Friendship balance of give and take in a relationship

friendship balance of give and take in a relationship

Here are 5 tips to help you have a give and take relationship with your Once the balance between give and take is broken, difficulties arise and her friend asked her to take care of her dog while she was away from town. How do you decide when it's time to rethink a relationship? describe the benefits of keeping the friendship balance in check—others might connect this to the. The Social Exchange Theory describes the relationship between two people as an The give and take approach plays a big role, but so does our perception of That's when you might consider the fact that this friendship isn't worth the Unfortunately, the balance in all areas of life is usually the hardest thing to achieve.

The same is true for your friends.

friendship balance of give and take in a relationship

Never give more than you can afford. Let's state the obvious up front: Financial advisors would caution you to never give a loan that you couldn't afford to lose. With a friend with whom trust has been built, I'd gladly risk more.

Whether it's with acts of service or emotional availability, don't give any gift that will leave you feeling resentful if it's not reciprocated in a specific way. Ask yourself whether this is a gift you're giving no strings attached, no expectationsor whether it's a loan hoping for a payback? Be judicious with who you give to, how much you give and why.

friendship balance of give and take in a relationship

If you repeatedly give more than you receive and feel bitter about it, you may want to explore why you go beyond your limits. Expand your circle of friends. We all give in different ways -- it's why I'm a big proponent of having several close friends.

We get different needs met and can appreciate how others give to us better when we can see the differences. You'll need less from any one friend when you feel supported by several.

The Importance of Give and Take in Friendship | Synonym

When you have a friend whose shoulder you can cry on, you can better appreciate the other friend who simply makes you laugh. The best way to feel more full? Receive from more women! This is especially true if you feel that one friend keeps disappointing you.

It's your responsibility to build a circle of friends around you, not her obligation to be everything you need. Acknowledge that balance doesn't mean being identical. We not only give in different ways, but we also give at different times. Going through my divorce, I monopolized more than 50 percent of many conversations with friends. And the roles have been reversed at various times. Additionally, I have one friend who impressively always invites and schedules time with my husband and me.

friendship balance of give and take in a relationship

I don't reciprocate evenly in that area, but I've provided her coaching, held her heart through pain and been a safe place to process life out loud with someone who cares. Bask in the ways you receive. So you give a lot. Make sure you notice what you're receiving, too!

She may not be great at remembering your birthdays, but does she love in other ways?

6 Ways to Bring Balance to Your Relationships

Why were you drawn to her initially? Make sure you take time to look for all the ways she might be giving that you don't initially see. Pull out a pad of paper and list everything you can think of that she does for you.

friendship balance of give and take in a relationship

This includes things like easily forgiving you, brainstorming your business with you, encouraging you to be an individual, standing up for you, making you laugh, remembering to ask about your mom, etc. Be sure you're receiving what's being given!

The Importance of Give and Take in Friendship

If your friend tends to be quieter, ask questions to help draw her out. If your friend always dominates discussions, talk to her about how this makes you feel. Conversations should go back and forth in order to feel fair and satisfying.

In some friendships, building effective conversational skills takes time. Putting in effort can mean anything from initiating plans to calling on the phone to celebrating your friend's accomplishments.

Effort can be shown through even the smallest favors like picking up something for a pal at the supermarket because the product is on sale and you happen to be there.

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Each person must be willing to go out of her way for the other from time to time. When one person always puts in more effort, the relationship eventually suffers.

Ebb and Flow Friendships are not always consistent, but this does not mean a friendship won't last. Some ebb and flow in relationships is natural.

friendship balance of give and take in a relationship

For instance, one person may experience a life crisis, requiring the other friend to be the main support person for an extended period of time. At a future point, the roles could reverse. Another example might be distance.