Gimli and legolas relationship marketing

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gimli and legolas relationship marketing

The Hobbit marketing team should invest in little Smaug piggy banks. . This sort of makes the relationship between Gimli and Legolas all the. legolas and gimli. The movies and book agree fairly well on this point and their relationship arc is portrayed very well in the theatrical version. More recently, Legolas and Gimli have personal reasons for animosity. to the relationship between Legolas and Gimli as written by Tolkien.

Legolas saw the lads played with small steel figurines, arranged in rows like that of an army. They played amongst themselves. The girls held dolls against themselves, dressed in rich clothing and jewellery fit for a young noblewoman. He watched them for a long before he noticed his guide was not with him. Gimli already crossed the bridge and now waited for him at the end of it.

The children's play ended and they quickly scrambled to their mothers. Legolas smiled before he moved on. Gimli led him first to the forges. The forges were interconnected with each other through numerous narrows bridges, trolleys and stairs. The ceilings above them were vaulted, devoid of the beautiful array of white gems as the ones that greeted the Elves at the entrance.

Here, the ceiling was made for practicality, and the pillars supporting the structure over the forges was in fact hollow to vent the fumes and smoke through them and out the Mountain. At least, that was what Legolas guessed. When Gimli began to describe the large room, his concept turned out to be true.

He walked round the fire that burned merrily in its container. It was open, but well contained in walls of brick and metal. A clean anvil was placed near it, with a hammer waiting for its bearer.

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Ingots lined neatly in a nearby shelf, and unfinished projects lined the shelf next to it. His companion shadowed him wordlessly, allowing Legolas to explore to his heart's content. His eyes drew towards an unfinished project resting on a table in front of the two shelves.

At first, Legolas mistook it for a real plant placed in a pot, but it was quickly dismissed a split second later. He neared it and found the pot was made of dull white metal. The plant had a green thick stem, separated into thin branches. Tendrils curled at the edges.

The leaves were curled downwards, with a jagged outline. The flowers were exquisite, curved in resemblance of roses. And they were entirely made of pink-coloured gems. The petals were chiselled in numerous facets to catch the light. The flowers were attached to the plant by melting parts of the branches and joining them.

gimli and legolas relationship marketing

Legolas threw one last look at the plant over his shoulder. When he turned, he found Gimli watching him with a thoughtful expression but he thought nothing of it.

Instead he discovered a tray full of queerly shaped pieces. They were mostly made of wood, with beaten bands of steel. He looked first at Gimli and then back at the tray. They seemed to be designed to join together.

gimli and legolas relationship marketing

Legolas tried to join the first two, but he found he couldn't. Gimli chuckled quietly at Legolas' stumbling fingers. He stepped forward and pushed the Elf lightly away from the stone table. Gimli gathered the pieces in front of him and began to assemble them.

One piece joined the other and yet, another until a bow began to form right in front of Legolas' eyes.

Tolkien fact 59 – Gimli and Legolas | TolkienFacts

He glimpsed Gimli's hands, and found them callused, burned and scarred. This Dwarf was not a stranger to hard labour and Legolas didn't doubt for even a moment that he was capable of many imaginative inventions. At last all the pieces were used. Done, Gimli offered the bow to Legolas who accepted it. He examined it carefully. The ends of the bow were curved backwards. Steels bands followed the length of the bow, until they swelled into complicated pattern in the middle.

Looking closer, the pattern in the middle formed lettering of the Dwarves. If we improve one of its traits, it lacks in something else. Gimli nodded in assent.

Legolas & Gimli

With the Dwarf's permission, Legolas raised the bow and pulled it back, testing its strength. It pulled much easier than he thought. Gimli wordlessly held up an arrow for him to take. It had a broad arrowhead, but it was well-balanced. Legolas aimed for the small notch in the wooden bookshelf.

It was too close but it would suffice. He released the bowstring and the arrow whizzed through the air and dug into the notch. I prefer our longbows," Legolas commented mildly.

