Hei and yin relationship trust

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hei and yin relationship trust

Hei leaves Misaki at the Gate, but he comes back as himself to tell "I have some connection with people who work here. . It was good to be around someone who could trust you and you could trust so Hei was happy to find. 2: His need to find someone he can trust and build a real relationship with can be seen with: Yin -Carmine -Nick -Amber -Misaki 3: His inner conflict (hating. When one student finds out, Daisuke tries to win back her trust by having a group of but the series portrays the exact nature of their relationship as ambiguous. Yin developed feelings for Hei in the first season, the manga provided them with .

But when the man did get there, there was no one in the alley. Hei looked around to see if the man was anywhere close. They waited for the elevator anxiously, hoping the man wouldn't come in. The elevator was opening just as they heard the glass of the front door shattering into a thousand pieces and falling to the ground. Hei and Misaki looked back slowly and saw the man walking to them slowly but arrogantly. There you are Hei. Who is that lovely lady you? I must say Yin, I never expected you to betray us either.

They were part of the syndicate? Misaki listened to the man talk about "old times together" with Hei and she was confused. How could Hei be part of the syndicate and not tell her about it? What was going on? Could you and your organization please stop bothering me and my little sister? It has become bothersome for all of us and quite annoying. Let's see how much longer you can keep that up," With that, the man extended his hand and thousands of glass shards came our way.

Hei acted quickly, he grabbed me and threw me inside the elevator just as it was about to close and he dodged the shards that came his way. Misaki tried to get back out but the elevator door closed just before she tried. She knew she had to go help Hei as soon as possible, so she pressed on the next floor the elevator was close to and waited for the door to open. She got out and immediately stormed out, making for the stairs. Now then, let's make you pay for your betrayal shall we?

He just took out his cloak and mask and slowly put it on. We know who you are so that shouldn't be necessary. I already saw your face. Is it some kind of power? When I have this mask on, I'm not Hei. I'm not human nor contractor; I'm just… the Black Reaper! He waited for Hei to get close before he extended his hand again and made the shards follow Hei.

Hei saw what Grendee was doing, he was no fool. Hei quickly jumped back when Grendee had extended his hand. He saw more shards coming his way, but he rolled sideways away from the incoming shards. He noticed that the shards were only going one way.

hei and yin relationship trust

Does that mean he can only make them go straight? He started running around the man to test the theory and saw that the shards were only being sent one way. Grendee was getting annoyed with this running game.

He raised all the remaining shards off the ground and started spinning his hands in the air to make the shards start slowing above him. Hei waited for the next move, making sure he had enough time to dodge if the man had anything up his sleeve. Grendee was starting to feel the pain of using his power, he needed to pay his price soon or he was as good as done.

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He closed his eyes and brought his wrist down to his mouth and bit hard. Is that his price? Seems like he has an easy one. Grendee had to bite down hard enough that he drew blood. He then pressed down harder until he had drawn enough blood and brought his wrist out.

Hei had enough time to bring Yin into and elevator and let her go up to where Misaki was going. The elevator left with Hei facing Grendee again. He let the shards go in a trail with the hand that he was dropping, controlling the shards to go with that hand.

Hei saw what he was doing and he was surprised to see Grendee had that much power. My theory was working until he showed me this; I will need a new plan… Hei started running around Grendee again, making sure that he dodged all the shards that were coming after him now.

Grendee was getting more annoyed with every passing second, "Will you just die already? Hei was ready for this attack, he waited for the shards to flow around him and he waited for them to get really close. When the shards came really close, he let electricity with intense heat flow all around his body.

The shards were melting away at the heat until it became completely liquid and evaporated away. Grendee widened his eyes in surprise as he saw what Hei was doing. That's a lot of power he has. I was also informed he didn't have to pay a price.

That's gonna be hard to deal with. Hei started walking towards Grendee. Grendee tried to run away but he was caught with a wire wrapped around his leg. No… I can't lose!

What are you doing! Hei was right above Grendee, looking down at him through the mask. I'm not just any contractor. I became a contractor out of will, but I still choose to live as a human. The syndicate can never understand that. You will never be able to get me. I will find a way to stop you and I will make the world one we can all live in.

Grendee shook violently as the volts were flowing but he slowly calmed down and fell down. Misaki finally made it down to see the Black Reaper killing the man who was trying to kill Hei. Where's Hei and Yin? They're probably already up there so don't worry. Hei took off his mask and cloak and stored it away. He made his way up the building using his wires so he could make it before Misaki. Misaki waited for the elevator again.

