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It is mentioned in Garen's lore that when he first encountered the Sinister Blade on the battlefield that the soldiers who beheld this event commented the following: When Garen returned from the battle, he was breathless The soldiers from Demacia commented that his exhaustion wasn't just due to the combat But, Garen knew they couldn't understand the feeling of finally finding a worthy opponent on the battlefield.

After that battle, Garen always looked for Katarina on the battlefield The Myths Now, Katarina's lore doesn't mention Garen at all, but the evidence doesn't stop there. As of Garen's visual update, inGaren has a couple of jokes directed toward the crimson-haired Noxian. One of which has him pretend that he's been doing some thousand one-handed stand pushups, mentioning how he 'didn't see her there. The other, more simplistic one has Garen say 'Demacia', albeit not in his usual patriotic tone, more like in a flirty tone.

They aren't really rivals, as their roles are different. However, there is a romantic connection between the two, from times gone by. We are committed to preserving that. Katarina and Garen have or had some sort of romantic relationship.

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The temperature dropped and Garen saw various papers and books scattered around the aisle along with a few blood droplets. Garen felt his heart stop. The dim light and her glasses made her eyes unreadable. She could be a danger-" "Lux.

This," he said more harsh and certain, emphasizing each word. And she is also an incredibly strong, young mage who is becoming unhinged. I've killed men who were less powerful and brought less destruction and if she proves that she is a threat, I will not hesitate to take her down as well," Vayne said coldly before turning on her heel and walking away.

What have you gotten yourself into? Garen thought as he climbed the stairs out of the archives. He had to figure out what Lux was into and if she really was responsible for the theft of magical materials and the destruction of the archives. Garen couldn't imagine her attacking a summoner, or beating a pair of Watchers. After some thought, he decided that he would see if Lux had return home, and if not, if Jarvan had heard anything about where she could be. He went to the summoner platform in the Institute and waited for an open spot to go back home.

He felt a pressure in his back like someone had their eyes on him, and he turned and saw the blood brothers watching him like predators. He met their eyes before turning his back to them again and stepping into the summoner platform. As soon as he could blink, he was standing in his room at home.

He opened his door and an empty house greeted him. He went to the door next to his and knocked before opening it. Lux's room stood empty before him an he sighed in grief and frustration. The brightness of the room mocked him. Her window was open, to air out some of the dust that naturally builds up from stillness. Her sheer white curtains danced gracefully on light breezes and a pot of daisies turned their faces towards the sunlight.

Her bed was covered in a pale blue bed spread and far more pillows then Garen ever thought necessary. Join the Vanguard today! Garen scowled at the emptiness before closing to door again. Lux was still gone. Guess that means I talk to Jarvan, if he even cares to let me know what's going on He made his way onto the main road where people clogged the sidewalks with their faces turned towards to street.

Curious if a parade of the circus was in town, he pushed his way to the front, but was almost ran over by a tall white stallion, with Jarvan on his back. Jarvan peered down at him from his helmet.

📘 House Du Couteau (Katarina/Talon Lore)

Their hoods were pulled over their faces and they kept their eyes down wearily. This is the business of the crown. Your loyalty is appreciated, Garen, but the Dauntless Vanguard has no place in this matter. Stand down," he commanded again and Garen stepped aside slack jawed before Jarvan pushed forward through the eager crowd. Garen stepped forward to follow but was stopped by reporters who asked him incessantly if he knew anything and before he could push them away or answer enough to please them, Jarvan had disappeared.

He scowled and walked to the palace. When he arrived, the palace grounds had their usual bustle and he made his way to Jarvan's office relatively undisturbed.

The typical sound of emptiness was all he heard as the anti-snooping spell he always had in his office worked it's magic. He knocked and waited but Jarvans response took longer then he expected. He hesitated, debating about if anyone was even in there but just as he was turning to leave, Jarvan opened the office door.

His face registered shock before it smoothed into his political, unreadable expression. He watched Jarvan sit down and rub the bridge between his eyes. Shauna thinks she broke into archives in the Institute and stole some pretty powerful magical spell books. We won't know the extent until they do an inventory, but we both know how long that could take," he sighed and leaned into the chair covering his face with one of his hands. Katarina was tightening her arm brace, one foot casually resting on the door frame to the fireplace room of Jarvan's office.

She gave him a bemused look and her green eyes gave a mischievous sparkle. Garen raised his sword, "I'll protect you, Jarvan! Katarina smirked and the blade against Garen's neck disappeared. Garen turned and saw no one, but when he looked ahead again, Talon had appeared next to Katarina. Please friend," Jarvan asked and Garen spared a glance to his friend, whose hands were raised. They're Noxian, we don't need their help! They have nothing to offer us," Garen snarled and Katarina pouted.


She walked to other chair in front of Jarvan's desk and sat gracefully before draping her legs over the arm and picking her fingernails with a knife. Talon still stood uneasily. I will not tell you again," Jarvan said and Garen dropped his sword. Katarina watched him with sharp eyes and Talon held his blade ready. They all relaxed, "Of course, I appreciate you coming. Even if it was anticipated," Jarvan replied as he smoothed his shirt before sitting.

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Why did you attack Katarina? Shortly after our meeting, I woke up in the morning with a substantial wound on my wrist and I had lost a small amount of blood. After some research, I found that some spells needed human blood. One of these was a mimic spell that you needed the blood of the person you were imitating.

Soon after, I heard about the impending battle in Kalamanda. To try to reduce the bloodshed, I got into contact with a chronomage named Zilean who sometimes competes in matches at the Institute who froze the battle in time so summoners could return you all home," Jarvan explained.

Garen briefly remembered the feeling of not being able to move. And I was not there when Miss Du Couteau was attacked. How do you plan on keeping two Noxians, very famous Noxians I might add, without anyone noticing?