His companion wasn't offended but he was certainly not impressed. I am sure you have already seen the marketplace, so I will take you somewhere else. He found most of them were females.

Legolas raised his brows at that, and with a smile on his face, he crossed the threshold. The males were silent and bent at work back in the forges. But here, the females were talkative and lively. They were dressed like their males, in blackened and scorched work clothes, their hair and beard was safely tucked out of harm's way.

They laughed and chattered casually, drowning out the delicate hammering. The hall was small, with tables arranged end to end along its length. Various toys sat on those tables; ships, soldiers, chess pieces, carriages, horses, birds and more.

The female smiths gathered around three large fires, bent at work over their individual tables. Tolkien put two stiff-necked, prejudicial characters together on a quest and turned their story into one of the greatest tales of friendship in his mythology, perhaps in all British literature.

At the beginning of the Quest to help Frodo get the Ring to Mordor, Legolas and Gimli have little to do with each other. They each perform their individual functions and their minor plotlines are centered around the journey and Frodo. Legolas helps worsen matters by his suggestion that only the Dwarf should be blindfolded, pointing his people out as the sole enemy among a company of five different races. Gimli takes the first step, without knowing it.

He looks on the Elf he had declared in ignorance to be an evil witch and finds in someone so utterly different from all he has ever known something to love, respect, and honor.

Remember the quest was supposed to be somewhat sneaky? But this is about their role in The Hobbit. They actually played a larger role in The Hobbit book. Unlike in the movies, the eagles are more of an intelligent race of their own rather than just some big eagles.

In fact, just showing them as eagles that beckon to Gandalf in the movies rather than their full capabilities and willpower shown in the books is a big reason they are seen as a plot hole. What a stick-in-the-mud father. The two races even collaborated on different projects like the fortress of Menegroth in Doriath.

gimli and legolas relationship marketing

This whole dwarf and elf mutual hate began with an elf king, Thingol, was ended. As you can imagine, it was dwarves who took his life. They did so because he hired them to build and make different accessories and buildings. The dwarves wanted one of the necklaces, claiming since it was made by dwarves, it belonged to dwarves. Of course, the king disagreed and thus they ended him.

Then the dwarves were ended. Then no one was happy and they hated each other. Dwarves and elves have probably nurtured and sculpted the hate through their bloodlines. Poor Legolas probably never heard the end of it from his father. This sort of makes the relationship between Gimli and Legolas all the more touching and powerful. It takes a lot to undo learned prejudices. Our world can learn a lot from them. I can see that; Thorin does seem like the jealous type, especially when Bilbo interacts with non-dwarves.

I suppose his sense of self-importance and high rank only makes the hissing a little louder. An Unexpected Journey, we have that scene where Thorin recognizes Bilbo as a precious friend.

That scene did not happen in the book. The nicest line Thorin gives Bilbo in the book is probably the one he says when he leaves his mortal coil. Some courage and some wisdom, blended in measure. If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. I mean, at the heart of the story, The Hobbit serves as a lesson against greed. The big bad Smaug is the primary antagonist and is so greedy that he can tell when a single piece of treasure is missing from his enormous hoard.

The dragon gets furious at the loss of an object he never uses. They fight because they believe they have claim to some of the treasure. Something the story does right is to never reveal one side to be right. The truth is, they are all flawed by their greed. Despite being the protagonist and shown as more innocent than others, even Bilbo has some greed. The story is one about self-control and reason. This comic is hilarious but it does touch some on the deeper meaning behind The Hobbit.

Also, of course Bilbo gets a pink chiffon handkerchief. A big difference between the book and movie Balin lies in the age.

In the book, however, Balin is twenty years younger than Thorin!

Legolas and Gimli-Deleted Scene

Though, since dwarves live so long, maybe twenty years is not so big a difference to have in age. He needs a book on diplomacy and reasoning instead. Of course, Bombur just wants food. But the lines are loyal to The Hobbit book! Oh, but this comic can get me back to talking about Tolkien and his relationship with dragons again! Smaug was not the only dragon he wrote.