Fang and lightning relationship test

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fang and lightning relationship test

Relationships aren't built solely on sex, but Lightning and Fang probably It would also give them stimuli to test the theory in more detail if it. "Official" as in originally intended by the producers/directors. Like how Serah/ Snow was a canon relationship but something like Lightning/Hope. The Fang acronym is not new - it was first coined four years ago by US have managed to create a digital relationship with their customers. . Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin expects to launch test space flights with humans in

Only Fang would have the guts to wave Lightning's clothes around and then smirk like an idiot. How about her gun blade? The weapon was on the opposite side of the room. Lightning would have to handle this the old-fashioned way. As Ragnarok stepped forward, Lightning grabbed a pillow and whacked her over the head.

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Contrary to common opinion, she wasn't upset that Lightning and Fang had kicked her out of the house for the weekend.

Those two had a lot of pent-up sexual frustration to work through. As a loving sister to Fang and a sort-of sister to Lightningit was practically Vanilly's duty to get out of the way, so they could screw each other's brains out.

Besides, it wasn't like she'd get bored — she got to hang out with Serah and Snow for the weekend. Right now they were in the middle of a poker game with a difference.

Dinner had included the tastiest little spring rolls that Vanille had ever tasted. The three of them had divided the springs rolls up evenly. However, Vanille wanted to have more fun and more spring rolls. He'd put together a pretty decent hand: A total of ten spring rolls were at stake. Vanille went for the spring rolls. Serah grabbed her wrist. Those are my spring rolls. Across the table, Snow nodded in agreement. I swear she's cheating. How can I possibly be cheating?

You two have been watching me the whole time. I don't even have any sleeves to hide cards in. Then Serah tackled her to the floor and started groping her. Suddenly aware of the fact that both Serah and Snow had come outside to stare at her, she gave a polite cough. Lightning and Fang might need our help. She had to jump to reach the back of Snow's head.

That was probably why he and Vanille got along so well. But even though he didn't hold a grudge against Lightning for years of attempted murder, he could still enjoy the occasional chuckle at her expense. Now was one of those times.

fang and lightning relationship test

He was laughing so hard it hurt. He was vaguely aware of Serah glaring daggers at his back while Lightning glared daggers at his front. Vanille, however, was right beside him laughing her ass off. Lightning was bundled up in a bed sheet as she whacked Ragnarok — freaking Ragnarok — over the head with a pillow. The legendary monster had grabbed hold of Lightning's leg and was busy nuzzling her calf.

The monster simply started to nuzzle her palm. The red head emerged with what looked to be a bazooka. Vanille was her best friend, but, really, a bazooka-shaped tranquiliser gun? Snow didn't see what the big deal was.

Given how strange their lives could be, he should probably ask Vanille if she had a spare. He could keep it in the closet in his and Serah's bedroom.

All the tranquiliser did was piss Ragnarok off. The beast uncoiled herself from Lightning's leg and stalked over to Vanille. Vanille managed a startled "Oh crap!

The soldier grabbed Vanille and lifted her off her feet.

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Maybe it was karma for all the times that he and Serah had been interrupted by a certain overprotective, gun-blade-wielding, psycho of an older sister. X X X "Is this really necessary? Given who was in their group, who else was going to be? Still, this was something new, even for them. Vanille had called a meeting of the former l'Cie in a heavily fortified bunker deep underground. Normally, Sazh would have taken a rain check. Anything that involved Vanille and a fortified underground bunker was probably trouble.

But then Lightning had called to promise all sorts of bodily harm if he didn't come help them with whatever problem they had. Since Sazh didn't want Dajh to grow up an orphan, he'd agreed to come along. He and the others — sans Fang — were in a control room at the heart of the bunker. A host of screens covered the walls. All of them showed Fang inside a heavily reinforced room. She had her eyes closed and her feet up on the table in front of her.

There have already been casualties. Lightning's house — and my stuff — have already been blown up. Who knows what might happen next?

fang and lightning relationship test

We have to take precautions. I don't think Fang transformed at random. He turned to Lightning for an explanation. For want of a better word, the soldier looked twitchy, very twitchy.

She also looked pissed off, really pissed off. That explained a lot. Relationships aren't built solely on sex, but Lightning and Fang probably want to have heaps of it, so it's up to us to make sure that Fang doesn't go all scary monster mode in the middle of doing Lightning. Otherwise, Lightning is going to stay pissed off and frustrated for the rest of her life. As if it's my fault! This is probably one of the few times it isn't my fault.

It could have been a one off. Because science can solve anything. Sazh shook his head. Vanille was about to go off on one of her little tangents. Beside him, Hope shuddered. As a trainee in the Guardian Corps, Hope was always happy to help, which meant testing lots of Vanille's inventions.

He was lucky not to have lost a limb yet. Try to keep her spirits up. We won't be long. There was even a part of her that liked them.

She didn't enjoy boredom, and Vanille was never boring. But she didn't like this idea. No, she didn't like it one bit.

Fang and it canon?

