you in this wilderness experience, and you will then be rewarded — possibly beyond your wildest dreams or expectations! The Bible says to ask, and you shall receive.

Seek, and you will find. However, there is also a time not to question God and to accept whatever He is telling you to do! When God first makes contact with Moses through the burning bush, He tells Moses exactly what He wants him to do. He tells Moses that He will use him to deliver the children of Israel out from under their bondage to the Egyptians.