She had already called the police to come pick up the body. She was worried about Hei and Yin. They could have been killed by that man had the Black Reaper not come to save them. Why did the Black Reaper come to save them? She had dismissed the idea that Hei was the Black Reaper, but the evidence all pointed it to him being the Black Reaper. If he ever reveals that, I will be there to support him. No matter what, I'll be by his side. Misaki was already on her floor as she made it to her apartment.

She was already at the door, but there was no trace of either Hei or Yin at the front door. She opened the door to see that it was already unlocked.

She was sure she had locked the door. She walked in to see both Hei and Yin sitting on the couch waiting for her. He had gotten in through the balcony and unlocked the door for Yin. I should do a better job of locking up, especially now. He knew how much danger he put her in and he was worried that she was going to leave.

The syndicate guy died because of the Black Reaper. Why'd he come here? They always called me one but I never had anything to do with them since the beginning so I don't know why they call me that. I have to discuss something with Hei…" Yin got up and went to the bathroom to do what she had to do.

Hei was surprised at the sudden kiss, but he responded quickly, pulling her in close to deepen the kiss. They tilted their heads to deepen the kiss further and thought to himself. Thank you, I not sure I could have left even if I wanted to. Hei and Misaki got closer after that. Misaki showed Hei how to handle weapons and do well in a fight. They trained so they could protect themselves, meeting and stopping syndicate members occasionally.

They became a team, with Yin tagging along to make the journey easier.

Hei and Yin sweet moments (Darker Than Black)

Hei was anxious because anyone who knew any information about the leader was very powerful so he had to sneak out and come back as the Black Reaper soon. He knew Misaki would be suspicious so he had to make sure he was prepared.

Don't try to do anything rash and make sure there is no chance of the enemy capturing you. You told me this a bunch times! I'm an experienced police officer so don't bother me about that stuff. He knew that he had to tease her to get the best reactions so he did it constantly, "I have to go set up my part of the plan so good luck! Misaki just stood there for a few seconds before finally comprehending what happened and blushing.

Hei knew how everything would go down. He was going to be the distraction and he would leave as soon as he got the enemy's attention. He would leave from the site and come back as the Black Reaper and get the information he needed. Then he would leave and come back as himself to have Misaki tell him the same information again so he wouldn't seem suspicious. That was the plan.

But it didn't go so well. He was facing the enemy at that moment, with his mask falling off and Misaki staring at him with surprise but also recognition.

Who is the right 1 for Hei?

They had called the syndicate member, named Emppu, out to face them. They were planning to corner him and catch him, but Hei knew that it was a contractor so he would have to use his powers. It's been a while hasn't it? He made sure Misaki was hidden and ready in her position. What makes you think I would reveal it at all?

hei and yin relationship trust

Well, we'll just have to get rid of you now. I was looking forward to killing you. He was ready to paralyze the enemy but he was too fast, he had already moved away. What's with the cloak and mask? You don't really need that do you? Come on Hei, that get-up is really old. I don't know who you're talking about, I'm the Black Reaper. Was that really a coincidence?

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Her suspicions were coming back and she knew she couldn't push them back this time. Well, I'll just have to rip that mask off you face and make you face reality! Emppu had already turned around when Hei tried to grab him and he moved back enough to avoid getting paralyzed.

That's good to see. This won't be such a boring fight after all. This went on for a few minutes until both of them were tired and panting heavily. Misaki was still in her hiding spot.

Hei was supposed to help her get the next part of the plan ready, but he was nowhere in sight. He was in for a lot of questions the next time she saw him. The two went at each other again.

This time, Emppu raised his weapon first and slashed at Hei's face. Hei quickly jumped back but he felt one of the knives touch his face and it slashed trough his mask. He didn't waste this chance, he send a current through the knives so that it would paralyze Emppu.

It succeeded, but his mask fell off and Misaki saw who was behind the mask.

hei and yin relationship trust

He can change the molecule's chemical state, but can't chance the molecule itself. It was actually noted. Someone must have removed it, I'll put it back. You may be right about his ability but still there really isn't a whole lot of explanation on the abilities. Since translation itself included molecular manipulation in the last episode of the black contractor we used that.

He still has his human emotions and he makes decisions based on it. I thought that the anime explained clearly that Bai merged with Hei one of the powers of Bai and somehow this makes her "forever asleep" fulfilling her obeisance indefinitely in the body of Hei.

