Good husband and wife relationship malayalam movie

32 Exceptional Malayalam Movies From The Last Decade That Should Be On Every Cinema Lover’s List

good husband and wife relationship malayalam movie

The Superb Love Stories In Malayalam. The struggles faced when a Hindu man falls in love with a Muslim woman and the disapproval of her. Jayaram falls into another relationship with Ranjini and his wife and girlfriend The movie narrated the story of a man, Ramesh, who has an extra marital the story of many people who ends up to join together for a good job. One woman is a prostitute whose marriage is not legally valid. the film, this is one of the best historical drama movies in Malayalam cinema.

How many stories have you heard about finding the lost love of childhood. Let me not spill the beans and spoil the suspense. But this movie is such a simple and heartwarming love story.

The climax scene of the movie is a beautiful silhouette frame which shows the charm of their love. A rich girl Samyuktha Varma who loves poetry comes to a new place and falls in love with her music teacher Biju Menon. The love blooms but it is broken when he is obliged marry to his fiancee. She moves to the city and continues her medical studies. She marries Chandran Lal but they lead a very mechanical life. They decide to fix their marriage and work on it. Then one day,he reads her old personal diaries and knows about her lost love.

Chandran starts suspecting every man around her and gets addicted to alcohol. After the untimely demise of her husband,she goes back to the village to meet the music teacher to hear shocking stories.

The Superb Love Stories In Malayalam

The movie is an adapted version of the novel Nashtapetta Neelambari by Madhavikutty. The movie is about the love story of Devi Urvashi and Nandan Shankar.

good husband and wife relationship malayalam movie

Their friend Sunny dies in an accident the on the day Devi and Nandan were planning to elope. Devi is forced to get married to Dr. How do you handle when you are married but loves another man strongly? This movie directed by the very talented Shyamaprasad deals with the conflict of love and its undercurrents. Mammootty plays the role of a famous economist and Meera Jasmine plays the next door housewife.

The meeting between them sparks love inside her and the love,guilt and his denial eat her life. The scenes between Mammootty and Meera are very profound and deep. The movie went on to win numerous awards and it was screened in so many film festivals. Vasudevan Nair and directed by acclaimed director Hariharan. The daughter of that house,Lakshmi is deaf and dumb and she falls in love with Ramu and their wedding gets planned. Ramu gets into the dilemma of whether to show gratitude by marrying the Lakshmi or to fulfill the promise given to Gauri with whom he is in love.

Chitra won National Award for the first song. There is a belief that we will die if we take movies about Gandharva. Somehow making the belief true,death took away Padmarajan who was the director of the movie. The movie is about the fantasy romance of a college girl and the Gandharva. Sarath Jayaram ,son of the doctor Srividhya falls in love with her and their marriage is fixed. On the day of the engagement,the doctor gets a call from Dr.

Narendran Sureh Gopi telling that Gauri is his lost wife and he has been searching for quite sometime. Narendran comes with his wedding pictures with Gauri but sees that Gauri has not recognized him. By seeing the love between Gauri and Sarath,Narendran leaves without telling the truth to Gauri. The story was new then and Shobana did a wonderful job as Gauri. Yet another love story from Padmarajan.

The answer has been the same for decades. The movie is about the lost love of Karuthamma Sheela and Pareekutty Madhu and the life of fishermen folks of Kerala. There is a belief in the fisherman community that the safety of the fisherman is in the chastity of the fisher woman back home. But when they finds it outhe puts the mistake on Raveendranath. Ayalathe Adheham Ayalathe Adheham is a story of an unstaisfied wife, Sulochana, who compares her husband, Premachandran, with their neighbour's husband, Rajeevan.

She always complains about her husband to learn how Rajeevan loves and cares his wife. But finally she comes to know that Rajeevan keeps extra marital relation with another lady in their colony.

32 Exceptional Malayalam Movies From The Last Decade That Should Be On Every Cinema Lover’s List

This makes Sulochana feel guilty and she becomes happy with her husband. Njaan Njaan was a Malayalam movie based on the biography of K. Dulquer Salman appeared in dual roles as K. N Kottoor and Ravi Chandrasekhar.

good husband and wife relationship malayalam movie

In the story of Kotoor, his life from small age till death is shown. Kottoor gets married to a blind girl, but he will have extra marital affairs with other ladies. Iyobinte Pusthakam Iyobinte Pusthakam was a box office successful movie. In the movie Raphel is the wife of Dimitri, who is the eldest son of Iyob. Dimitri is impotent and his wife keeps in relation with his brother Ivan.

Dimitri comes to know about their relation and he reacts to it.

good husband and wife relationship malayalam movie

Ivan kills Dimitri when it ends up in a fight and he continues the relation with Raphel until he comes to know that she was cheating them. Vesham Vesham is a story of Appu, a man who sacrifies his life for his younger brother, Hari. Hari is married to Revathy. But Appu's enemies tries to attract Hari by making Veni his personal secretary. Hari will have extra marital relationship with Veni and finally finds that he has been cheated.

Njanum Ente Familiyum The movie narrates the story of Dr. Dinanatha and his family, including his wife Dr. Priya and two kids. Dinanatha unexpectedly meet his ex- girlfriend and comes to know she is the wife of one of his patients. Her husband dies even after successful surgery and care. He finds that all her relatives are against her and she is all alone. He is forced to take care of her and they fall in a relationship thereafter and she becomes pregnant.

His wife comes to know about the extra marital affair of Dinanathan and the consequences there after says the movie. Nadan Nadan is the story of a drama troupe of Devadas Sargavedi. Devadas is married to his co- artist Sudharma and have two daughters.

15 Malayalam Movies which I want the World to Watch (Romance) – Bhavia's Blog

A new girl, Jyothi, comes to their troupe and Devadas falls in love with her after watching her performance. She will be forced to have a relation with him and they continues it for some long.

Family Counselling in Malayalam - Husband and Wife Relationship - Part #1

Sudharma comes to know this and she leaves house with children. Later when Jyothi gets offers from film and she leaves the drama troupe and Devadas feels lost. You Too Brutus You Too Brutus narrated the story of a some youngsters and a man Hari who is a painter and rents his house to some youngster and put himself into trouble.

Abhi, Hari's brother is married to Aparna and lives away from Hari. Abhi falls attracted to Sherly, a singer and model who wishes to grow in career. Abhi maintains an extra marital affair with Sherly, but his wife comes to know about it and leaves him. The story revolves around love and lost love of differetn people. Priyanka Chopra is getting engaged with her alleged Hollywood Boyfriend Cocktail Cocktail narrted the story of a betraying husband, Ravi Abraham and the drama played with him by his wife and the pitiful husband of the lady, Devi, whom Ravi has affair.

The suspence thriller made the audience on pin point. The movie does not reveal about the extra marital affair of Ravi with his colleague until the end.