Farkle and riley relationship questions

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farkle and riley relationship questions

I am fully in the Riley/farkle and Maya/Lucas camp. .. having Cory and Shawn's type of relationship, that would raise questions as to why Cory. Will Riley and Lucas end up together (as planned)? The writers of Girl Meets World tackled all those questions on Twitter during a fan Q&A on Friday (August 28) jmoureyfan Farkle's love life is about to take an interesting turn . Celebs You Didn't Know Were in Same-Sex stapelholm.info I have tried hard not to fall for any potential Girl Meets World relationship. The Riley/Lucas/Maya of it all is just too stressful for me to.

When Riley didn't pick up, he left her a message. Just wanted to know if you were able to take a peak at my first draft yet. Take your time with it, though. Miss you, have a good break! Instead, she decided to call him back. Her fingers shook, pressing the phone symbol. She listened to his phone ring, feeling like she was going to faint again.

The color came back to her face when Lucas' voicemail picked up. Now, Riley had another decision to make: Hang up or say something. Be a coward or be brave. The only thing I'm asking of you, is to give me a chance to. Her eyes were welling up when her seat mate arrived. A very big, older man, he squeezed himself into the aisle seat. Riley shook her head, rimming her eyes with her fingers.

Would you like one? Riley accepted the cookie with a small, "Thank you. My name is Gerry. How do you do? He had taught her how to knit, sang Broadway songs with her and listened to her whole life story. Walking to the baggage claim together, Gerry told Riley, "I think you're making the right choice. It can be scary to start over, but when it's needed, it usually changes a person for the better. And you Riley, are already a fantastic young woman. He laughed like St. Nick, with his big belly jiggling.

Oh, there's my bags. Riley smiled but couldn't help but think about how that was supposed to be her and Suddenly, Riley was able to spot her luggage on the conveyor belt and she took it to the first available cab. Helping her put her bags in his trunk, the cabbie asked, "Where you headed? She entered the yellow cab and quickly he sped away, into the California sun. On the way, Riley took off her sweater and found her phone to text her parents, letting them know she arrived and all is well.

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Then, she glued her face to the window, absorbing all the sights she saw. He eyed her in his rear view, asking, "First time? Pulling up in front of this beautiful, Spanish villa with Sunflowers in it's yard, the car finally came to a stop. Riley's jaw dropped and hung outside of the car window, "You've got to be kidding me. She promptly paid, tipped and thanked him, then he drove off.

Riley carefully paced the path to the front double doors, hoping no one would wake her up from this dream. She remembered Maya texting her, telling her that someone would be there to give her the keys.

Wanting to check the message again, she took her phone from her small tote bag but suddenly, a man appeared. Riley yelped, almost dropping her phone. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you. I'm Rob, Miss Hart's gardener.

farkle and riley relationship questions

He gradually opened his palm, revealing colorful keys. Rob kept a distance, showing Riley which key was the for the main door and that he meant her no harm.

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The teeth of the only black key opened the lock to the entrance. Black, for the house. Green, for the Mustang. Red, for the art room. Blue, for the basement. I'll be here every other day to tend to the flowers. Lorraine's the maid; she's here every Friday to clean. Oh, and Manny cleans the pool once every two weeks. It was nice to meet you," She panted, shaking his hand. While Riley was jogging away from him again, he called after her, "What about your bags, Miss Matthews?

Still, Rob brought her bags into the house, setting them in the living room. When she made it to the outside area, Riley gasped. The infinity pool overlooking downtown LA, the cute Tiki theme and bar area, with a sheer canopy over the eating table.

There was even sand! The New York in Riley couldn't contain her disbelief, "You got to be freakin' kidding me! There were two bathrooms, one had a Jacuzzi.

The living room had enough space for generations of families to live in. The walls were decorated with pretty, vibrant paintings and some candid photographs. The couches felt like real leather and the carpet felt like walking on angel's wings.