Therefore, when Hei uses his powers, he needs no obeisance as Bai is lending him her power and also fulfilling the obeisance at the same time. This is also the reason why Hei eats alot as obviously he needs more food to support two persons Bai also needs food too. They even mostly refer to him as BK Even though the way he did get his powers is up for debate, he still weilds the power of a contractor. But thats just my opinion. It'll be helpful if more ppl chime in As far as other characters even Amber and Havoc are concerned he is one.

How he came to be a contractor is not clear and yours is just your own speculation on the matter. For example, I don't think that Bai sleeps within him and lends him her powers. Bai is deceased and before dying she somehow managed give her powers to Hei which apparently he didn't even need that much, seen how in Gemini of the Meteor, he was able to beat Mina on more than one occasion without the use of his powers. The reason that Hei doesn't have an obeisance is somewhat the same with how Mao doesn't have an obeisance.

Since his powers isn't exactly his and was inherited, Bai already paid the contract by dying. I'm not sure why he eats a lot but I don't think it's because he contains Bai within his body. This is a wiki and we can't put speculations on pages. But this is my opinion. Whether we change these information or not would depend on the majority. Let's just see how the story goes shall we? It's a little ambigious.

But from what I've seen in the subs, Bai didn't die and instead "fused" with Hei and that is why BK star is still active and lives on within Hei. Hei doesn't really fulfil the criteria of a "contractor" per se. A contractor has to have a remuneration, while Mao paid off his, Hei has NO remuneration As far as the story goesso he isn't really a "contractor" to begin with.

Hei is Chinese for black Edit Hey Guys, I recently added a "Tactician" section for Hei because I felt that Hei demonstrated some pretty smart tactics throughout the series. Remember in a military context, tactics are usually defined as plans which are made on the battle-field, in order to take your opponant off-guard. I don't think that Hei plans ahead as much as November 11, for instance, but I do think he's gotta be one of the smartest contractors.

Also, chinese electric batman. Do you think that this section fits for Hei? Edit Should we bother outlining the entire plot of the black contractor here? I think the focus should be on citing specific examples in which we see Hei's character development rather than walk people through each episode. I think even half that would be too much. So yeah, I back keeping it about the highlights of character and plot development in terms of the series like the team splitting up, eg Huang's demise and Mao's departure etc.

The episodes all have their own pages where full details of the plot of that episode can be covered. Once its up you can look it over. I will begin writing up some paragraphs on this. Before I do is there anything I should remove or add?

Encounter with Chiaki - Adopting the Li sheng shun personality - Guilt over murder of Chiaki's parents - First encounter with a doll that "feels" 2: Carmine and the gate - Hei's hatred for amber - Wanting to find his sister - Connection with carmine - His need to leave syndicate - Finally finding someone he can trust that then dies 3: Nick and the meteor shard - Meeting someone like him nick and his siter, love for the stars - Seeing Bai through the meteor shard - Confronting nick and once again feeling betrayed - Seeing his sister through the meteor shard - The "heaven space" in which nick leaves with his sister - Yin helping him escape 4: Yin's disapearance - Helping Yin escape rather than killing her - Giving her the choice - Calling her partner and establishing the beginings of their relationship 5: Meeting the cult woman and learning about EPR's beleifs 19 - Questioning the syndicate - Wondering if amber is really the bad guy 8: Second encounter with amber mao's info 22 - Hatred has turned confusion The meteor shard and Bai 25 - Finding out the truth about his sister -His insecurities revealed hatred of killing, not knowing who he is or what he wants -All the repressed emotions come out - Forgiving amber - Truly connecting with yin as the one person he has left close enough to soon become lovers - Kaiki deishu Seem's good.

Only thing I'd say is that I'd stay clear of calling Hei and Yin lovers. His need to find Amber and Bai 2: His need to find someone he can trust and build a real relationship with can be seen with: His inner conflict hating himself and what he does 1: Encounter with Chiaki - Adopting the Li sheng shun personality Since heavens war hei has been conflicted with the idea of his identity. Hei is living a life he does not want to live and the li shenshun personality represents the person he wishes he could be.

However it is nothing but an act, hei's true colors are dark. He soon talks about how contractors are nothing but killers and liers indicating not only his hatred for contractors after what happened in heavens war but also a hatred towards the person he is. Carmine and the gate - Wanting to find his sister Seen when Hei tortures carmine out of desperation to find her. His rage when she does not give him answers further shows how sensitive he is to the whole topic of heavens war as well as his sister.

We see just how far Hei is willing to go to find Bai. We see Hei's body language and overall tone change as carmine opens up to him and talks about her time in romania. They both realize that they have both changed, a lot.