The younger Farron grabbed her best friend and shook her around like a ragdoll. With the camera held in front of her like a sword, she explained. I'll hold her, and you can punch. She was pretty sure she could take Serah in a fight. It might require a bit of cheating, but, yeah, she could do it. Lightning was another story. Lightning would murder her. We don't even know if Fang will turn into Ragnarok again.

We need to find out if we can reproduce the transformation. I have a theory that Fang's… arousal was what caused her to transform. So, we need to try and get her aroused to see if it will happen again. Her bow was still in the control room, but she could probably strangle Vanille with her bare hands. Maybe there's a certain part of Lightning's body that is responsible, or maybe it's about what clothes she is or isn't wearing.

We have to do this carefully… for science and for Fang.

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Vanille's theory was one of the most aggravating things she'd ever heard because it might actually be true. Fang's transformation into Ragnarok during their battle against Orphan had been driven by some powerful emotions. It would also give them stimuli to test the theory in more detail if it proved correct. If I even think it has survived, I will kill you. She didn't like Lightning in that way, as nice looking as she was.

Being the camerawoman while her sister stripped down was the very furthest thing from a good idea. There is no way that I'm going to let Snow, Sazh, or Hope see me stripping. Serah was a step behind her. Both of them refused to look eat each other. Both of them looked utterly traumatised. She and Serah had already sworn a pact never to speak of what had happened in that room.

It was all for Fang, Lightning told herself, all for Fang. What took you guys so long? A screen on the far side of the room lit up. Of course, Vanille's fix would probably be something crazy, but at least it would work.

Chatting with Sazh, Snow, and Hope had also cheered her up a little. These people were her family.

fang and lightning relationship test

They would look after her. Then she could have heaps of awesome sex with Lightning. An image formed on the screen. It was Lightning, and she was blushing. Fang had an outburst in Anima's chamber and was going to be put to death for blasphemy by the Oerba priests. Vanille, who was next in line to be branded a l'Cie, shielded Fang and begged for her life to be spared, offering her own to complete their Focus together so that they would never be apart.

Together, Fang and Vanille gained the power to become the beast Ragnarok to fulfill their Focus of destroying Cocoon. Vanille feared the power bestowed upon them and Fang became Ragnarok alone to complete their Focus. Fang's Ragnarok cracked Cocoon's shell and, taking pity on the people of Cocoon, the goddess Etro intervened and crystallized both Vanille and Fang before they could complete their Focus.

Fang and Vanille's crystallized forms ended up in the Pulse VestigeAnima's resting place, and in the war's aftermath, Cocoon's fal'Cie raided Pulse for materials to fix the damage Cocoon had sustained, and the crystallized Fang and Vanille were brought into Cocoon. Fang and Vanille's threat causes Kujata to brand Dajh a l'Cie. Hundreds of years later, Fang and Vanille awaken from crystal stasis. Fang awakens with no memory of the past events dealing with Ragnarok and Vanille lies about losing her memory as well, taking on the burden of Ragnarok to spare Fang the guilt.

Fang finds her l'Cie brand scorched and unchanging but Vanille's brand is still active, and over the next two days Fang tries to remember their Focus to prevent Vanille from becoming a Cie'tha crystalline monster a l'Cie who fails their Focus transforms into.

They take her outside and watch over her until she regains consciousness and leaves. Fang thinks their Focus has something to do with attacking Cocoon and two days later, using stolen ID cards, they board a train to Euride Gorge to see its fal'Cie, Kujata.

Fang proposes she and Vanille attack it to restore their memories but before they can make their move, Sazh Katzroy 's son, Dajhhappens upon them. Realizing the depth of the situation, the two flee before Sazh finds them. Sanctum troops flood the facility and Fang forces Vanille to escape alone. Fang fights off their pursuers and returns to the town of Bodhumbut is captured by the Cavalry the next day. When Rygdea returns from Bodhum empty-handed the following day, Fang is not surprised he did not find her.

Fang asks Lebreau about Vanille. In the four days since the Euride Gorge incident, Fang stays on the Lindblum to avoid capture, but worries she is wasting Vanille's time by not resuming her search. Two days later, Fang revisits the Vestige while still in contact with the Cavalry and unknown to her, just misses Vanille. Knowing Vanille will be herded onto a Purge train, Fang has Raines and Rygdea help her rescue Vanille in exchange for the promise she and Vanille will help them take down the Sanctum, the fal'Cie-guided government of Cocoon.

Two days later, after the last Purge train leaves Bodhum, the Lindblum lands on the surface of Lake Bresha and Fang rides in an airship with Rygdea to the Purge train's destination, the Hanging Edge. Edit I've got a few screws loose, but I'm a l'Cie, same as you. I wasn't born on Cocoon. I'm from Gran Pulse. The 'world below' you all hate so much.

My partner and I'd turned to crystal there and gone to sleep. But when we came around, here we were. The reason Cocoon's in an uproar is the same reason you're here now.

Vanille and I woke up. Aboard the Lindblum Raines tells Snow of the Sanctum's plan to publicly execute the l'Cie once they are captured, and leaves Snow no choice but to help him find the others.

Fang explains to Snow she is hunting down the l'Cie herself, but does not divulge her connection to Vanille. Fang and Lightning discuss their fate.