Are you freakin' kidding me?! Riley went into two bedrooms whose walls were dressed in saturated, summer colors and had furniture to match but the last bedroom, in the farthest end of the house, had to be Maya's. The room was almost similar to her home with the black and white pictures that looked professional in their classic black frames.

The bed was huge queen with plain white sheets and quilts, but a rainbow full of different sized pillows. Then, she looked at the wall behind Maya's bed and marveled at the beautiful, life size, hand-painted, in-color portrait of Marilyn Monroe.

The detail of it took her breath away, "Wow Her and her mom would watch the movies all the time growing up. She painted that herself. It was a guy with a freckled grin and hair that coolly and stylishly stuck up by itself. She pointed it at the stranger and he raised his hands high in the air. My name is Farkle Minkus, I'm Maya's personal assistant. It's my great-granddad's name and I am Maya Hart's personal assistant. Didn't she tell you about me? Than, she shook her head with her face becoming even more fierce.

farkle and riley relationship questions

I'm reaching for the photo. That's me, with Maya and our friend Zay. Now, please, put down the vase. A story to tell. Maya really didn't tell you about me? Well, in her text I got this morning, she told me that you were coming and that I was to keep you company-if you need it. Before Riley could speak, her stomach answered for her, growling ferociously. Farkle pulled a half-smile, "Hungry? It's like 15 minutes from here and they got great drinks, too.

Next thing Riley knew, she was in the front seat of his sleek, black Fiat. When his long, skinny leg wasn't on the break, it was tapping to the music on the college radio station playing. It looked like the fifteen minute drive was going to be a bit longer because of traffic. To ease the awkwardness she was feeling after nearly assaulting him, Riley tried to make some conversation.

She's a musician and an artist. Her last album just went gold and the last painting she sold for almost K. Farkle tried to contain his laughter, "You probably have. Her most popular song was the "Bubbly" one? It starts in my toes, makes me crinkle my nose In the end, things are left unclear between the two of them but they do seem to be dating currently.

In Girl Meets the New Yearduring the couples game, Maya and Lucas both eat their cards in order to avoid answering the questions that the cards had.

Lucas, Riley and Maya

On the roof, Maya walks up to Lucas who was saving a spot for someone but he says he doesn't know who he was saving it for and asks if she has ever said anything nice to him, to which he says no, and she responds with "It's one minute 'til midnight and I'm glad you're standing here" and he responds with "Wow, that kinda makes up for everything".

When Farkle reveals Riley's true feelings Lucas and Maya looked at each other. Maya still has feelings for Lucas and she is nervous to talk about their campfire moment.

She then lands on his lap after Maya pushes her towards him and they talk for the first time. In Girl Meets Friendship After Lucas learns what his class member think of him "the moral compass" he decides that he should have romantic feelings for Riley to help him maintain his good guy status. In Girl Meets First Datethey go on their first dates together and they kiss. In Girl Meets Yearbookhe doesn't like the darker Riley and shows that he prefers her for herself. This moment is also shared with him and Maya.

In Girl Meets the New Worldthey go on their second date as boyfriend and girlfriend however this was due to peer pressure which causes them to feel awkward around each other. They then decide to breakup and remain just close friends.

When he finds out that she is being bullied he breaks out of the table that was holding him down Farkle tied him up and then offers Riley to "take care" of the bully for her even tho it could ruin his reputation. After the bull riding he then tells her that without her he may have not survived in N. He also tells her that she is very important to him.

However after she admits her "true" feelings for him he looks confused and heartbroken. She then tells Lucas that she loves him and then kisses his cheek. In Part 2 he is still confused about what Riley said to him the previous night but when she offers Lucas to dance he excitedly gets up and goes to dance with her. Riley then says she doesn't want to date him and then hate each other after which makes him upset all over again. During the campfire Lucas asks Riley "what are we" and when Riley says she told him he says that "what if that's not what I think we are".

In Part 3 Lucas says he's not comfortable being Riley's brother and so they go back to being close friends.