India and russia relationship 2015 tax

india and russia relationship 2015 tax

their bilateral relations as both countries refocused on developing stronger relations with the West. Nevertheless, India and Russia are destined to cooperate due to their strategic affinity. sides plan to reach the $20 billion mark in the EU's promotion of a carbon tax on airlines are just two recent. India and Russia have shown resilience and understanding to diversify their relations to match their interests. This trend will continue in An upcoming visit by Indian PM Narendra Modi may lend some needed momentum to ties. November 20, Most aspects of India-Russia bilateral ties are quite institutionalized, and . Why Bhutan's 'Blood Tax' Needs To Be Scrapped.

Why Russia matters so much to India

Is there a caveat to this rosy picture for India? When comparing the country to its BRIC brethren, there certainly is one, which is the fact that India, while growing quickly, is still light years behind Russia, Brazil, and China in terms of overall development and per capita income.

Hand-in-hand with this rural population is widespread poverty: The question is whether India can close this daunting gap between it and its supposed peers—or perhaps even overtake them.

As the other BRIC nations have shown, economic change can happen suddenly and extremely quickly. But does India have the qualities necessary to experience a similar explosion of growth? Certain aspects of Indian society make it difficult to envision rapid change. The government reported official unemployment of 4. Russia, infamously, has the opposite conundrum, with its population growth having been stagnant for years. There are precedents for overcoming these kinds of problems, however.

In the preceding decades, the pressures of a mushrooming population brought such tragedies as a famine that caused about 30 million deaths in To be fair, India is not seriously considering a similar policy of limiting family size. On the jobs front, economist C.

india and russia relationship 2015 tax

He recommends that India mimic China by investing massively in infrastructure, passing liberal economic reforms, and integrating itself more thoroughly into the world economy, including by joining international trade agreements, in order to become a bigger part of the world manufacturing chain. But can he carry them out?

The Republic of India has been a democracy since its founding inthree years after the country gained independence from Britain, and the prime minister holds most of the executive authority, balanced by independent judicial and legislative branches.

There is a marked contrast between the experiences of those countries, the argument goes, and the likes of Brazil, which has been building a genuine democracy since overthrowing a military dictatorship in Some of the bureaucrats are caught up in a time-wrap and suffer from a biased approach.

india and russia relationship 2015 tax

It is expected that Modi and Putin will address this problem by galvanizing the administrative machinery in respective countries to implement the policies. It is also an urgent need that people to people contact, and institution to institution, exchanges are encouraged to bring people together. There are some steps in this regard such as easing visa rules. The cooperation not only at the country level but also at city level and province to province level will also likely to be encouraged.

An assessment will certainly be busier than in India-Russia relations. India and Russia will give concrete shape or implement various deals signed in Russia will build 12 more nuclear reactors in India for production of energy.

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The number may go up. Similarly, the agreements between Alrosa, the Russian diamond company, and Indian companies will witness more trade regarding cutting and processing diamond in India. Both the countries will sign landmark deals on defence. In consumer goods sector, another area — the diary products besides the buffalo meat may be added to the list. The list is indeed long.

Good will and mutual trust notwithstanding, India and Russia need to revamp economic relations and clear bottlenecks. In the changing global order, economic diplomacy has trumped over political diplomacy. Not a tall order at all in comparison to their trade with China, and in keeping in view the potentials of cooperation.

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Russian expertise in defence equipments, space technology, building of smart cities, nuclear energy, and its natural resources of oil and gas are certainly elements of attraction for India. Add this to Indian consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, diamond processing, information and communication technology; the relations come in a complete package. Even if all the announcements, memorandums of understanding and agreements signed in are given concrete shape and implemented in — that itself will be a tall order.

India to double exports to Russia within three years Peace and stability in the vast Eurasia will be major challenge for India and Russia in Whether it is the crisis in Ukraine or the transition in Afghanistan, or defeat of the Islamic state, or the evolution of a multipolar world order — India and Russia can work together for a better world.

india and russia relationship 2015 tax

The international forces, led by the US, have officially withdrawn from Afghanistan. The Taliban has proclaimed itself to be victorious, and already expressed its sympathy for the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria. The emerging vacuum is a big challenge to multiethnic and pluralistic states like India and Russia.

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Other issues like SCO expansion, climate change, Arctic exploration, drug trafficking and money laundering too need attention of both the countries. It may not be a surprise that in both the countries push for a comprehensive convention on international terrorism at the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, and strengthen bilateral mechanisms to counter the menace. International relations inunlike inwill be less compartmentalized and more cooperative.